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@philmaguire What are you looking for in a random module?


I have maths. The SV-1 sounds pretty good. I find the filter limiting it only has a single CV input. There is no cv for resonance.

The unit works well with its normalized connections but patching it into a different configuration is a bit of work.


Hey guys what’s ya thoughts on this rig to replace my korg prologue?

This rig a Norns and a grid then it would be fed into octatrack synced with my machinedrum and aux out to delay reverb

Soundcraft epm mixer

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NORNS GB & Ireland Crew

Nice rig, have very similar. But this is not comparable to a korg prologue in any way so I can’t say…


I should mention My friend plays the chords for me after I’ve done the sound design on my keyboard. I’d like to not rely on someone playing for me and have more control. I figure I will use the Norns for my texture and this rig as the patterns for what I hope will be a deep techno listening experience


Ah yes that make more sense then!

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I’m rather nosey may I see a pic of your rig set up please?


It’s changed a bit since but here’s a picture of the rack for my August live:

I played this with a Digitakt. I’m preparing a new setup for a show this week, will share pictures after :slight_smile:


Super nice thanks for sharing, good luck with the show and be sure to share a vid if you’d like

#834 I’ve added the w/ and a quad attenuator instead of two blank spacers


Nice :+1: samplers are always a good addition. I should receive my W/ tomorrow, but will be using a morphagene for the show. Looks like w/ requires some serious practice before using it live

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I have a few different cases. A fraps tool 84hp for minimal / shallow setup. And a make noise skiff (unpowered) for use with the expert sleepers audio interface (too big for the other case). Both with row power. I also have a 6U 104hp but it usually stays home :slight_smile:

I usually bring modular + something else for shows.

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A couple of random outputs, and ability to set a range of random voltage is basically all I’m after!


The Addac certainly does that. Plus you can set the timing as well which is very useful.
I have the older version of the Addac module. The new one (didn’t realise they’d changed it) looks even better! It’s not cheap but worth the cash in my opinion.


I’ve had this module for a while. It seems to work fine but, it never sounds good to me. I can never get a good snappy envelope, it always sounds a little mushy. Often the output sounds distorted unless I keep the level pretty low. I feel i must be missing something.


That does not sound like the normal behaviour. Are you using the normal envelope mode?


the level knob is your problem i think:
in most cases it must stay at full ccw position! because that’s your level offset! if it’s fully closed then your envelopes are able to open it!!! (controlled by the SHAPE knob).
of course you can offset it.
in envelope mode (first mode) i am able to dial in perfectly snappy envelopes AND use the level knob to willfully distort the output!
i use it to create drums with a VCO (an hertz donut, so a dual complex vco). this is how i do it:

first mode (envelope mode,first led, green light)
CURVE knob fully clockwise (expo curve)
start with level fully ccw
vco sine out to streams input.
my gate signal is multed to excite input AND trig input on maths (or any other snappy function generator).
the out of maths into cv input of vco for pitch envelope
the out of streams to my mixer
MOD knob at noon (no filtering)
SHAPE knob start fully ccw (very closed and snappy and short), then you open it until it sounds good to you
then you can play with the mod knob to filter the sound and with the LEVEL knob to distort your signal. i obtain the best kickdrums with this method.
then i send two other gates to the waveshaper AND the mod input on the hertz donut, twisting the kickdrum to very different percussive sounds, clappy, snare-ish, noisy :slight_smile:

the curve and level knob are VERY important in your STREAMS patches!!!

the only thing i regret is that there is no cv control over his parameters , other than that it is a fantastic module!

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Thanks for these tips! I’ve not built my Streams yet, but from skimming the manual I got the impression that the level and curve controls are easily overlooked but vital for getting the module to work in the way you want.


exactly. you have to fiddle a bit to grasp it but then it’s a wonderful module. the envelope follower with centroid analysis is SOOOO damn good!!!
vca and vcf are fully analog but digitally controlled. they do sound GOOD!


@soggybag have you edited your post deleting direct reference to the module you were asking about?? this makes the discussion look a bit weird…