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honestly this looks like great fun to me! I like how many modulation possibilities you have.


Great advice, tides is only a voice out of necessity at this point. Maybe it’s a good idea to figure out another voice so Tides could return to modulation duties?

I’m actually relieved at your suggestion to drop Pam’s. It’s one of the modules I sold in “the great eurorack purge of 2018”. I really liked it, but I’d also like to move forward and try some new things. On that note I also ditched a Plaits, but I loved it, wouldn’t mind owning it again, but I’m probably going to try something else first!

Also: bear in mind that I said I want to make more “experimental” music with my synth, but I don’t plan on moving out of the melodic realm. Not to say I won’t make some noise patches, but something to consider for the sake of discussion!

Also: thanks for humoring me, I know how tiring some of these “help me understand modular” posts can be, so any help with re-evaluating the medium is greatly appreciated!


Do what works for you! :blush: Plaits is just easy to recommend for a small case. Chances are it does multiple things you’re missing simply because it does so much. That said it may not be the best choice for what you’re doing. :wink:

As a person with firm rack limitations, at 14hp, Tides has yet to click for me. I still have mine, but it will probably go. If you love it, keep it, but I think you’d find more interest in other things. As noted, Just Friends sits in a similar space, and seems much more useful in my experience with the two. (alt firmwares changes things too, obviously if you like that sort of thing.)

Between the DPO, Batumi, and Maths, you have a lot of LFO’s. Chance has a lot of wiggle, which you can mix with those via VCA’s.

That said, you’ve already got one, so if you know it well and like it, rock it! :metal:


Maybe this isn’t the right thread but I guess it’s semi-relevant, does anyone know of a keyboard stand that has a second tier that could hold a 60HP case? Wondering if there’s one where the arms for the second tier slide horizontally to adjust the width for any use case, seems like most of them have the arms at fixed points designed to hold a second full size keyboard.

The tiny studio corner thread (pt.3 work/music balance, now online)

I have some random OnStage brand two-tier stand that does slide to adjust. But, the amount of flexibility is limited by the height you have the stand at and how sturdy you want it to be. Leaving the lower tier at high-but-technically-still-sitting level I could just fit my Korg MS-20 mini on it, and that’s maybe 100HP wide.


I loved Tides as a VCO for the longest time. It wasn’t until I got Plaits – in a system that already had an E370 and Hertz Donut and other options besides – which finally made me realize I just wasn’t using it for audio anymore, and I didn’t really like using it as an envelope, and didn’t need the extra LFO.

Plaits mostly does cover the sonic territory of Tides, but the multiple sync options on Tides (trig/freeze/PLL) could lead to interesting places.


I jumped on the minute I read about it. It was one of those love at first sight deals for me. looks insane


I’m looking for a mic (not a piezo, an regular mic) to use with MI Ears and wondering if anyone has any good suggestions of things they have used?

I tried out a friends SM57 which worked but created a lot of noise without a preamp. Ideally I want something that can plug straight into the ears input.


Yes it look like insane. I love it because it start with “basic” concept (rise/fall function) but add a lot of cleaver functions to add huge complexity (offset, amplitude, loop, one shot, gate in, slew mode). And I love the plenty of outputs that I dont see on other quad env.


definitely will be a laboratory of chaos/control for me and my setup


I feel like I often spend way too much time and energy trying to get things in tune. Does anyone have good strategies to share? I’ve got a mix of things in my case including a Plaits, Noise Reap Bermuda, Rings, Maths, 2hp Pluck. So some Karplus stuff which seems easiest to tune by ear. I’ve got a KORG tuner which has helped, but it’s still been tricky to get everything going. How do you tend to handle transposition, etc? Before, while tuning or relying on 1v/o with a sequencer later on?


Also curious in making tuning more streamlined.

In an effort to come up with some interesting pitch ideas and studying Lightbath’s rack(s), I saw he was using a Shifty in tandem with a Beast’s Chalkboard for some V/Oct allocation. Seems like a cool idea, anyone else doing anything like that for sequencing? I’m thinking it would be cool to do that with a Turing Machine or even my trusty KeyStep!


I currently use a Quantimator + Turing Machine + Beast’s Chalkboard. The Quantimator is nice since it has the ASR and quantization in a smaller form. You could also use Shifty + uScale too to get a similar thing going and with more adjustability. With the keystep you wouldn’t have to worry about quantizing, turing machine you would.


I don’t find tuning difficult or time consuming for the most part. I guess it depends on workflow, though.

Generally I tune by ear, and tune voices relative to each other. I wonder sometimes how people with perfect absolute pitch perceive my music :thinking:

If I have a less flexible voice that doesn’t transpose easily – like an exponential FM voice – I’ll adjust everything else to match it. Sometimes the easiest way to do that is to use the O’Tool+'s tuner to match a reference note through the MIDI-CV interface.

If I’m going to sequence within the modular system instead of via MIDI, I’ll usually tune the VCO so 0V is the lowest note I’m going to use, or maybe one octave below the lowest root I think I’m going to use. On those occasions when I transpose CVs I tend to do it with a summing mixer (a “non-precision adder” :grinning:)


not sure if they’re even comparable, but how do people feel about the Planar joystick vs. the Tetrapad touch pad, for freestyle / direct, hands-on CV control… any thoughts/preferences?


I’m interested in hearing what people are doing with the Turing Machine. This video of @TomWhitwell demoing the Voltages expander is making me think I can use it for some chaotic patching…


Has anyone here installed DFAM into their eurorack? Interested to hear any options of whether it was worth the 60HP blow out? And also what modules people chose to develop its capabilities further?


How’s the lxd/maths comboe with the mannequins alanza? I’m looking at Malekko sync/ansible/just friends/x 2 mangrove/coldmac/three sisters/rainbow 2 (noise) / LXD/ Maths/ wmd audio output.

additionally grid/norns

//// pictures ////

it’s great! I sometimes find myself wishing I had more VCAs or more attenuverters or more envelopes, but I figure I’d probably wish that even if I had four rows of modules and not one


OT but you can always use somthing like