Eurorack cases/racks. Ask questions, share experiences


Another question for 1u folk. PulpLogic format tiles provide more utilities that I would find useful than Intellijel tiles, but finding a case with a compatible row in the UK/EU isn’t yielding much. Are non-US lines pals DIY-ing cases for these tiles?

calling @infovore - some of your Foxfield stuff is catching my eye :slight_smile:


(and one day when I get over some anxiety/other work, there will definitely be more! I hope!)

But yeah - 1U pulp is very much a “DIY” format, and everyone I know with 1U rows has either built their own case or had one built. (Intelli 1U is primarily for cases made by Intellijel, basiclaly). Clicks and Clocks in Germany will sell you 3U+1U brackets to make life easier, but I don’t know many places making 4U/7U cases at retail that aren’t custom. Sorry not to be more help!


That is actually pretty helpful - I was looking for a place that would sell a 4u frame :slight_smile:

A couple of friends of mine have had cases made by Swan Flight, so that is one option…


Phil, did Swan Flight build eurorack cases for your friends, which is to say, install the rails?


Ross Lamond has been known to build 7u pulp logic compatible cases. Might be worth giving him a shout?


make noise sells both custom steel and elite modular 7U cases with their cv bus, which you can remove and replace with standard 1u modules as far as i know. haven’t pulled mine out to make sure though.


well, but which “standard”?


I think so. They did tell me but it was a while ago :slight_smile:


If you’re looking just for rails I’d recommend very responsive via email too.


sorry, i meant studio rack standard 1U, as in not intellijel. i’d assume pulplogic and similar would fit fine.


It’s best to check these things. Pulp’s format calls for a panel height of 1.700", which is the correct size to fit (with the customary 0.050" clearance) in a 1RU space. His format also calls for the use of Vector-style rails, which results in 1.170" clearance between the rails–and he tends to use nearly all of that for his PCBs, I discussed it with him.

Intellijel’s 1U format, by contrast, uses “lipped” rails which are also thicker. The clearance between rails is considerably less than with Pulp’s format; panel height is slightly less. Repaneled Intellijel tiles would likely fit in Pulp rails but not vice versa. (Intellijel’s site update omitted the mechanical specification page, so no link …)

Don’t forget that the power connectors are different between the two formats.


Anybody have a monorocket mxe? I didnt realize when i bought it that the lid doesn’t lock open :expressionless:


Has anyone seen the case prototypes that Landscape (of Stereo Field fame) is posting to their Instagram? I’ve been thinking about consolidating down to smaller cases and these look super lovely.

Check especially the very clever integration of a 4hp power module into a recessed slot on the side of the case (second link, which is an Instagram multi-photo post).


GASing SO hard for these. i definitely don’t need a new case, but i really love the look of those.


Very nice - i wonder why the boarder inside is so large, is there something tucked all the way around inside?


On one edge at least it’s where the power goes. Click through the second photo above and page through the album. They have a 4ms Row Power stashed away in there.

The rest, I would guess having an even bezel for aesthetics and/or balance.

I actually like that it’s bring your own power/busboard. I’m musing about moving to a 208hp and a couple of skiffs, and many of the cases use the 1.4A Make Noise board which is great and reliable but a little on the anemic side if you have a dense and/or digital case.


I saw that the Landscape Library case is now available:

It does look cool, but too pricey for me personally:

Unpowered 3U: $560
Powered 3U: $720
Unpowered 6U: $760
Powered 6U: $960

The woodwork looks good and of course people need to be paid for their time. It just seems pretty out there for a case relative to other similar portable cases with lids from Make Noise, Intellijel, etc.


I hate to be Mr. Negative, but I happen to be a woodworker with experience in case building … and that is a crazy expensive plywood box!

My credentials for saying so:


These Landscape cases look awesome. Still I would check the weight before buying one. I would think they are rather on the heavy side of the things. In the same category with Pittsburg Structure cases maybe.


Weight isn’t a big deal if you’re playing around town, but whew, my Structure case weighs a lot… around 23 pounds or so I think. I can’t imagine lugging that around an airport without rollers.

The price of the Landscape cases is slightly higher than I thought it would be, but 10% of it is donated to the Synth Library in Portland.