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I in fact did build myself three of these and really enjoy them! :slight_smile:


Where are those from?


I’m sticking to 104hp or i’ll Have a divorce on my hands


Glad the CV pal is working… may it give you many years of service!!


they’re RYO AIRtenuators


Where did you find them? I can’t find anyone stocking them…



Thonk has them prebuilt or as DIY kits.

(But yeah, out of stock at the moment.)


These are great, arent they. You can also check if Koma is making another set of their version that is way smaller and uses tiny faders instead of pots


Its also super easy to make them by yourself with piece of veroboard, 100k pot and two 3,5 mm TS connectors.



Someday I hope to learn how to build stuff, but for the moment I am working 50+ hours a week (lawyer/college professor) and have many other pressing demands on my time.

So, I am happy to buy assembled things until when and if that someday comes, especially if they are relatively inexpensive, as these are.


Big bold text is big and bold :wink:


It’s not quite as compact as these cables/joiners, but a WMD/SSF Quad Passive Attenuator doesn’t need to be racked to be used. I’ve ‘floated’ one in the nest of cables at times when hp was at a premium


Now that would be a great idea. Perhaps pair that with a 4hp 3d printed case? I’d be all over it.


Not sure why it came out formatted like that, I didn’t intend for it to do so… I must have inadvertently hit some button…

sorry if it was troubling…


I have actually been wanting to explore 3d printing 2 3 and 4hp cases for passives. I’ll post about it if I make it work!


So I love the sloth circuits. I have a triple sloth that I want to keep, but probably won’t be able to fit long term, and a single sloth chaos that I’m about to build. But I’ve found that what I really want is more subtle most of the time. I want a chaotic modulation that stays in the posititive signal range. Built-in attentuation and or offset would be a plus.

Usually, I just want to add a tiny chaos wiggle to a knob, but with the sloths I need to do a lot of external massaging to get subtle wiggles. Is there something out ther that does this more specifically?

I desire a bunch of a little hands to randomly tweak knobs subtly while I’m doing stuff!


Maybe you could send the sloth through a rectifier to make it positive?


theoretically Teletype could do this, but I don’t know anything about how the Chaos operator works, nor how much Teletype you’d tele-tie up trying


I don’t have one but I believe that FrapTools Sapel is a more constrained source of randomness.

I’d be very interested in any insights from Sapel users…


I’ve been super happy with the OC’s Low-Rentz mode which is a super tamable Lorenz attractor & Rössler attractor. for a slightly less tamable, but still highly useful, version there is a Lorenz attractor in the Hemisphere suite as well: