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Hi! I’m using a René as the main sequencer for my modular and I was looking for another sequencing option to combine two voices. After much time reading and searching for alternatives didn’t find anything that fits my needs and I thought: What about TWO Renés?

Has anyone tried something similar?

Yes, I know that René 2 can sequence three voices, but I prefer to avoid menu/page diving.


I’ve actually been thinking about that a lot lately!

‘been using a Make Noise Shared System now for half a year and absolutely love René. I constantly fantasize about how powerful 2 would be but at the same time worry it could be overwhelming.

I’m trying to build my second case now and want to go the grid route and explore a new mode of composition but it seems Ansible is impossible to find :frowning:


Just re read this, soooo you currently have a René V1 and can’t be bothered by V2?


Two Renes.


Yes, I currently have a René v1, and I’m thinking about getting another one.


LOVE the track! Would you mind sharing some insight on how you patched them together?


Well if you go for another V1, they’re pretty easy to find cheap on the used market now but I wouldn’t be too scared of the new Renè!

The menus really aren’t that bad unless you want to get into crazy sequencing of the Z-axis. I spent a lot of time with the V1 before switching and much prefer the V2 (especially for changing chords within a patch) but there are things I miss about V1. The sample and hold settings on V2 are insane :love_letter:


Honestly, I didn’t keep patch notes, but I’m pretty sure it’s very simple, they are both just sharing divisions of a master clock, both playing Modcan FMVDOs and Echoes from Pitch Factor.


Well thanks for the lovely patch and little details!

Appreciate it


I was kind of on the fence of going from the Rene V1 to the V2, too, but I’m really glad I did. It’s amazing, and not difficult to use. The Z-axis thing is not at all bad, too, and is really powerful because it allows you to sequence pretty much anything: scales, gate patterns, whatever.


Hi guys,
someone can help me to fill my rack? I have 6hp free space

feel free to suggest to me some creative ideas like selling some modules to fit the 6hp gap with 8-10hp

thanks to all


Do an inspiring painting and screw it in to fill the gap :slight_smile:

Alternatively - what does this system not do that you would like it to do?


sincerly I do not know what to add, I was thinking about some utilities like the wmd toolbox because I hate this hole


How about a Antimatter Crossfold?


Sequential switch (A-151-2 is 4 hp) and a 2hp Burst?


How about reshuffling your rack to allow each of your 2hp modules to have a 1hp blank either side of them?


Help a (diy) novice out… I was donated this power strip, what kind of psu & switch I can use with it? Where to purchase in Europe ?


At precisely 6hp I’ve not got much: only Beast’s Chalkboard and Shifty I think, but really like both.

As you appear to be rocking a René 1.0, either of these modules would help you get more mileage from a single quantized sequence. :slight_smile:


MI Shades are as handy to me as Maths. Especially next to an Ornament & Crime


Is there more to it? I can’t tell if we are missing anything relevant in the picture, as different bus boards use different power input methods.

Though, since it appears to be a passive bus board, I wouldn’t necessarily make any decisions based on it - they’re often cheap! You’re better off deciding on what modules and case you want to start with and decide on power from there.