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I sometimes use MI Ears to boost signals. It’s DC coupled and does the job. Alas, that works for one channel only …


You could also use one of the simple amplifier modules that are available. I’m sure there are others but here are two possibilities.


That makes sense, thanks! I have an Ears and also a Fonitronik Cascade lying around which I think should also work, I’ll give those a try.


Will have more to report on scaling soon, but I just received a Mystic Circuits Ana which I’m very excited about. Will test whether it does full 2x scaling.


I’ve often thought about having a module for doing precise stepped voltage multiplication and division – like an encoder for integer numerators and a separate one for integer denominators. I think it would be really useful for doing just-intoned harmonics, fm, and this kind of thing. Does anything like this exist?


The Disting mode A-2, the Four Quadrant Multiplier, has a scaler — maybe this is doing the trick?

The Z knob/CV sets a scale factor which is applied to both outputs. The scale is an integer (whole number) which either multiplies or divides the result, and ranges in value from 1-10.

Edit: Also for @srogers91, if you happen to have one …


Actually if you are working with 1v/oct signals, adding an offset corresponds to multiplying or dividing the frequency; adding 1 volt rises the pitch by an octave, doubling the frequency, and conversely, substracting 1 volt lowers the pitch by an octave, dividing the frequency by 2.

If you happen to have a Teletype, you can generate an offset corresponding to any frequency ratio using the JI operator.

For example JI 3 2 will return a value that corresponds to the ratio 3/2 when output using the CV operator. If the ratio is numerically less than 1.0, the output of JI will be negative, which will not work with the output’s positive voltage range; you’d need to add a positive offset for it to work.


so I’ve been on a little bit of a break regarding eurorack. Sold most everything to put money towards a house (which I’m closing on Friday! :grin:), and I’m thinking about a new to expand my Monorocket 90hp 6u.

Two of my friends/band mates started a 2-piece drum and bass combo, I haven’t seen them play yet but I imagine it’s sort of a DFA1979 sort of sound. They asked if I wanted to do some synth stuff with them and I thought it would be really cool to design a ‘playable’ rack.

Before I had this idea, my plan was to get a René mk2 as the centerpiece, and have two/three (depending on patch) voices being controlled by it. Instead of using Rene as a step sequencer, I could theoretically tune the different pads to different notes, and use the pads to play them in a cheater-keyboard/MPC sort of way.

I’m not an especially talented pianist, but I’m getting better. Having predetermined scales, and being able change the presets on Rene would make it so I have a fairly easy to play keyboard sort of thing, correct?

I’m imagining how cool it would be to just have my case on a keyboard stand on stage, running into a large bass amp to have loud stage volume/presence. I’ve never seen a modular synth used in a heavy-rock context and I’d be curious to hear if anyone else has tried anything like that.


Does anyone have a sequencer recommendation? I’ve been looking at the metropolis but it seems kind of expensive for one output. Trying to find something thats hands on without too many menus.


Agh, I got a 2hp pluck for my isms and it doesn’t fit :(( should have checked beforehand. My original plans were to put 4 in there for some sweet stringy action, but gonna have to shelf that plan now.

I totally forgot depth was a thing to be concerned with in eurorack. Good thing I only bought one Pluck to get started…

Any other karplus strong modules in low HP that fit in an isms recommendations? :grin:

Isms is here

For hands-on, I really like the Korg SQ-1. Or even a matrix mixer and gate sources :slight_smile:

I think if I wanted to keep it in the rack I’d go for the Ladik S180 series instead, or the Sputnik 5-step and a gate sequencer.


Sorry if off topic, but I’ve searched multiple forums and not found any really good answers…Looking for rec.'s for eurorack stands…I have two 12U elit modular systems, and I like detaching them from one another, and playing more or less vertically with one 6U stacked on top of another. But…they feel really flimsy and im constantly worried about pushing the whol stack over when I jam a patch cable in…So, does anyone know of a good solution for how to stabilize a stacked 6u x 6U system in the vertical position on the tabletop? input much appreciated…


I use a guitar stand for my 12u mixer case and it’s rather stable, even with half of the case extending beyond the reach of the stand.

Should work quite well with a 6u.


do you mean a guitar amp stand? which one if you dont mind me asking?


No, a guitar stand. Sorry to shill for Amazon :frowning:, but this is the exact one I use:


cool. will check it out thanks


Just got my hands on a Make Noise Blued Steel System stand, it’s more than I thought I’d spend on a stand, but works really well:


I got one for my Shared System and it’s really nice…

It’s expensive but not compared to the Shared System!


if you do not mind about the hp, you can opt in for a Plonk


Newish question: how do folks record individual audio tracks to their computer? are there good cheap mixers / processes to do this? I’d like to use my powerful DAW as a mixer / effects send board but it looks like folks typically don’t record this way and just sum everything into stereo to record.

I guess I could buy a handful of large mono 3.5mm to 1/4" and string each track ready signal to a mixer but I was wondering if there is a more elegant solution…

All input is greatly appreciated