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just curious because i’m searching for one too… which controller with faders did you get?


just a Korg NanoKontrol Studio! works plenty well so far, and the Bluetooth option is kinda slick.


Possibly overkill but Trigger Riot can produce any pattern of triggers. Requires imagination but no one here is short on that.

Confession: it is my favorite module of all times.


Yeah, that’s fair. I’d have to spend more time researching it. It’s a pretty complex. I’m not sure it suits my specific goals, but I’ve had the impression that it’s a powerful module if you can wrap your head around it.


This looks handy!


that looks great. why is it impossible for me to get a 1u 104hp row to work tho… might need to figure out a different I/O solution (or lose the headphone).


oh man I’m so glad they finally made that but sadly no room in my 1U row…hmmm


Well damn, there goes more of my money


Does anyone have experience with the Zlob Miniatt?



Ive got the Zlob 2hp vca. Does the job! And a half built EQ module. Dont think you can do much wrong with an attenuator


the trigger riot is the module that got me into researching modular beyond make noise. still remember my first time seeing a video of it and just… watching the same demo on repeat for hours and hours.

then i got my modular together and realized harmony and wave shaping are more interesting to me than rhythmic sequencing (at least for now)

such. is. the. path! :woman_shrugging:

edit: and then after this morning’s jam i decided i need to get two BIAs, a voltage block, and varigate 8+ to really dig into this fascinating matter of drum sequencing.


I removed my 1u headphone and replaced it with the 2hp ALM HPO to make room for the scope. Problem is I’ll need the 2hp back when Crow comes.


ive been doing some weird stuff using all the channels of maths as a envelope/rhythm generator and sort of clocking the rise and fall to change note length and emphasis. this is a rough sample i was working on. the only sound source is Qubit Scanned Scanned Sample/Test still in the experimental stages


I have a question for some someone familiar with the Moffenzeef GMO. I would like to load the alternate bobcat firmware in order to use the two trigger inputs however I would like to change the samples to something a bit more 808 sounding. I know moffenzeef uploaded a number of sample packs to their GMO GitHub however i believe those are all for the stock firmware. Is it possible to apply these different sample packs to the bobcat firmware?


Such is the path, indeed. My latest skiff build uses an Ultra Random Analog as the primary clock source…


Question about Korg SQ-1/ Pocket Operator/ iPad/ Eurorack syncing … may be dumb/newb question but I’ve done the research I could and hey maybe someone else will find the answer.

I have the makings of a great portable setup around my small eurorack. (Aside from my normal mode where I’m at the desk with Analog 4 and use midi and so on.)

Re: SQ-1 sync out and eurorack CV inputs

I believe I can do the following sync flow

  • iPad with a click on one channel (using SyncKontrol or just a manual thing), → PO Tonic [confirmed works]
  • [Any number of POs]
  • PO output (sync mode with 1 channel sync, 1 channel audio (sum of iPad and PO(s))), → split to send its sync to SQ-1 sync in, audio to my ext. line-in on the rack [or of course, both PO and rack audio to external mixer]
  • [SQ-1 CVs for pitch and gate go into modules, as usual.]
  • (Configure SQ-1 Sync global parameters; I believe just the change from 1v to 5v, leave polarity at default. Korg SQ-1 manual documents the Global Parameters for Polarity change of sync, changing the Sync voltage is an undocumented option, link1 link2 )
  • SQ-1 sync out to…
    • :question: This is my uncertainty
    • I have some Clock or Ping inputs on some modules, which are supposed to receive eurorack-level CV. Their manuals are not specific about safe external input levels/polarity but, maybe because the answer is obvious and I am just oblivious :sweat_smile:
    1. Is it safe for the modules, to send SQ-1 Sync straight in to these eurorack-level/CV inputs?
    2. Or should I instead send the SQ-1 sync to one channel of the external line-in (since I have 2 channels and only one is being used by PO’s output, mono in this setup)… to alter its voltage that way… and send THAT to CV clock/ping input(s)?
    3. (Or — should I do 1 or 2, and then it goes into Ears audio in to follow as audio, and then Ears gate out to act like “clock” to those inputs? (I doubt this one just checking my assumptions…))

(Also curious if anyone knows … Alternative that I dismissed but have not tried: iPad → PO → SQ-1, iPad → SQ-1 → PO → rack, but PO sync out cannot be configured as the SQ-1 sync can be configured (see link above). and PO sync is audio whereas SQ-1 sync is more CV safe, right?)


SQ-1 sync and gate are safe for Eurorack.