Eurorack cases/racks. Ask questions, share experiences


I could see using one to accompany a larger, more vertical system as a controller skiff. Or for more spread-out systems just to reposition a group of modules closer to where they’re wanted.
Or for less frequently used modules just to grab a little bit of space for something else, without expanding to another full case (or just using a bunch if these in the first place to constantly be able to rearrange). Or for small self-contained systems.

I already have my Field Kit FX in a separate box in my pedalboard, where I have to use longer patch cables to work with it. I could see parking one of these beside it with other FX and my pedal interface stuff, perhaps with the ADDAC or Doepfer bridge.


They’re also a great way to add a few modules to something like a 0-coast


Had the same thought! What would be necessary here, to use this as a ‘standalone’? Powered pod + morphagene? What does the ‘brick not included’ mean as far as additional requirements? Euro noob here, thanks :flushed:


It means you have to buy a separate ac/dc convertor that you plug into the mains. This plugs into the 4ms power supply on the pod which powers the modules in case. It will likely look like a laptop power supply if it’s the same as the other ones 4ms provide.

As far as using, for example, a Morphagene on its own as a mini system in a pod (“standalone”) you would certainly want to consider where your CV is going to come from to modulate it and allow space for suitable modules to serve that purpose. Routable modulation is one of the main point of modular synths I think.


Gotcha thanks! For modulation I am thinking of a 0 coast in combination with my touché controller. Also have access to a mother 32 sometimes.


I think the 32hp version for a Morphagene with some other modulation source in the case would be awesome by itself, and then would be even better combined with the touche/0-coast/m32.

Pam’s, Wogglebug, Batumi are some options that immediately come to mind that would work pretty well with Morphagene. Pam’s or another 8hp modulation source would leave room for an Ears, which is nice with Morphagene for both sound and control.


I’m thinking about building a 6u 84hp case and I was just wondering if anyone had any tips or advice? Maybe stuff I might not think of until it’s too late?


Can you give us a sense of the type of case you’re going to try to build?
eg. What material are you going to build it out of? What power supply are you going to use? does it need a lid? etc.


If you’re looking to build, why not add a 1U row? My preference would be the Intellijel 1U format, obviously, but there are probably folks who could speak to the Pulplogic format as well. (Important to note they’re not compatible.)

With the smaller case size, moving your utilities to 1U can free up space for that second Mangrove. :relieved:


I think, because it changes when you touch it, either the cable is malfunctioning or picking up RF noise. Have you tried replacing the cable? Is the whine 60hz?


Yeah sorry I should’ve added that. I’m thinking plywood at the moment, with a 4ms Row Power 40. I don’t know about the lid, I think that might be a little too far for my woodworking skills to manage, definitely going to add a handle though. Something similar to this case from the youtuber White Noises



I was thinking about that, but I thought I read somewhere that the Intellijel 1u modules only worked with their case, or have I got that wrong?


That’s correct in terms of module panel height, unless you diy a bit :wink:


Well, last night I removed everything and slowly added things back in with my digital modules separated as much as possible. The case and cable are silent until I start to hit the 1000mA zone. Then the noise picks up. It’s even worse if I put the Magneto in. I think I’m going to pick up the mini 30 power Intellijel makes. It can piggy back off my current power and will almost double my power for only $150. Hopefully that solves the problem since I’ve got some room still too.


You can definitely build a case to Intellijel specs, and they’ve published those on their site if you need em.

I built a 7U case, shown here with a 1U row in the center and a built in Intellijel PSU to avoid needing a power module.

I’d recommend looking into prefabbed side rails to bolt your module rails into if you can find appropriate ones. If you are building a case and manually measuring/drilling everything, it is difficult to get the rail spacing exactly right. This was my second case and I laser cut the pieces, which meant they were precise…my first needed some filing and such to get things to work.


Cool, I’ll look into 1u and have a think about it. I’ve been trying to find side rails but the only company I found doing them for vector rails has shut down.


Click&Clocks in Germany had side rails in the Intellijel standard.


you can do a lot with just a morphogine and be hands on. it does part will with a small sequencer and or delays. But to start you could get a powered pod and the morphagine.


Would you happen to know anywhere that does them in 6u or 7u for vector rails?


c&c does also 6U and 7U. They don’t have a product catalog online but they will send you a pdf on request.