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That is only an issue if you’re using the original Trilogy modules (Earthsea, Meadowphysics, White Whale). Ansible doesn’t use any 5v.

The modular grid specs are probably accurate and the make noise power has enough juice, but it only has 10 connectors. I’m not sure how safe using a flying bus cable is off of one of those connectors, but that may be a way around it.


You may want to power the Grid via Offworld, rather than from your case. Offworld-1: USB power utility


Thanks for your thoughts on weight.

I have another question, regarding Knurlies. I love my Knurlies but I’ve only managed to make them work in cases with threaded strips (Doepfer, Intellijel), not with the sliding nuts in my Elite case. Is this a known thing? Or anyone with similar or different experience? Have anyone tried Knurlies in the Make Noise case?


It’s because it’s different sizes. For a while there was only M3 (black) knurlies, but now there’s M2.5 (silver) knurlies. For example at thonk shop:

I just got a pack of 2.5 for my make noise skiff and it works perfectly


You’ll also come across 440 screw threads (I think that’s a US measure), for instance in Pittsburgh cases. I’m about to switch them out in my Pittsburgh Structure for M2.5 sliding nuts simply so I can use the new


… the new Knurlies


I just placed orders to do the same to my Pittsburgh ep-360. I dread having to remove and remount everything, but as someone who frequently rearranges things… I really miss the knurlies.


Seconding the recommendation for, i got a small frame rack and a couple of rails from them recently. Fast, affordable, great service with custom cut lengths at no additional charge. Even ended up with some free extra bits too :slight_smile:


Yep me too, also an ep-360. Let me know how you get on!


Oh wow I had no idea. Different knurlies! That’s great. Thanks for the tip!


Wanted to give an anti-shoutout to synthrotek. I bought one of their cases which works okay, but after the whole rape joke scandal and them doubling down on being total edgelords I can’t in good faith recommend them.

I guess if you’re okay with supporting a business with people like that at the helm then go for it, otherwise there are plenty of other companies that are better/deserve support.


I was looking into their cases, thanks for posting this reminder.


Hey all, a bit confused on the american selection of case manufacturers in a post-Monorocket world…would love to grab a powered 12u 84hp case, folding, preferably in a non-black color…but having a hard time discerning if that’s available anywhere? Maybe my investigative search skills are lacking…any insight into if this is available?


ordered Offworld thank you.


thanks Jonny,

I’ve simplified it to 10 bits for the powered makenoise skiff
MONOME Ansible
MANNEQUINS X2 Mangrove, sisters, coldmac, justfriends, RIP

I have Grid and Norns, Offworld on it’s way soon.


That’s a nice selection with a lot of deep possibility. If you don’t have RIP already, it may be hard to come by, as it’s made in limited batches. In the future, if you want to change up your rig, consider passive utilities which won’t use up your power connectors - Meng Qi has a bunch of really great ones, including Please Exist 2 (inspired by RIP).


Thanks man RIP if not avail when I order with the rest of the others in Oct I’ll go with the UJack (Mutable Instruments)


I didn’t read through the whole thread, so my suggestion might have come up previously, but I can recommend the TipTop Audio Mantis case. It works, looks good, is not too heavy, has some positionning options and has a lot of juice. If you can be without the 1U in IJ cases, this is probably the best of the cheaper options… and another important bit are the Befaco Knurlies! Makes life so much easier for updating stuff (oC) or rearranging things…


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Possibly good news: RIP is passive