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I just got a brand new Intellijel 4U, but the pins on at least a few of the slots got bent up pretty badly (god bless the USPS). Should/can I:

  1. Straighten them back?
  2. Use the slots with pins that aren’t bent if I shouldn’t straighten them back?
  3. Just sit and wait for customer service to be back in on Monday?

Appreciation in advance.


This is on the bus board?


Hi @xenus_dad.



I really just want to make sure a few used modules are actually functional, otherwise I’d just wait.


If I were you, I would straighten those pins with pliers.


Thanks! My worry was that bending it too much could cause a short. I’ll just hope that is something I’m making up.


The main risk would likely be breaking off pins when bending them back, or if any of them in adjacent rows are now touching they may cause a short even if you don’t plug into them.

I’d personally ask Intellijel what they’d recommend first. Maybe @kisielk can offer advice in the meantime?


You should be able to fix that just bend them back to close where they were. Then tray to use a plug to straighten them back to normal.

If you can’t get the plug over them don’t force it. Just straighten them a little more.


You should be able to bend those back in place with your fingers. They don’t usually require very much force at all. Although if it was brand new and you’re not comfortable doing this, I would talk to whoever you purchased it from first.


Like everyone else has said. You should be 100% fine doing that yourself. Make sure everything remains unplugged from a power source obviously. Those pins are VERY durable. The plastic at the base less so, but the pins should be easy enough to adjust with something flat and careful pressure.

One thing you might try: Looks like you could easily adjust the right most pins (which look roughly uniformly bent) with a loose power cable… slide in the 8 or so pins - however many the connector can grab - just a little bit and apply slow, firm pressure. They should begin to shift. You could probably do two at a time pretty easily as well, just using the end two sockets of a connector.

As long as you aren’t violently wiggling, they should cooperate with no risk to the PCB.


Thanks to everyone for the advice! I used the connector approach to straighten most of them out, but did have to use a tiny screwdriver on a couple first. It seems to be working just fine for the time being, but I’m avoiding the ones that were extra thrashed til I can get it exchanged for safety’s sake.


That sounds like a good idea – my main concern would be the solder pads they’re connected to being pulled up off the pcb.


I’m facing the dilemma of expansion and would love it if some folks could share pros and cons of A) working with a 9u system, and B) working with two separate systems.

I have just filled a 7u 84hp case I built in January, and I really want to double down on the physical modeling capabilities by adding some large pieces (matrix mixer and a couple other things). To do that, I’ll have to remove the various modules I’ve dedicated to sequencing. I want to either keep my current case and get a skiff to dedicate to sequencing, which could be especially cool once I end up picking up a semi-modular synth, or get a 9u that can fit everything, one row for the sequencers, and the other two for physical modeling. Both seem cumbersome to me though.

Any advice?


I don’t find 9U cumbersome but mine’s in a stationary, vertical rack on my desk. I guess it depends on how much you move it around and how you have it positioned.

For me, going to a second case (adding a Mantis to my 9U rack) was a bit cumbersome. I had to place them on opposite corners of my desk, with my computer and Maschine in between. Long patch cables just got in the way, and I tried a few solutions before picking up a Doepfer A180-9 Multicore. I still have a tendency to “patch locally” within each case rather than freely between them, so there are combinations of modules I rarely patch together.


My current case is stationary as well. Good point about the long patch cables to connect the two cases. Unless I could figure out a way to build a skiff that attaches to the top of my current case I’d have to do that too. I think I’ll probably just get a bigger psu and a couple extra rails and rebuild. Or I’ll just try working without the sequencing modules in there for a while and see how much I really miss them–I do love the size of this case.


Apologies if this has already been covered here, but I’m looking for opinions on the Intellijel 7U performance case:

If you’ve got one how are you finding it?
Is it light weight enough to be easily lugged around?
Can you stow patch cables in the lid easily?

Work, family (baby no 2 is now 10 weeks old :baby:) etc. all mean I have less and less time that I can spend locked up in my music room.

I’m thinking a portable solution would allow me to take my system with me for work+travel, and also have it around the house rather than it all being couped up in my music room. My 2 year old daughter is also obsessed with my current setup (especially the cables :heart_eyes:) so it would be great to have soemthing easier for her to use.

It would also open up the possibilities of gigs/meetups etc. (something I’d really love to do in the near future).

I’d love to get some feedback from you guys :+1:


I am in somewhat the same situation with limited time and space (one 3 year old daughter). I chose the 7U, and so far it seems the perfect size for me!

It is a very lightweight and portable case, but of course I wouldn’t want long hikes with it filled with modules. I sort of wish the bag could be worn as a backpack, but other than that it is perfect with enough room for cables etc.

Highly recommended! :slight_smile:


In regards to the portability of the Intelijjel 7U. I was always interested in one, but have not got one yet because I’m afraid it lets in rain, etc in quite easily. Now I know they have a bag, but that’s 100 euro extra.

So how portable is it with weather conditions factored in?


I’ve just purchased one of these last week. I’m liking it quite nice so far, though I do wish Intellijel had perhaps done some 1U tile system planning to see how poorly some of the sizes end up being for a 104hp 1U row. I seem to be about 2hp short of the tiles I really want!

It is incredibly light weight. It’s my 3rd portable case (monorocket, MDLR) and by many miles the lightest.

The lid is crazy deep compared to the 2" of clearance you get with some other cases, so I find it very easy to close patched.

One thing I’m not loving is how short the included power cable is, but that’s easily remedied. Also I made the mistake of using unbalanced 1/4" cables in the exterior jacks and wondering where that horrible hum was coming from :smile: - Using balanced cables solved that quickly.


The jacks are on the exterior and there’s no rubber seal around the lid so I would certainly not carry it in the rain.

Speaking of the lid, perhaps other folks can weigh in on this. Not sure if I’m just being especially fussy but it seems like the latch on one side of the case closes much more snugly than the other side (for me, the left side is more snug). The result is that the latch on the right feels a bit wobbly when closed and I feel like it might easily get bumped open.