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Looking for a pair of low footprint (<8hp) oscillators for some chaotic patching. I have my eye on the Doepfer A-111-3 and the Dixie, but wonder what other options there are? I’ve seen the zlob dual vco but I don’t like their panels and want a few more ins and outs if possible.


Instruo T-sL maybe? It looks a little cramped, but so many features in 8hp (edit: actually 6hp). I had a Cs-L (T-sL’s big brother) before moving on from Eurorack and it was incredibly dense. Jason, who runs Instruo, is also a super nice dude to do business with. My only complaint was that it was a little clinical sounding for my taste.


Make Noise STO is a great 8hp oscillator.


Instruo TS-L is definitely super feature dense in 6 hp. The A111-3 is great too, and if you’re going gonzo, the lack of a fine tune knob won’t matter much. Dixie I is great if you can track one down. If you’re cool with ‘just’ sine tone, the SSF MMF filter has a lot of potential as an oscillator, but can be a filter too, so that flexibility is nice.


I don’t know if you caught the Denum video I made, but I pair of them makes for a fairly chaotic complex oscillator :slight_smile: they’re probably not going to track 1V/Osc, but you can get pretty interesting sounds out of them. Built in VCAs too.

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Ah I didn’t! I’ll go have a look :slight_smile:


:slight_smile: only hawking my own video because I was prompted to make it due to your request for Denum and Dunst sound examples.

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I’m looking for a random gate generator module for Eurorack in the spirit of the left side of Mutable Instrument’s Marbles.

Ideally, I’d like it to have a clock input and CV over:

  • Average gate duration (button E + “Bias” in Marbles)
  • Gate duration regularity (button E + “Jitter”)
  • Adherence to clock (“Jitter”)
  • Probability of missing a beat (achieved through “Bias” in Marbles)

Not all these are strictly necessary, just desirable.

Why not a Marbles? I got one already, was looking for another (possibly smaller) solution :slight_smile:

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I add a Branches which gets me some but not all of the above.

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Marbles is such a great design, but I hope someone makes uModules that just include the t and x sections seperately. There’s a lot of great functionality in the design that I wish was broken out to something more compact and focused.

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Not sure if this is the right thread for this, but I’m curious what folks would recommend to fill the few holes in this Shared System…

I’ll have 2 hp on top and 6 Ho on the bottom… I was thinking of putting a Disting 4 in the bottom…

Any ideas?

Forgot to add photo!


Make Noise modules: design, usability, theory, philosophy, etc

I adding a disting and a brains to mine.

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New Addac506 out soon and it’s seems very nice

Any have preorder one ?


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Hey ya’ll apologies to what I know will be quickly answered, but reading throughout the mannequins manuals CCW crops up. Can you tell me what this acronym is please?


Off the top of my head, Counter Clockwise comes to mind.


That’s exactly it, thanks benjamin. Ps your rig inspired me to choose the Rainbow 2 noise module for my 104hp rig.

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Ah, glad you made that decision! There’s a wealth of sound in that little thing.

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happy days I have it to the left of the Just friends then mangrove. I start building next month :slight_smile:

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So I’m starting over with my modular to get a better handle on how things work, so slower collection and more learning are going to be my top priorities.

I’ve also realized that I’m more interested in pursuing some more experimental sounds vs trying to rip off the likes of r beny and ann annie.

Right now I have a key step, Maths, Tides, and Clouds. I’ll probably kick Clouds out and just use guitar pedals in the future for my ambience. Anyway, I’d like some feedback on this idea, what would you add or take away, what would you get next to complement Maths and Tides (with Tides currently as a voice)?

The idea is that it can work standalone, with the Tetrapad as a human interface, or with the Keystep providing pitch and gate, or with external midi-sequencing coming from a cv.ocd

It seems conducive to experimentation, and will be something I can’t really replicate in a DAW, which I couldn’t say about the previous setup I had.

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If Tides is a voice, I’d swap it for something else: If you want an all-rounder, then try a Plaits. It fills a lot of holes. A Just Friends would put you in similar territory to Tides with polyphany and related LFO duties. It’s a really interesting and veristile module that people here obviously love. Plonk might be an interesting choice, as you can generate random patches on command, it would give you another alternative to Tides without overlapping with the DPO at all. For that matter I’d probably also ditch Peaks. It can do a lot, but there’s probably a better way to use that HP.

I’d ditch the Pam’s. You’ve got lots of general LFO and trigger sources. A Euclidian Circles or a Pulsar would probably do you a lot of favors in its stead.

A dedicated sample and hold might be useful? Maybe an ASR?

The Tangle Quartet looks to be your only mixer? You’ll probably want a VCA for other duties. So maybe get an output module with some mixing? I love Rosie for a compact output, as you get 3 channels (2 mono, 1 stereo), or 2 channels and a stereo effects send. It also pairs well with Nearness. Which then gives you lots of channels, depending on your needs.