Eurorack cases/racks. Ask questions, share experiences


Yeah man means I can pass the righ through it and get some saturation vibes through the transformers right? so long as I’ve no out on the 1/4 jack out as I understand.


I love my Mantis! Great deal, especially for folks like me that don’t need to travel farther than I can drive in a few hours…

The bag is sturdy but you wouldn’t want to pack the rig patched up…

Good power unless you have mega-hogs for modules…


RIP (or a PE2 from Meng Qi) doesn’t require power, so you’ll still have an open header.


ah perfect gotcha will take my time with my planned rig getting to know it over the winter and can think about that extra header n hp


I’ve been using 2 of the 6u Arturia Rackbrutes, and so far I like them a lot. They are slightly underpowered, but I just consider it another constraint. I’ve been wanting to write up a review. I’ll try to get to that soon.


Has anybody used the 3DWaves rack stands for skiffs?

I’m in the process of breaking apart my large case into skiffs. I like the idea of having swappable, rearrangeable rows that can operate independently. The racks seem like they would be a good way to arrange a pair, but curious if anyone who has used them has thoughts on them. Thanks!


You know what, I might still have a pair of these. Wish I had thought of this earlier when I sent you the skiff!

I think they were great to use with two skiffs for sure. I switched away from them (and from the multi skiff approach in general) because I wanted to travel more easily, not because there was anything glaringly wrong with the setup; I recommend them!


I’ve got a Pelican 1500 case, it’s pretty much exactly 84hp wide (can’t fit my HEK inside it with the ears attached) … anyway, ordered another pair of rails for 6U / 84hp–the rails will fit width-wise, snug.

My problem is that NE modules like the Loquelic Iteritas and the BIA each require 90mA (+5V) amperage. The uZeus power module’s limit is 170mA for the +5V rail/distribution, so I’m looking at 4ms Row Power. I spoke with someone at 4ms about TT flying bus board cable compatibility with the 4ms RP module (they said it’s compatible) - my question is can I daisy-chain a third Tiptop flying bus cable off of one of the original two cables? Anybody have experience with this? Otherwise I’m limited to 10 modules in a 6U / 84hp case. Any feedback is appreciated!


daisy-chaining flying bus cables is not a problem.
though, you might want to pay attention to not connecting all the power hungry modules to one cable/source and alternate …


Just bagged a please exist thank you :pray:


Just traveled from the States to Germany and Denmark to play some shows, and I can confirm that my Elite Modular 6U + 6U expander top fits in an overhead compartment with no trouble. I actually had a Make Noise 3U skiff with me as well (which fits quite well with the MOOG Theremini soft case w/ some bubble wrap FYI), and had no trouble carrying on both on all my flights. The Elite feels really well built, and I’ve never had any trouble with any of the Make Noise busboards. It is a bit heavy though with the full 12U, so if anyone has any recommendations for other ways to carry it (bag, straps, etc.), would love some advice.


Looking for something similar (similarly basic) to the Make Noise skiff, with fixed rails (no sliding nuts) - preferably 84hp, 3U / 4U – 104hp, even. Is there anything out there similar to the MN / isms cases? Thinking about portability, something small and contained (unlike the HEK) - there has to be a demand for this sort of compact case. Is the MN skiff the only option, aside from DIY?


I think the Intellijel cases have fixed rails?


Yes, they do. And great power supplies too.


Does anyone know of a source of threaded rails? I’ve been searching around but not coming up with anything definitive.

Provided they would slide into the channel the MN Skiff provides, it would be an easy swap and a great quality-of-life improvement.


These are the ones I bought. I had to cut them to fit in 84HP bit they work well.


+1 for Intellijel cases. Loving my 4u 104hp.


These seem like a great option for small setups – single voices, small FX boxes, controllers, overflow, or for people who prefer small boxes they can physically rearrange.


Oh man. Those are quite a luxuary, but also coud be really useful for “sometimes” modules! :thinking:


This hasn’t been widely reported on yet, but a few sites have picked up on some new powered and unpowered micro-enclosures from 4ms, which even feature a newly designed daisy-chainable power supply. I can see these being useful for keeping utilities like the O’Tool Plus or Mordax Data handy without taking up rack space for when they aren’t being used, for those integrating modular into their guitar setup, or people who really love 2hp and other micro-modules.

I personally see myself getting one and using it to house my Monome Walk and a few other small-but-useful modules that I might buy at some point.