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Here is my isims system, I think that if the system wasnt currated for me i would have never got into modulars.

I have 14 hp remaining. I know i want to put a crow in it when the come out, so i think that means i will have 10 hp to play with. Any suggestions? I would love to have an er-301 but there is definitly no room. Would a second just friends be weird? its kinda my favorite.

If i ever wanted to add a er-301 is there a good way to have a second case with access to the first cases i2c?

Show us your modular system

I think that’s what the telexb would have been perfect for!


I personally would get a second filter, but a second Just Friends is definitely not a weird choice. also :heart_eyes: what a pretty system.


Agreed with @alanza. I have two Just Friends and two Three Sisters and I find myself using both Sisters way more often than both Friends, but that also could be because I have Maths… either would be a solid choice :slightly_smiling_face:


That is really lovely, but it does feel to me like having Monome Trilogy + Ansible + Teletype + TXo + TXi is a lot of control without that many destinations. I do suppose Just Type opens up 6 voices, but it feels like it either wants another oscillator or some kind of timbre shaping, or some kind of effect maybe.

I sort of want a Morphagene in here. If you’re keeping with Mannequins, a pair of W/ might give you a lot of options with regards to delay / looping. Of course Crow or a ER-301 will also do a lot for you there.

Case-to-case i2c is mostly limited by length of cables, since i2c reliability drops off with distance. It would probably be better to make room for the 301 in your main case by moving some non-i2c modules out into a 4ms Pod or something like that.


Yeah you are right i could do with more doing-things to take commands from my controlling-things. Eventually a second box with non-i2c modules would be nice. I don’t like the idea of taking out modules that came with the isims, but I think thats what I’ll have to do. Thanks for your help!


Hey it’s a what would you do question!

This is my Monome/Mannequins skiff:

Today I am the happy recipient of a TXi, a TXo+, and a TXn (thanks @bpcmusic). But I have to make room, 10hp worth.

I see 3 potential paths:

  1. Remove a Sisters or a Mangrove. Not sure how I feel about either of these options. I use the two Mangroves sync’d & FM’d sometimes, and they’re two matched oscillator voices for other times. Removing a Sisters seems wrong :slight_smile:
  2. Remove Ansible & Switch. If Ansible comes out, Switch doesn’t serve a purpose here. I like Ansible though, for being more immediate than Teletype w/ Grid. Plus if I remove Ansible from here, it is no longer connected to the Teletype which is a minor bummer.
  3. Remove Walk and Rip. I have not at this point taken to Walk much, though I was hoping the addition of the TXi and TXo would jumpstart me in Teletype and therefore triggers from feet would be a good thing. And Rip…Rip is a fetish object. I’m glad and fortunate to have gotten one, but I’m not sure it serves a function I need here, apart from stepping voltage down (which is built into the TXn if I use the jumpers), and completing the Mannequins set, which is of course super important.

There may be other options also!

So, WW////////D?

(Oh option 4, “Get an isms”, is probably not on the table.)


if I were in your shoes I think I’d do #3 in a heartbeat!


I would also do #3, I think.


I think I will try #3, the more I think about it! Walk fits well into a hypothetical Piano + Modular instrument I’ve started thinking about, and I’m sure I can find a place for Rip.

I’m really not sure about Rip in general. I think I don’t have the golden ears and don’t hear anything particularly special about it. But, maybe removing it will make me miss it!

I’m still curious to hear thoughts from others if there are any.


#3 or a bigger case :grin:


I like option 1. You’ll have more variety that way and you’ve been got plenty of oscillator options including the TXo.

In a similar boat but I have a smaller 84 hp system. I will probably take 1 Mangrove out when I add TXo and the scanner darkly module. Can always change it up later.


Don’t feel bad – RIP shouldn’t be noticeable in terms of sound unless you start trying to distort it by adding a DC offset into your signal, most apparent to me in tandem with sine tones. I’ve been doing that with stackables, Cold Mac, and sometimes voltage from Teletype or Walk. Beyond 2 in/2 out, RIP can be handy for a send/return for external signal processing since the jacks go both ways. Or if you use one input, it’ll go to both outputs, handy for sending a mono signal out of your rig to 2 destinations.


This turned out to be more of a “wall of text” then first intended but anyway, here we go.
You have been warned :smiley:

After reading and listening to the Norns study where an external instrument is turned into sine waves along with multiple views of @carltesta wonderful app Sway for Norns more times then I care to recall It’s gotten me more and more interested in the idea of a Hybrid instrument.

Besides the modular, my main instrument is the classical guitar and these videos has gotten me very interested in trying to incorporate the instrument more into the world of modular.

Now this can obviously mean different things to different people so just to give you guys a brief idea about what I want to be able to accomplish (if at all possible).

For quite some time I’ve thought about the modular as my partner in a “duo” (think of it as two classical guitar players for example). I can influence the modular to a great extent with patching but I always use at least a little bit of random in every patch in order to provide a little bit of the same feel like when you are playing together with another human being, I can obviously give him/her guidelines, sheet music etc but a little bit of that unique players intuition/experience/expression will always play into the performance.

