Eurorack cases/racks. Ask questions, share experiences


Mine’s remarkably similar to @Benjamin_Mauch. I love it and will likely have a second. I like the idea of dedicated instruments. The only points I’d make are the power in at the side seems a bit cumbersome, could easily be knocked out or could potentially to snapped of. It’s not so much the location as how the power in and cord sit. And my headphones out has a bad connection spot on it which can crackle and drop volume if knocked: I guess I should sort this out with intellijel… it was new only a few months ago.


Hope you enjoy your new case @carvingcode!

Also, @yoyosandshoes, that Er-301 looks nice in there. :smile:


It does! Finally starting to sound alright too. The learning was a little slower than I had anticipated although I’ve had a lot of distractions (life) lately and have also been learning teletype. But, on topic, the ER 301 and TT have meant that 4u 104hp is probably enough for me. And the possibilities inherent in this set up keep the GAS at bay


That’s awesome. You can definitely go very far with it.


Elevator Sound in Bristol have just released a line of cases in collaboration with Damaru. They look pretty nice and the prices are very reasonable.


I laughed when i opened the link and saw it was 42HP, seeing that you are active in in the stand alone modular instruments thread, as well as the lunchbox inspiration thread where you posted photos of small cases.
Also, taking into account your musical output, i always thought you make much with few.

Now i got thinking about getting one and making a small case for feedback + fx processing…


Phil, a 6u 42 would be awesome! I’m on my phone and don’t see any indication of internal power though. Am I totally missing that or are they not powered? Maybe worth the cost of shipping to the US. I feel like we are a small but vocal minority of people who like more concise case possibilities :slight_smile:


Aha, I’ve become predictable :slight_smile:

@sellanraa - From the looks of it they’re not powered, but they also take custom orders, so I guess something could be worked out with a PSU installation of some sort!


I have a Ginko Synthese case (the older 104hp kit) and I love it.

Great value, and the assembly was very simple:


Just looking for a quick confirmation to save me from sparks and smoke - it’s totally ok to use something like a 4ms passive bus stick to get some extra connections in my 7u Intellijel case, so long as the total power draw is well within the limit of the main supply? I’d just connect the bus stick to an available header on the Intellijel supply and that’s it?

Didn’t think I’d use all 20 headers in the case so quickly, but here I am :slight_smile:


Yes, that’s 20 characters of fine


I don’t have that situation but I have one of those sticks for my case and it’s great! Would recommend for sure.


That’s exactly what I have : 7U 84HP Intellijel case with a TPS80W supply and an extra 4ms bus stick plugged in one of the connectors on the Intellijel board.

It’s been working great for about two years, the only thing is that you lose the benefit of star grounding for the modules plugged in the bus stick so if you have some picky modules (likely digital ones) you can plug them in the main board instead. But I never experoenced any noise-related issue for any module…


I’ve made myself a flying busboard cable to extend the number of connectors in my 7U 84HP Intellijel case. Works great, extremely affordable, and can easily be tailor-made to the length and number of connectors you desire, so that I don’t have a whole busboard with potentially exposed contacts floating around inside my case.

One thing I noticed after I put down my thoughts on my 7U 84HP case: My Livewire Frequensteiner multimode filter, which seems to be notorious for having bleed-thru from other modules on the same busboard, exposed a large amount of all sorts of noises when connected to the Intellijel’s busboard. I tried to isolate the culprit, but I literally had to take all modules out in order to reduce the amount of noise to a sensible amount. So I finally sacrified 4HP for µZeus that is just feeding the Frequensteiner: no noises whatsoever.


I don’t suppose anyone has a 12U enclave case with the kickstand leg? I bought mine used and the seller couldn’t find the leg so I’m looking for a replacement equivalent. It would be awesome to know the dimensions and thread of it.


Do 1u (intellijel) rack ears exist? UK/EU


Folks with Intellijel cases. Do the 1u tiles have the same standard power connectors as 3u modules?


20 characters of yes for intellijel 1U modules.

From intellijel

We also wanted to keep using the 5x2 pin headers for power so that the modules would be compatible with standard power supplies.


20 characters of grand!


It’s one of the reasons I set up my case using the intellijel spacing. Less hassle (for me at least). Plus digiverb and quadratt are great! Can’t wait for zeroscope too.