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Uh oh… before we get carried away with the microskiff revolution… looks like number of headers is unclear. I count two but the specs are vague.


nothing a flying bus cable couldn’t fix. unless the power specs are just insanely low for some reason…


32HP = ED-301 + Crows = MEGANORNING


That combination definitely crossed my mind.


I can see the faderbank being part of this combo too.


Do we know what impact daisy chaining them will have on sound quality?


That typo made me imagine the villain robot from Robocop built entirely of O|D modules, so thank you.


they are very cool. micro modular modular systems!
they are deep enough for single PCB modules but not perpendicular PCB modules like W/

I can’t wait to see what they do next. :slight_smile:


Has anyone built a case with battery power? Curious what works / what doesn’t before I try things.


Edit: holy cow I did not realize which thread I was in!


Figured out my 4ms 32hp pod :yum:

sorry had to

But in all seriousness morphagene would be great in a pod.


I think I need either more power or a more powerful case, but maybe someone else has suggestions first before I start spending money…

I have an Intellijel TSP30MAX… 1500mA +/-12v and 1mA 5v. My modgrd calculates my consumption at around 1250mA on the +12v… Everything works, but I get an audible whine from Magneto. It comes through my monitors. If i touch or move the power cord connected to my case I can manipulate the whine, sometimes almost eliminate it. If I take a few things out of the case, it goes away completely. So I assume I just need more power.

The weird thing though is that the whine doesn’t show up on recordings I make using my K-Mix which is also driving my monitors… is it really a just a power issue?


Are any of the modules you take out to resolve the issue also digital? Where are they racked in relation to Magneto? Do you run any flying bus cables off the TPS30 headers?


This is pretty much the lay out right now.

The only near by digital module is the Prizma. I haven’t played too much with placement. And really, now that I think about it, I’m not sure how much I have to take out to make it stop. I actually had more success putting it in a skiff with a couple other modules rather than leaving it in this case. Maybe this weekend I’ll have to play around, maybe it doesn’t like the Intellijel power?


Those 4MS mini cases look cool, but I’m wondering what the use case is? I could see putting a MIDI to CV or expert sleepers system in them to move around, but in most cases a single big module isn’t that useful on it’s own. For example maybe you have an FX module to use with other gear, but then you usually also want to have some modulation as well. I suppose as long as the modules are small enough you fit in a few and have a cool mini system.


oh and no flying bus cables or anything like that.


I have some big modules that I don’t always make a lot of use of. I’m not so merciless and minimalist that I sell everything that I don’t use 100% of the time, but I might not want them to take up space in my rack. So say I pull my Clouds pod off the shelf, use it for one patch, and then put it away.

With smaller modules you could make instruments out of these. I mean, you could get Just Friends, Mangrove or Three Sisters, and Cold Mac into one of these. Or two Mangroves, Three Sisters, and a W/. And then you bring that to the table when you want it. It seems really powerful to me actually.


Lots of use cases for me:

  • Testing DIY modules
  • Updating firmware on some digital modules
  • Small skiff for the odd controller I may want to use (tetrapad or pressure points maybe?)
  • Using something like Dave Jones O’Tool

It may also sit nicely with Teletype + Teletype keyboard.


I don’t have a Magneto but I will say that switching to an Intellijel power supply solved noise issues I was having with digital modules. For the sake of argument it might be worth trying Magneto with no digital modules in the case, then adding them in one at a time and listening.

The other thing that I was thinking about is your output stage. Are you, say, going out of Magneto into K-Mix? An output module with balanced outs and TRS cables into K-Mod might help.

Also thinking of ground loop or interference. Take your case into a different room with no other gear and plug it in, listen with headphones. If you have a ton of power bricks around or under your case you might be getting spammed.


Ya, I’m going out of my case, various places including the Magneto, into various K-Mix channels.

I was also thinking this might be a cause of problems, I use mono euro cables but at the K-Mix I’m using stereo 1/4" adapters instead of 1/8" to 1/4" mono cables.