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Thanks that explains a lot. I keep wanting to turn up the level knob like a normal VCA. Seems the other knobs all want to start in the middle and move to one side or the other. I’ll experiment with it this evening.

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yah let me know if you grasp it or you need additional advice.
i find the saturation it gives (when fully expo) on many of the apps very pleasant (but i like harsh sounds). it’s very evident on the envelope app and on the compressor app.


The Ultra Random from SSF has got the basics you’re after: A and B S/H outputs with attenuators, plus an output that toggles between A/B, slew, random pulse, and more. You can use an external clock for the B S/H. Learning Modular has a great five part review:


I’m contemplating on adding a eurorack voice to my live setup FX skiff (Row Power + Maths + Clouds in a Frap Tools+) I’m looking for something do add extra depth/bass (ie sine vco) to the compositions which is midi-controlled from Logic to a Blofeld (which is fed into the FX-skiff).

It needs to be midi-controlled (preferable via USB), and I guess I need a little module mixer as well. It could go through a Ripples (have one spare) modulated by Maths or just with tactile interaction, and I’ve got an extra empty Frap Tools+. What’s the options out there without getting too much modules for just one purpose (and thus a heft price tag)? On the other hand, getting a vco+mixer+usb/cv and maybe some more could also result in a nice little noise skiff in itself. (To add in the context, I’ve got a Mopho doing this right now, but then I need external mixer, extra power cable, audio+midi cables etc… Want to keep it tidy and minimal as possible) Suggestions?

So many options, so little time.


Disclaimer: I have no personal experience with any of these modules, just going from manual-reading knowledge.

Both Yarns and the discontinued-but-still-DIYable Edges+expander from MI will get you four digital MIDI-controlled oscillators in one module, probably both with a distinctly chiptuney feel. Then you could add a small filter and/or envelope generator to that, maybe ones with VCAs or mixers built in e.g. Ripples or Three Sisters (both of which can also be used as sine-ish oscillators). The downside is that neither supports USB MIDI, but cheap little adapter cables abound and seem to work well enough.

Another option might be a mini Ornament and Crime with the Hemisphere Suite (provides USB MIDI in plus arbitrary other utilities) plus one oscillator module.

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I was thinking something like that, or an ES FH-1 with a vco. The FH-1 could also probably replace the Maths for LFO duties as well. The Dixie+ seems like a nifty and nice little vco.


Answering myself here, for the sake of context… I “need” a deep osc/vco and a kick drum + some other goodies. That sounds pretty much like a MI Plaits, no?


I would say so, yes :+1:


Hey Man

I’m just thinking can I sync my Machinedrum MKii Uw+ to the rig below? If so do I need to add something to the rig or is ansible compatible whilst it also has grid connectected and in the future CROW for Norns


Hey. If you can get an analogue clock out of the MachineDrum, you can sync Ansible to it. The first input takes a clock; this clock will then drive the Grid. If the socket’s empty, then there is an internal clock on the Grid apps.

But if you’ve only got a midi clock out from Machine Drum, this won’t work. Ansible only has one USB socket, which you’ll be using for the Grid.

I don’t have a Machine Drum. But if I want to sync Ansible to a DAW, I take a clock from a Midi-CV interface. I use a Doepfer. I think there might be a basic midi-to-analogue clock module somewhere, can’t remember who makes it though.

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Is there a simple way to generate the absolute value of a CV signal (always positive)? For example, if my LFO is at -3v or 3v the output should be 3v.


Technically: a full-wave rectifier would do that. There’s one built into Kinks, for instance; Disting has one. I think Cold Mac can do this. And you can do it with Maths - and I quote: mult the signal to 2 and 3, remove 1 and 4 from the mix bus (by using their direct outs or sticking dummy plugs in their direct outs). Set 3 fully CW, 2 fully CCW, and take OR out as full-wave rectification.


You can get an analogue clock out of the MD by creating an impulse machine and sending it out one of the specific outputs. Works really nicely.


Ahhhhh sweeeeeettttt


Yeah my old setup (before the Octatrack) was to use C (track 13) out as a main clock, and then DEF (tracks 14-16) as triggers. which gave me a ton of flexibility (but no CV). Its been a while, but I also remember the settings to get the GND-IM to trigger stuff varied depending on the module I was clocking/triggering.

Basically dont give up, there is a sweet spot with the GND-IM machine that will vary depending on what you are sending it to.

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Baring in mind I don’t want to trigger anything but to just sync the machine aldrin to the 104hp


I’m reconfiguring my system. I took everything out of the box. I’m deciding what goes in the new configuration. Here’s what I’ve got. What would you do with these? I have two 104 hp rows to work with.

  • Lifeforms KB-1 42hp
  • Lifeforms SV-1 48hp
  • Telharmonic 14hp
  • Pressure Point 20hp
  • Tempi 10hp
  • Phonogene 20hp
  • MATHS 20hp
  • René 34hp
  • Braids 16hp
  • clouds 18hp
  • Streams 12hp
  • Rings 12hp
  • Atlantis 34hp
  • Ornament and Crime 14hp
  • Temps Util 14hp
  • Tuesday 12hp
  • Chord Organ 4hp
  • Bitbox 26hp
  • Piston Honda Mk III 17hp
  • Zorlon Cannon MK II 15hp
  • Scan & Pan 14hp
  • Spectral Multiband Resonant Filter 26hp
  • Dual Looping Delay 20hp
  • Orgone Accumulator 20hp

Oh my, do I have that many modules. I’m open to suggestions. What would you use in 208hp of space?


That’s a lot of decision making to leave up to other people who don’t really know what you like or what you want to get out of your modular. But you did ask what we would do…

For myself, in that size I would rely on external sequencing, control, effects, and sampling – concentrating specifically on synthesis that can’t be done easily in a DAW.

So the core of that, to me, looks like: Orgone, Rings, Telharmonic, Maths, Streams. Probably O_C for Hemisphere since it’s a bundle of useful utilities, though you could replace it with a uO_C which is 6HP smaller and has a better layout. Maybe keep SMRF, Zorlon, Honda and/or Clouds. I’m not familiar with everything on the list but there’s still a little room to play with.

And then I’d want a Stages for more modulation, a versatile filter (Belgrad/Sisters?), more VCAs (Veils?), perhaps a matrix mixer, a pedal interface.


Good points. I guess I was wondering what other people would group together from this list. It would probably differ from what I would combine together. Hopefully that might lead me to some new ideas.

I included the hp numbers for the details oriented people. I didn’t want them to have to look that up.

After making the list I similarly thought there was a lack of VCAs and ADSRs. Especially if I forgo the Lifeforms SV-1, then really only have Streams for envelopes. Braids and Rings have a built in envelope.

I also think I’m lacking in filters. Though the many of the oscillators on my list don’t really need filtering.


I really like the look of the smaller footprint O_C. I’ll probably stick with what I have until that extra 6hp becomes a problem.

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