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I am intrigued by your poster with handwritten numbers in order. Can you tell us more about that?


I have a Trogotronic m420 and three of his 168’s. All of the trogotronic cases are an amazing value and have oodles of power to spare. A few negatives about the 420 though: the top half leans WAY back when open (in the studio a put a spare metal box under the back half to keep it accessible - haven’t found a solution for live use) and the modules in the top half are recessed pretty deeply, which can be awkward, especially for controlling modules at the far edges. I’m also a little wary about the long-term viability of the plastic hinges held together by hinge pins that seem a bit lightweight and short - they’re fine for the 168’s but this is just so much heavier and larger.
But you absolutely can’t beat these for price per hp with plenty of reliable power.


anyone who has used both the intellijel and Make Noise case have any thoughts on the comparison?

I have the Intellijel one and for the most part like it, but my modular has been trending more towards a variation of the shared system setup with mostly Make Noise modules, so it’d be nice to have the shared aesthetic/design over the Intelijel tiles which don’t especially blow me away. and I can’t help but feel the pull of that CV bus, because patching long distances drives me a bit crazy.


Looking to find ~50hp 6u case, as light and shallow as possible, plastic is ideal aluminum is ok. Any one have leads on a pelican style case or something similar with those dims? DIY is great, really just looking for a shell, but would consider full cases too.



Never used the Intellijel case, but have thought about getting one because the 1u tiles make a lot of sense to have minimized in that row.

I do have a MN Shared System in the older wooden case, which I love. Super robust, and the cv distribution and audio I/O are really helpful. I also have a Mantis with a Rosie and I like the crossfader and stereo fx return on it enough to keep it in the other rack…

My only wish is that the MNSS case had 4 rows of 104 hp…


Have you checked Grau cases?
Bad thing would be shipping I guess, but they look really nice :blush:


I have a love/hate relationship with the 1U row… On the one hand, having two Quadratts has saved me 12–18hp in the 3U rows. On the other hand, having to patch up then back down leads to some very messy patches.

Intellijel seem to have gone into their case designs with a set of assumptions regarding MIDI and audio I/O that I don’t think turned out to be as universally true as they thought. I think if they had to do it all again they would put the 1U row in the middle and omit the ports on the case. I wouldn’t be surprised if they update their case design at some point but they’re quite costly and time-consuming to manufacture, so perhaps it would be difficult at this stage.

Incidentally, did you know that as of this month, the 7U cases ship with a revised version of the audio I/O board? A Mixup (or submix chain of Mixups) can be connected directly to the 1/4” outs on the case. Cool feature! The replacement board is apparently available but it hasn’t been a priority to investigate just yet.


well put. I don’t use and never had any intention of using the I/O ports. The patching up top drives me crazy. Never totally understood why people feel the need for an “output” module when a 1/8’’ to 1/4’’ cable works perfectly well in my experience as long as you manage your gain staging.


The Intellijel case seems practical to get the cables out of the way in a stage set up. A lot of people feel weird about having 1/8" to 1/4" out of their systems since those cables are sort of ‘specialty cables’. If you’re touring and one stops working, you’re usually out of luck, whereas most venues would have a 1/4" cable laying around (or at least you could get one much more easily).


i patch in stereo as much as possible, so a quadratt and the 1u headphone out with a 1/4” TRS is my “output module.” i put the 1u row in the middle of my case to make patching a lot less messy; i feel like having it at the top would be much less convenient.


love the 1U format, sorta meh on some of the current Intellijel 1U options, but I get that they’re mostly aiming for staple items that have basically universal appeal - that said, my 1U row will be full once I finish a lingering DIY project, so I guess I’m content enough! I’m using the Zeroscope, Quadratt, Headphone output, and have 10hp left over. I personally would like to see a LPG/VCA 1U module…I suppose that would be pretty easy to DIY, especially if passive.

also +1 to 1U row in between two 3U rows. I really like my ~square DIY 7U/60hp case as I can use <20" cables to make any patch, and I think having more of a square case encourages non-linear patching for me. I probably would have just bought a prebuilt 7U/84hp case if Intellijel had put the 1U row in the middle for the sake of easier portability.

I kinda like the Intellijel cases’ built in balanced output option to keep master outputs out of the way and on 1/4" cables, but don’t care for the MIDI ports since I likely would never use them.


where is this info coming from? first i’m hearing about this… nevermind, found it in the mixup manual. good to know!


I have a Grau 7U 64hp custom case and I love it. Very good build quality and competitive pricing, shallow and simple, closes patched naturally. Lots of customization options.

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I made two of these 104hp cases in my apartment / balcony, all from scratch. I also fashioned a tidy detachable / adjustable leg system with threaded inserts. First time I ever used a router, and never glued tolex before either, but it all worked a charm and bill of materials was about half that of market value. A couple Row Power 40 and all good go :+1:


those look great! got any other details on the builds, or at least the legs?


Here is the standard hardware, minus the tolex and plywood. Most of which from Penn Elcom. I got a few sizes of tilt adjustable feet to try out… I added some stainless sleeves to the feet “legs” to cover the threads. They also act as secure spacers when adjusting the leg height.



Grau stuff looks so excellent… Does anyone in North America have any idea of shipping and [antequated clusterfuck] customs/duty taxes?


First I’ve heard about the mix-up connectivity, that might convince me to buy a second one! I have a 7u/104hp from Intellijel and I mostly like it. Patching up does bother me sometimes, especially since my top row is almost always modules with knobs up top/jacks on the bottom… but if the 1u row were in the center it would be significantly harder to tweak the quadratt. Gotta lose somewhere…

The main thing I dislike it that the case isn’t sealed. I’ve been walking outside with it and it started to rain… not a thing I wanna have to worry about in the few instances it may happen. If I upgrade to another case in the future I’d probably DIY with a 1u Intellijel format almost exclusively for 2-3x quadratt. Most used module by far :sunglasses:


I had my hopes up that these cases would be Pulp Logic compatible…they do look lovely though, and competitively priced.


The extra Intellijel gig bag is worth getting. It’s a bit expensive but is convenient and protects the case from things like that (and has a huge pocket for TT keyboard, cables, etc.)…