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Same! I also had an Avalanche Run before most of my modular, and I still use it on a lot of my patches, even though I have some in-rack effects now.


When do you make the decision that you aren’t clicking with a module?
I’ve got a VCFQ that I’m finding to be gnarlier than I want and a Marbles that I’m only kind of jibbing with. I’ve had both about 4 months.


One thing I like to do is focus on said module and only 1-3 others to compliment it. I see what I come up with if I make myself use it as a key component of a patch and make a decision whether or not those uses are valuable to me. I also like to stop using something for a while, then come back to it. If I find myself liking what it provides that I hadn’t been using for that period of time, I’ll explore it more. If not, it’s more likely to go on the chopping block.

I’ve actually been in this mode myself recently. Its a little weird to get rid of things that I may see as so “useful” in certain context, but it does feel good to rid myself of creative distractions… Prime example currently is the DLD. I really like what it does and I’ve created some beautiful music with it, but playing to it’s strengths can muddle my compositional intent as I get lost in the “pretty” aspect of it. Time will tell I suppose.


Usually when I’m testing a module just prior to packing it up for sale is when I discover all kinds of great things about it :slight_smile:


Seconding what xenus_dad said about delay/reverb not being modular’s strength for a starter setup… I myself mostly got into eurorack to build a glorified effects box but the aim being to get things which aren’t available in pedal/rack form, mostly filters. So i’d recommend getting some filters. Many of them can self-oscillate and double as a VCO too

reverb-wise one thing eurorack makes very easy is real spring reverb, there are some small and cheap modules for this and assuming there’s room for the reverb tank in your case then that’s an otherwise desktop-cumbersome effect neatly hidden away :slight_smile:


I have much thinking to do.

Or, I have much buying, testing and changing to do.


Thanks, that helpful. What you are experiencing with the DLD seems similar to what I have going on with Marbles.


Can’t thank you and everyone one else on the forum enough for all the help with my noob questions. Just wanted to update to say that I got my first piece of analog gear a few days ago, a Behringer Neutron! I think it’s gonna be a great intro to modular workflow and synths and something I can expand on…


Frequently :grin: Since getting into Eurorack in October 2016, I’ve sold/traded away 76 modules and own 36 currently.

  • I want a “lean and mean” system where every module pulls its weight, with little redundancy and maximum versatility.
  • I want each module to inspire me more than it frustrates me.
  • I want each to feel like it fits with what I’m doing creatively, without having to fight its nature.
  • I want each module to have an active role and not sit around unused. (If I know I’m just focusing on a particular area temporarily, that doesn’t count – for instance I’ve been on a drone kick but I’m not selling my sequencers. Likewise, unique modules that I don’t use frequently, but do use, which have no more versatile equivalent, are kept – like the Doepfer PLL)
  • Sometimes I’ve just wanted to consolidate a bit, or make changes as part of an overall plan.

I do try to make sure I know exactly why I’m letting a module go, and perhaps give it an extra chance or two, before I make the decision.


I’ve got strange issue with my Befaco Rampage and FSS VAC1 quad LGP. When I plug the OUT A from Rampage into any of the CV ins on the VAC 1 it stops the ramp dead. Out B does not have this effect.

Any ideas? The Rampage is DIY, not built by me. It works fine plugged into any other CV in on other modules.

I could post a video if helpful.


I don’t have a Rampage but do have a Maths, which has this problem when the unity output is patched to my passive LPGs. From my admittedly poor understanding, this is because the Maths unity out has a low output impedance to give better tracking behavior when patched to V/Oct inputs (like when using it to create portamento) so it gets stuck like this when patched to something without sufficiently high input impedance (like a vactrol). If this is indeed the same problem, you can work around it by patching through a buffered mult.


Issues like that are common with Rampage and passive LPGs.

It can help to run the output through an attenuator, or a mixer or a buffered mult or almost anything.


Thanks @csboling and @Starthief - that is definitely the same problem, but with Maths. Good to know at least it’s not my rampage at fault.


That’s a lot of modules!
Any experience with Sapel? Thinking of that instead of Marbles.


Nope, I’ve never used Sapel. To be honest I had very little interest in random modules until beta testing Marbles, and found I really enjoyed it.


6-12 months Id say. and it’s a mix of “not really getting what i want out of it, but it still contributes” and “well that’s been sitting unused in my 3u for a year.”. I don’t acquire a lot of modules and, with recent exception due to module purchases, change my main 6u build very slowly.

of course, if you have something that’s taking up space and you’d rather have some cash, move it along don’t stress yourself.


Sometimes I Make the decision that a module is not for me too soon based on me buying and selling a Rene twice. Thinking about buying one for the third time.

I have yet to regret selling a module. If something is not getting used to my satisfaction, I sell it.


One of the modules that I sold with good reason, I felt nostalgic about later and bought a second one… and then I didn’t love it and sold it again.

With another, I sold it, missed it a while later, acquired another one – and the knobs are physically better, so I’m happier with the second one :slight_smile:

With another, I used to love it, found myself not really using it, sold it. Then a newer revision came out, and I bought that. It’s good, but it’s not getting a lot of love right now. I’m going to give it a fair chance in the new environment I’m setting up.

And I sold my original Ornament & Crime, but bought a uO_C later in order to use Hemisphere Suite. It suits me a lot better and feels like a completely different module.

There are times when I think “I should have kept my DPLPG” but I’m okay without it (I do have a Natural Gate!). And I think now that it might be fun to play with Synchrodyne and the Doepfer BBD – but Synchrodyne was an expensive, often awkward, weird module that I had a hard time fitting into my music.

So, no regrets here either. :grin:


I have both the Sapel and Marbles in my case right now. I love the Sapel! It’s a fantastic random voltage module with tons of outputs. It’s great for self patching and generative melodies. But, I don’t think I would recommend it over Marbles. Because of 2 features of the Marbles: being able to lock patterns and setting the scale used for quantized voltages.


I have sold,…,eh nothing other than the two small cases I started with and the row power that went with one. I take a while to buy, and am fortunate enough to have enough space to not need to sell. There are a couple of modules that I might ultimately sell, and are not used regularly, but then I go back after a while and find something new that I like about them and so they get another reprieve from the auction block.