Eurorack cases/racks. Ask questions, share experiences


Thanks for the comments, most appreciated as always :+1:

I can see this being my next purchase. Freeing up my system from the confines of my music room seems like a good way to go for me.


picked up a stealth one a few weeks ago and loving it so far- my only real wish, and it seems to be a common one, is that they had made an option to have the 1U row in the middle of the case as opposed to the top. I personally have no use for the ins/outs and oftentimes REALLY wish the 1u modules were in the middle for easy patching, it can be awkward patching way up there and then back down.


First I had Intellijel 84hp 7U case, which I really loved. Then as I got more modules I decided to swap if for 104hp version. Finally few weeks ago I swapped back to 84hp size, because somehow the dimensions work better for me - also it’s good to have limitations with the set-up. 104hp version got a bit overwhelming for me somehow. I don’t know if Intellijel manufactures other than 104hp version anymore though. They are great cases, if you plan to travel, you need to get the bag… you don’t want to take this anywhere without a protective layer.


Ordered one last night (from good ol’ Cymru Beats :sheep:) after seeing all the positive //// comments. I’m looking forward to getting it setup!

3x84hp is what I have a the moment, and that was the limit I had reached before I think it would become a bit overwhelming for me. Slimming that down further to 2x104hp will be nice (+ I have the 1u rail that can replace a lot of the utility type stuff).

Thanks for the tip on the bag. I’ll have a look (seem to remember it is quite spendy so I may have to hold off on that).

Thanks for all the feedback!


Grau Modular is building cases with intellijel 1u middle rows these days, if that becomes a major issue.


Interestingly I owe a series of portable cases, from an Eastwick Case to Monorocket 6U, an Enclave 6U to Submodular Shadow 6U, and outside of all the pros and cons of these cases not a single one gives me the absolute confidence of taking it out in the rain. I wonder why no manufacturers as far as I’ve experienced have used rubber strips along the edges for weather proofing. Or some other solution. There’s always a tiny gap in between the lids which makes me nervous in poor weather. I end up using very unglamorous plastic bags taped around the case when I travel, not very practical either. Perhaps I should only travel with them when the sun shines though :smiley:


Wondering - is anyone making basic aluminum 6u (104hp) cases (like intellijel, but minus the 1u row?)? I feel foolish asking this - seems obvious, but Im not finding any? I’ve been admiring the one that ALM uses for his demos…thinking the Ericas are one option, but looking for brushed aluminum, not black…I think 4ms discontinued their modular rows…


Not that I know of (I’m sure there are some out there), but it might not be that difficult to have one made. i did this with acrylic but am now toying around with the idea of aluminium. Even with the rails and power, it’ll def come out to be cheaper.


If I understand it correctly, the handle on the Intellijel cases is rigid – it doesn’t fold down. Is this the… uh, case?

If so, are no-one finding this cumbersomely stiff when carrying?
Not to mention portruding and taking up space when using system flat down on a table?


The hanle is not collapsable and quite stiff. Has not gotten in the way for me when using the system but isn’t the very comfortable to carry for moderate distances. A soft cloth wrap attached with velcro has served me well.


Thanks. It’s seems so… don’t know if counter-intuitive is the right word, but… to make a good quality case (and so light!) and then fit it with an uncomfortable, unfoldable handle.

I have an Elite 104 that I am very happy with, but it is still heavy. I’m eyeing the Make Noise case but the weight worries me. I’m eyeing the Intellijel but that handle…


Yeah I thought the handle would bother me a bit but I’ve taken it out twice now and the case is so light that the odd shape of the handle doesn’t really bother me when carrying it.

I do think I’d get the gig bag if I was going to carry it outside with any chance of rain.


This is pretty neat. You’d want to make sure you got your dimensions correct, measure twice as they say.

Seems you could make a skiff/boat/tray and add some rails and end caps.


I own a Doepfer P9 and a Doepfer Monster case. I recently got an Intellijel 7u case, as I needed something compact and liked the clever layout of the ins and outs at the back. My other tips for this case:

  • Use a 1U usb tile plug in a dimable usb-light or power external equipment such as a BS Pro.
  • Get the additional carrying bag. Great quality and the safest way to travel.


I have one of these on the way. It’s designed for jump starting car batteries. It also has 12V output and some USB charging stuff. I’ll post when it arrives.


NLC Andrew posted a DIY case to Instagram, made of gutters.