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thanks for your input @eblomquist @nutritionalzero @ThurberMingus !
glad to hear I’m not the only one with a fader hang up : - )

I wanted to say I’m no Maths hater! and totally understand that it can truly function as a box of utilities, as Tony Rolando’s said, to @nutritionalzero 's point. it’s been with me since the beginning of my modular journey and it’s pretty great, just as I’m trying to create an ideal 208hp system, it’s looking a little large.


i’m in a similar spot - trying to constrain myself to 208HP (+ a 1U row) and Maths is looking a bit large, seeing as i use it for LFOs, ADs, or attenuverting and no wild crosspatching.

I’m looking at replacing it with Cold Mac and a small attenuverter like the ALM O/Ax2 to save some HP, knowing i have other function generators elsewhere (like my Stages). Then I’ll gain access to a lot of Cold Mac goodness. Scary tho, I do love the module and I’ll be sad to see it go out of my case.


I’m thinking about picking up a matrix mixer (Doepfer a-138m) and it’s got me wondering how Eurorack modules handle line levels if used totally in isolation from any modular level signals.

If you input and output as line level would things still work, or are controls scaled to work only with modular levels? I’m guessing in more complex analogue and certainly digital modules it wouldn’t work, but perhaps with something as simple as a mixer it might. It would be really useful to be able to use the matrix mixer in isolation from the modular with other gear/effects etc.


A-138m is a pretty brilliant module IMHO, at least with Euro level signals. It’s not the quietest one out there though and there can be some crosstalk/bleed.

Not sure how it would behave with line level signals in general – it might be a bit noisy, or the knob response might feel a bit weird.

I’ve used it to attenuate Euro signals for pedals while also patching feedback back to the pedal, and then run it from there to my audio interface (without going through more Euro modules) and it was fine for that. But that was Dark World with an intentionally noisy/degraded sound, so I’m not sure that’s a useful anecdote :slight_smile:


Thanks for that, really useful thoughts! Any other particular things you’ve used it for that worked nicely? Initially I’m planning on using it to control different feedback routings between 3 Sisters, Ts-L and a spring reverb - but looking forward to exploring.

In regards to line level I guess I’ll just have to give it a go and see. Thinking it would be cool to use it to quickly turn my reel to reel into a tape delay, which is pretty noisy anyway!


Does this exist or do I need to make it myself?:

  • 2HP/3HP
  • 4x independent fixed non-inverting above-unity/boosting gain stages. Just in + out jacks with no controls
  • maybe trimmer pots on the back to set the gain tho?
  • normalled together in a chain for optional extra loudness/overdrive
  • Maybe jumpers on the back to switch to inverting?


Haven’t seen all that in that small a package. 2hp has MIX but it has just one output, as well as AVERT but it has only two channels of attenuverting. Erica has Pico A MIX that’s 3hp, has 3 channels but just one output. So no, haven’t seen exactly what you’re looking for.


thanks for the info. Yeah not exactly looking for a mixer, just 4 separate stages of arbitrary gain increase in absolutely as small a space as possible, for things like boosting quiet signals, overdriving filter inputs, creating feedback loops etc

Might actually design such a thing :slight_smile: I thiink i saw a DIY module which was similar (that’s where i got the idea of gain trimmer pots) but can’t remember where.


Closest I can think of that’s commercially available would be one of the amplifier modules. Doepfer and Addac do them - I’m sure others do too. But they have pots for the gain adjustment and they are single (Doepfer) or dual (Addac) channel only.

DIY might be a good option.


It would be 4HP but you could ask the Ladik guy if he’d make that… He’s done custom modules in the past and he has a few somehow similar modules already (though your idea in 2HP would be great indeed…).


Quick question, I have been looking at doing firmware updates on a few of my modules however they will require calibration afterwards and requiring a 5V CV signal in order to do so. I have a teletype as well as an ansible with a midi keyboard. I was wondering what the easiest way to get a consistent 5V signal out of teletype or possibly ansible. Unfortunately i do not have a scope module to check the voltage. Thanks in advance


You would probably be fine just using CV 1 V 5 on your Teletype.

If you need a precise read, a scope isn’t essential for voltage measurement. Do you have a multimeter? You can attach the black ground probe to the ground (sleeve) on your cable, the red to the tip of the cable. I have an extech multimeter and set it to 20v range to measure something like this.


yes that worked perfectly thank you


im looking for some modules to softly saturate/distort different audio sources and maybe even cv signals.
is there anything you could recommend?
i tried a cwejman mmf-1s once and the saturation knob on there just made me smile…
(sadly not my price range)
might it be better to grab a s.b.g. and look at the overwhelming choice of guitar pedals?


Xaoc Tallin looks pretty nice for this.


bastl cinnamon? haven’t tried it on CV but has two diff clipping stages and can be mild or really not so mild


WMD mutimode vca is worth a look, very handy all around


I really dig the soft saturation on the MMVCA. My favorite one is quite overlooked, it’s the WMD/SSF Amplitude. That paired with a good wavefolder like the Toppobrillo TWF is pretty stunning for organic sounds.


I was going to suggest this myself. Really nice overdrive type of sound. Very nice sound apart from that also.

Mix3 from Joranalogue and Uraltone eurorack mixer do good distortion/saturation also.

I haven’t used any of these for cv though.


instruo’s tanh[3] looks possibly good for this – i know there’s a few fans of it on here, can you run cv through it?