Eurorack cases/racks. Ask questions, share experiences


More of you need to have a background in guitar stacks. Working with the relative compact and light synth is a joy and a pleasure after touring in weirdo rock bands with vans full of heavy junk :slight_smile:


or carrying one of those “old” workstation synths to a gig woof.


Then there’s the Fender Rhodes … or a Hammond with a huge tube driven Leslie–that stuff weighs more than my PA speakers and sub.


Ha, in Parlour we had a little of everything back in the day. Ensoniq TS10, Juno 106, Prophet 600, and DX100 for keys and then all the typical rock stuff. 7 piece band in an extended van. I envided the two horn players. All in all, fun but heavy.

No clue how heavy my Monorocket is, and I think those fell out of favor with some due to weight, but I love it. It checks all the boxes. Rugged. Good power supply. Deep enough to not be concerned about that detail.

Agree on those Landscape prices seeming sort of odd.


I performed in a taiko drumming group. I have no idea what our (relatively modest) oodaiko weighed, but it always needed two people to lift it (preferably three for safety) and was transported in a big hexagonal wheeled crate, plus its heavy-duty wooden stand. The 6-8 chu-daiko weigh about 50-60 pounds each; the smaller shime and sumo daiko are about 20-30 pounds each; those only have padded soft bags for protection. There’s 1 to 3 stands for each drum depending on setup, a tetsu-zutsu (“cannon”) and gong, a crate of other percussion, a costume and prop crate, boxes of merch, and everyone’s uniforms and bachi.

Back in high school I played a Rhodes. The piano and the amp take up an awful lot of school bus aisle. :sweat_smile:


Yes, I guess it’s all relative. I’m also afraid to check music gear for a flight. It would have to be protected in some crazy giant pelican case. There’s also something exciting to me about the minimalism of a small rig that will fit in the overhead bin of a plane.

The thing that bothers me about wood cases is that air travel is rough on gear - bumps and scratches, etc. It’s a shame Monorocket faded away. I like the tolex/amp covering they used.


When I can I look forward to getting the wee but wonderful Trogtronic Collier m168 (6U84HP) case, which should be able to stand up to all of life’s insults and fit under the seat in front of me on the plane to boot.


Yeah, that is rather expensive. I might consider a splurge on one, but I’m not wanting for rack space at the moment, just more portable, sanely consolidated rack space.

Still, so pretty!


From their site:

  • 3U weight 8.5lbs

  • 6U weight 14.75lbs

So, it’s no Submodular Shadow, but not the heaviest either, and not surprising given the learning towards giving each row more space, and, well, wood.

I like the lid-as-stand options. It looks reasonably clever.


My old keyboard player used to plop his Fender Rhodes onto his shoulder, the way you’d pat and burp a baby, and carry it up and down flights of stairs.

To combat fatigue I drilled holes in the bottom of my amp and installed mop bucket wheels from an industrial plumbing supply shop. I’ve had back pain so bad I’ve been incapacitated and can’t work.

The dream of a modest euro case is real. It’s incomprehensible to me now how much back pain is the result of rock music. Shine on etcetera.


Thanks, I take back my critizism. Thats not bad.


I mean, they’re not fluffy clouds either :slight_smile: weight is something to consider here. The difference to the Submodular Shadow is 7 lbs, which is most of a gallon of milk. Or, um, 3.2kg and 4 liters of milk? At any rate, that could get tiring.


I have a host of cases I’ve collected over the years but the Submodular 6U is the winner by a long short. The 6U fully patched only weighs 5kg and is a lifesaver whilst travelling. I’m currently suffering from a frozen shoulder, possibly not helped by previously carrying a super heavy case and backpack, so minor as it may seem to some people the issue of weight and back problems is to be considered.

And it so easily slips into the plane carry on/overhead that you never have to worry about checking it in and I’ve travelled across Europe and the USA with it, and no problems at all regarding the size.


thats incredible case, thank you for pointing that out @xenus_dad and @robinrimbaud.

I wish I could do that myself. Sadly, eurorack alone does not take me to a creative place and now I’m trying to slightly redesign my workflow to find a good compromise with the weight/portability. Thats why your suggestion for Submodular and ultimate portability is so appealing in this end of the line.


Apologies if this has been thoroughly covered already, but how do you all rate weight? Or to what degree is weight something you care about? (Weights mentioned below are all as listed without modules, I’ve never checked to see how much I was actually carrying.)

After hauling a Doepfer A-100 suitcase (7 kg/15.4 Lbs) around a year ago or so, I swore never to do so again. I have an Elite 208 now which I find acceptable, but it’s still heavy. I thought the Make Noise steel case with CV bus looked amazing, but when I saw the weight (5.8 kg/12.75 Ibs – less than one would expect maybe, considering it’s made of steel), I just thought oh forget it. Compared to that, the Intellijel 7U (at 3kg/6.6 Ibs) just seems so rational.

It’s not very often I am actually carrying my modular around, I’ll admit to that. But still – once you’re there (somewhere, in the rain, close to dusk, too warm in your too big jacket with still 10 minutes to walk to venue, no buses, no cabs, and late already) every couple of avoirdupois pounds makes a huge difference. Whenever I look at a portable case, weight is one of the first things I check for. I am I alone in this? Is weight less of a concern for you than, for instance, looks? Some shops don’t even list the weight for some of their portable cases, which I find really surprising, but maybe it’s just not so important for folks?


Weight would be very important if I wanted to bring a 6U case to shows. As I bring only a 3U weight is less of a problem. I took a wood 6U/104hp case at my first show and it was such a pain to carry around.


After lugging my 9U monorocket case to a few shows, weight has definitely become a concern. Saving up for an Intellijel case at the moment!


hey man would the make noise powered case be ok with this rig, sequenced with grid


afaik, grid does not draw more than 600mA 5V.

from the information you collected via modular grid and crosschecking with the information on the makenoise homepage (Power: +12VDC @ 1.2A, -12VDC @ 1A, +5VDC @ 1A),

don’t see why it shouldn’t …


I have a wood Pittsburgh case that weighs around 22-24 pounds, more than your Doepfer. Weight isn’t a problem for me if traveling via car and not having to walk too far, but I’ve decided that it’s too heavy and big if I want to fly with it, which I’d like to do in the next year or so. Walking around an airport with a case like that seems crazy and I’ve heard from others that it’s not fun.

I’m currently transitioning to a Submodular Systems Shadow case w/ Intellijel power board. This case is super lightweight and more rugged for travel. There have been a couple caveats so far:

  • Module placement is tricky, especially near the power connector for the case. The module needs to be around 20-25mm depth and it also depends where the power sticks out on the module is. Pretty much all your modules need to be ‘skiffable’.

  • The Intellijel power board (TPS80W A) is only 20 connectors. I learned from Intellijel that they are now only separately selling the type A, no type B (where the headers stick up on one row) and no Max boards (more connectors). The Make Noise board in the powered option is somewhat weak if you have a couple of digital modules.

Besides those things (which are minor), I’m really happy with it - seems to weigh as much as the Roland skiff I had at one point. The case itself is more on the pricier side, but there’s nothing quite like it besides maybe the Intellijel cases or the aluminum Make Noise cases, both of which could get scratched up if exposed from what I understand.