This has given me many wonderful moments but one thing that’s always been nagging me is that the only way for me to capture this is to record the modular and then compose/improvise/record my guitar part over the prerecorded tracks since I need both hands to play the guitar, I can’t play both at the same time. While this approach can and have yielded good results I find myself lacking the immediacy that capturing a true live performance can give.

This brings me to my present state of thought and what inspired the post.

What if I did not have to record them separately? Would there be a way to integrate the guitar to such an extent that not only do I have to react to the modular but the modular reacts to my playing?

In an ideal world, I’d love to be able to bring my guitar, a mic or two, along with my modular and perhaps a laptop if needed anywhere I’d like to play and have one cohesive setup, one unified instrument which can cover the entire range, not unlike a grand piano if you will. An instrument which can handle precomposed music (with careful planning) as well as an instrument I can “just sit down and play” if that makes sense.

I already have Mutable instruments Ears (been using it mostly as an amplifier for running various things though my filters/distortions etc in the rack) which is great for gate extraction and basic envelope following. I’ve done some rudimentary testing by just plugging one of my electric guitars into Ears and playing around with the envelope follower and gate extractor but I found quite quickly that this led to fairly predictable results which would most likely get pretty tiring for both player and audience after a while.

I figure will probably need some other kind of interface for sending manual gates to Rene in order to change states (sequences). For more precomposed music I could sequence this via Tempi though.

So besides envelope following and gate extraction, does anyone have any suggestions for how to extract more complex CV from my guitar playing? Perhaps combining both in interesting ways through patching? Any and all ideas are much appreciated!

Edit: Here’s my case as it stands today for reference. Currently a bit redundant with both Dixie and STO and would be willing to remove one/both if that could help achieving this goal.


Have you thought about incorporating a midi foot pedal? I have a Keith Mcmillen USB one that I use to combine modular and piano (this is all quite new for me so it’s early days). I tend to use the heel of my foot to trigger the pads as they don’t provide much feedback. I connect the foot pedal to Ableton and then from Ableton to eurorack with an ES FH-2. You can then use the pedal to play notes, chords, trigger midi clips, adjust a sequencer, control stuff, etc. This then frees up both hands for the piano. Many years ago I remember listening to a cellist named Zoë Keeting who used Ableton to structure a song via midi automation - she’d hit play on the Ableton track and midi changes would trigger automation, looping, recording, effect changes etc. all across multiple channels. The computer would act as a live conductor/sound-engineer, of sorts. You’re tied to the clock here, which is frustrating. But it’s something I always wanted to take a look at someday.


Foot pedal(s) in one shape or the other is something I’ve certainly been considering, the Kieth Mcmillen certainly looks interesting. This would probably be the most convenient solution for changing sequences on the Rene, initiating broad chord changes in a piece etc.

From what I’ve gathered, extracting cv from the pitches I play on my guitar will be wonky at best and I’m not even that interested in acurate pitch tracking (guitar synth-style) but it seems like beeing able to extract more of a contour following the pitches I play over time could be interesting eg if I play higher notes for a sustained period of time the voltage rises and vice versa. Currently unsure if this would be possible but throwing the idea out there since this could be interesting for other applications as well.


I’m not sure if you’re invested in norns at all, but if you are I’d definitely recommend checking out the Analysis Ugens that come with SuperCollider:>Analysis

By looking at what kinds of analysis is possible you’d be able to start to see how you could get a synth to react to what you’re doing on the guitar.

What you’re looking for should become even more probable with the eventual addition of Crow from Monome. There you’ll be able to program behavior from audio analysis coming in from norns to output CV on crow. You’d also be able to program crow itself to react in a certain way from CV input from your modular. (At least this is my understanding from the vague tidbits we’ve gotten so far on crow).


So far I’ve held of on Norns given my complete lack of programming skills coupled with the approach of taking inspiration from new products/ideas and applying them to what I already have.

I realize that the pitch tracking is one of the things you implemented in Sway so that’s where I got the idea to (possibly) translate that to the modular.

I am anxiously awaiting to learn more about Crow though, depending on how that turns out it could be a worthwile addition to this cause.

I have to say, without veering to far of topic, that this place certainly gets you thinking about new approaches, new forms and concepts. Truly beautifull.


So I recently sold off my modular to put some money towards a house. Now that I’m in a house and my finances are stabilizing, I’d like to start building up my synth again.

I’m planning on using René 2 as the brain of the system, but I want to make sure I have everything I need to start patching as soon as possible. I know René needs a clock, so I was thinking about picking up René 2, Marbles and Plaits to get myself off the ground again.

Will Marbles give René all it needs to start patching? If you were starting over again with René as the star of your instrument, what module(s) would you get to complement it?


You can do some really incredible things with a combination of R2, Tempi, PP and Brains. IMO all you really need to get going is a clock so you should be fine with Marbles but those other MN modules really open up a world of possibilities. Check out their YouTube channel if you haven’t already, I always get new ideas from watching their vids.