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Price and Availability

The retail price of the cases will break down unpowered/powered as:

20HP: $55/$99
26HP: $60/$109
32HP: $65/$119

You can use 4ms’ normal Power Brick on these, but 4ms will have a smaller brick available on release.

The 4ms Pods should be available in the next few weeks but we’re waiting for further details on this.


I’ve been sketching ideas similar to this one for months. So glad somebody who actually knows what they are doing finally got around to making it real!


These look great …


Really interested in these. Could imagine putting something like Yarns or O’Tool in one of these.


I’m very excited by these. I’m thinking a 4ms STS based field recording sampling portable setup, a utilities one, so many possibilities!


Has anyone spotted power specs?


it looks great but no lid? Maybe it’s just me but I’m very concerned about the wellbeing of my modules.


Mu 4u Intellijel case had a bit of a funny turn last night. I switched it on and nothing would function - LEDs on modules would light up but stay static, so the VCOs weren’t oscillating, etc. I took everything out, reconnected everything one by one and tested the power each time I added one. Now it’s fine, but it’s a little concerning. What might cause that? The only thing that was different than before was the layout of the modules, but presumably that shouldn’t make a difference.

Is it something to worry about?


I found two issues with digital modules based in my Intellijel 104HP. Modules didn’t do their duties, but LEDs were on.
I thought it were firmware bugs and just resolved it by restart. If it was a live performance - I have more problems)


@xenus_dad is this what you’re looking for?


I don’t have any digital modules.

And yeah, I have a show on Wednesday and this is adding a layer of stress I can do without :slight_smile:


Are you 100% sure you had all the power connectors in the right orientation? The symptoms sound like a module was connected backwards, and when you removed them all you put them all back the right way…


if module connected backwards in intellijel cases ->> this module doesn’t work and previous to it (tested 1 time, spent a lot of time and some nerves because ‘previous module’ was expensive Magneto)


Any news on the depth of these?


Nothing that I’ve seen yet. From the looks of them, anything that is “skiff friendly” should be fine in these.


@marcus_fischer, any insight you can give us on these? Just saw your Instagram story with a few of them, along with 4ms’ share of your story post.


2x Mangrove: 20hp
1x Just Friends, 1x Cold Mac, 1x Three Sisters: 32hp



Chomping at the bit for these. Anybody know anything about when we can expect them?


somewhat missed opportunity: being able to connect them together horizontally, lego style, with power automatically chained when you do that. then you could have a truly modular case that you could expand with the patch.

to not have any protruding parts it could be done with separate thin inserts (that could also double as power connectors).


Was thinking along these lines when I read about them. Here’s my 32hp idea:

EDIT: actually, before anyone tries this, the transformers on RIP are pretty deep, so that would need double checking :slight_smile: