Eurorack cases/racks. Ask questions, share experiences


There can sometimes be ground issues, but otherwise connecting two cases is fine. From experience, you won’t want to use a Modular Addict stacking cable for it, but a TipTop stackable or standard cable should be OK.

To eliminate some noise in my setup, I had to run a ground wire between the faceplates of my two cases. No big deal though.


Possible plan: go with a 9U 126HP portable case, unpowered (since my existing PSU and busboards will handle it).

I shuffled my current stuff around to try a different layout:

2U rack case on the desk, pedals on top, shelf above that with Euro case on it.

Reach and visiblity are fine with a Mantis. A 9U rack will probably work if I mount the shelf a little closer to the front of the desk. That shelf can tilt but is more stable when close to level (and it doesn’t put as much stress on that little black plastic gizmo in front) so the case should be capable of tilting itself.

Only one row of pedals (4 or 5 normal sized ones) is about the max I can access this way since anything behind that front row is out of reach. But they’re less awkward than my previous arrangement.

The SQ-1 would have to go in front, along with the 16n Faderbank. Maybe I could fit a Nanokey there too, but I expect to keep the Microbrute on the left side… which means I’m not recovering as much desk space as I’d actually hoped.

Gotta think about this more.


Hi! I’m thinking about getting one Make Noise 7u steel case BUT, and here is the newbie question: ¿is it easy to completely remove the lid?

I mean, looking at the photos, the hinges look pretty sturdy and I can’t identify any way of disarming them…

If not, any 6U/7U recommendations?


The lid is easy to remove. You might benefit from a bit of grease on the pin to help it slide easier. Basically one half of the hinge has a pin that sides into the other. To separate you slide the lid off to the side.


I’ll post my reviews of all the cases I own or have owned, starting from the beginning!

Make Noise Powered Skiff: Not bad for the price, not a huge fan of the Make Noise busboards in general but they’re fine if you don’t have a bunch of thirsty digital modules. The black screws look nice but they’re 2.5, not M3. I also very much hate sliding nuts, and that’s what you get here. The logo on the side is a nice touch, and its about as low-profile as a 104hp skiff comes. Wish it had a lid, but otherwise most things are still good. I still have this one.

6U Monorocket (orange, 2015 build or so): Probably one of the nicest looking cases I’ve had, the orange tolex is great. More sliding nuts here, on vector rails - so I’d have to say this was my least favorite rail setup of everything. Also since this was an older case, it was cut super deep, so the lid fits on the case patched, but closed up it’s just as big as a folding 12U, there’s way too much depth behind the modules. Incredibly stable power supply, tons of headers, loved that. Sold this for a 12U.

12U Dark Modular folding case: My first 12U folding case. Make Noise boards again here, which I mentioned my thoughts on earlier. This one had legs that fit into the bottom of the lid to stand it open, which I did not like, as it was quite easy to push it over when patching, potentially ripping cables out and damaging modules. Also ,the total clearance between the two halves when closed patched was about 2", which is very small, and you basically need to use tiny cables like the CTRL branded ones, or tendrils, otherwise you can’t close it patched. Great side latches, feels very sturdy. Sold this for a folding 12U MDLR.

42hp Erica Synths Pico case: Love this little thing. I don’t put the cheeks on it for max portability but it’s been a great little travel buddy. Tons of power, and I think my only complaint is that the rail spacing here is tighter than any other case I’ve tried. Some modules like the Nano Rand needed some gentle sanding to fit, and other larger modules like the WMD performance mixer don’t fit at all due to the rails being too close together.

12U MDLR Performer: This is probably the be-all end-all of folding 12U cases. This is the model with the ring that slides between the two halves so you get more space closed patched, but don’t have to deal with a lip when playing. This has split threaded M3 rails, which are great. I much prefer it over sliding nuts, and the split rail allows you a little more wiggle room when screwing that last module in. The half-ring as stand is genius, and I love the fact that one peg is longer than the other when sliding half of the case on to the ring, so it is easy to guide in. I have the internal doepfer PSU3 - it’s a great power supply but it is heavy and adds significant weight to the case, as well as robbing you of a lot of internal depth. If I did this again I might go with the external bricks and the MDLR busboards. That said, I’ll never run out of power headers with this thing. Flew with this case and the biggest problem was that it was quite heavy, and the carrying handle is on part of the ring, which after an extended time carrying it through airports and public transit, started to squeak as it flexed under the weight of the rest of the case. Still have this thing, but don’t plan on traveling far with it again.

7U/104 Intellijel: My favorite case so far. The 1U row is fantastic for utilities (despite lack of support for non-IJ tiles), and the weight can’t be beat. The lid is plenty deep so you can use almost any kind of cabling and still close patched. I wish the latches on the side felt a bit more solid, and the aluminum is prone to scuffing, but that’s what you trade for such a lightweight case. I do feel that the handle could be more ergonomically shaped, and a sleeve to protect the metal case (not nothing bulky like the gig bag) would be a nice option to have. Last nit is that I wish the threaded rails were split like in the MDLR, but that’s a minor issue. Great power supply, no issues at all with it, and plenty of headers. Currently using this as my primary case.


It might seem a little outside the overall spirit of lines - which seems to focus probably quite rightly on smaller set ups - but does anyone have any recommendations/experience of larger cases. I have about 704 hp of modules in four case solutions that I want to consolidate. Relatively cheaply.

Current thoughts are the ADDAC monster frames, or the Doepfer LCM base and LCM three row.

Is there anything obvious I might be missing? I quite like my current set up and have no real desire to downsize. But it’s a bit ugly/unwieldy with the four cases in the studio/home office.


There’s no shame in larger systems – a full orchestra is just as valid as a quartet or a soloist.

Two Trogotronic m420s would be a bit cheaper than the Doepfer setup.

A MDLRCASE studio 12U 114 and 12U 84, in birch with the Doepfer PSUs, would be about $1200. I understand a lot of people order customized stuff from them too.

Four Mantises would come in at about that price range too (and can often be found used for significantly less). Over on MW there have been a few people with larger setups using arrays of Mantises.


Cool, thanks. I have one Mantis already.

One important consideration I neglected to mention is that I’m UK based, so delivery charges will be a issue…


I have a 3U 126HP Dark Modular long boy that I plan to supplement (replace?) with a 6U 84HP Trogtronic Collier. I’ve loved the DM case but I need something more portable.


Would have recommended you talk to Ross Lamond, but sadly he’s not building cases anymore. I have 700hp case from him, that’s wonderful. No power worries ever.


Yes, I’ve heard that. Was on my list for when I had the appropriate cash, but too late now…


Man, as you know I keep holding onto this idea of having 2x 84hp Intellijel cases but the more and more I think about it, the more I want one like yours haha…


have you already looked into @goiks’s options? seems like a 15Ux104hp plus a 6Ux104hp skiff might get you there with his stock options (728hp total).

edit: didn’t see you were in the UK! probably too pricey to ship.


maybe doesn’t fit the budget, but Erik Needham custom builds some beautiful large cases

he’s also a super nice guy


I recently got a ADDAC 901M 15U (which adds up to ~1000hp) and I couldn’t be happier with it. I looked around a lot before I bought it and couldn’t find anything that was as ergonomic, had as good of a power solution and didn’t cost way more than this. Highly recommended.


Ah, ok. Geographical location can make a big difference with case costs.

In the UK, maybe is a good option? They do lots of custom work. I was considering one of their portable cases and adding my own power.


Yes, that’s been my conclusion so far - seems to tick a lot of boxes.


Anyone have experience with the Erica Synth travel case (the latest model)? I’m wondering if the screws/nuts that protrude on the inner sides will block deeper modules from going at the edges.


I can second the recommendation for the ADDAC monster frames. I had the 21U and it was very nice to work with and price/hp is superb!


read some stuff posted earlier on about the landscape library case, and i wanted to be the first to say it is great.

i’ve had it for about a month and a half now and jeez it is beautiful. the rowpower40 slot on the side helped free up 4hp and the design allows me to take it places much easier.