Eurorack cases/racks. Ask questions, share experiences


Thanks! I’m actually not super happy with my position locking solution and will probably re-make everything soon. It will look similar to my old cases.

They are very versatile, I might add a fourth(!)

Oh? Has there been an announcement somewhere? I would love to see a simple LFO, a headphone amp, and a “keyboard”/ribbon controller in 1U. The latter is an obvious fit for the format with a 200mm Softpot.


I’m excited to see what Intellijel will do with the 1U space. Currently have a Quadratt, passive multiple and USB (powers Korg SQ1) up there. Hoping for a headphone out and maybe a clock divider?

This is what I’m thinking so far. I currently own everything up to the GrandPa.


This is where I’ll be when my teletype and expanders arrive. Oh, and when I get the Radio Music built. :smiley:

The switch modules are passive SPDT center off flat handle toggles. I use them constantly. My single biggest issue right now is the lack of an onboard headphone amp–I have an OPA2134 waiting for me on the bench for my upcoming headphone amp tile.

The I/O tile is great. I hope a future edition has a header to link a headphone amp.


Four new 1U modules are now shipping:


fyi, my 4u from intllijel has been great! lovely feel, good depth for most modules, plenty of power. the quadratt is wonderful, the i/o clean. and kudos for the full-length silicon feet/bumpers.

now, buy another one, or go to the 7u?


Funny enough, I happened to check your site about an hour before you posted, and saw these.

Ordering those headphone amps on the double!


Is the $69 price for the headphone amp a typo?


I don’t think so, why?


great stuff, especially the noise tools. would love to see a dual vca or logic 1u one day.


i can vouch for the make noise cv bus case. beautiful construction, not too deep, but deep enough for all ive thrown in it, enough power for more than what most things can throw at it and, because its thought of as a professional, travelling case, kind of a step above and beyond in components and electrical continuity. I know its designed to have a lot thrown at it, which makes me feel more secure on screwing something up or breaking something. looks beautiful filled up too… my little skiff below that is also a make noise, and again, very nice electrical support and security.


we’ll definitely consider doing both :slight_smile:


oops! somehow my bit about the Intellijel case was omitted, think by adding my pic… Oops! I essentially said that this will probably be my next case… the 84hp I believe. I too think its a bit too thick though. I feel like its a great design though and if you primarily just having it around the house/studio, feel like it will be secure enough. I have a Rimowa suitcase and these ij cases really remind me of it from the perspective of I feel like it will easily be marred and messed up but will be considered part of the charm…


Based on the quite similar line out module (making an assumption about circuit design here–what’s the amp chip in the headphone module?) being $39, I was surprised to see the headphone amp come in $30 higher.

Agreed, that’s a nice selection.


I’ll say that having two intellijel 7u cases is a legit setup, I really enjoy how they join together.


the headphone amp is much more complicated than the line out. It has a custom preamp design specifically for driving a wide range of headphones. The line out is a relatively simple opamp circuit.


FWIW, I think the price for the 1U HP amp is quite fine. I just ordered two. I’ve been waiting for these for months.

I know we can argue about impedance matching, current, linear/switching power supplies, etc., but if I need truly high fidelity from an HP out on a modular, it goes out via the line-outs and in to a recorder or something, and I can route that in to a fancy HP amp.


I’m not a big fan of the 1u strips, it just allows certain manufacturers to create their own format modules to corner the market. If it was an Intellijel 6u then i would be more interested. I think 1u tiles are ok for the micro lunchbox cases - that makes sense, but for the bigger cases - no, not for me.

The first thing i look for (after hp) is for a reputable power supply, closely followed by the weight. Also, whether it can it be patched up when closed and also whether i can get it on a plane without putting it in the hold.

I have monorocket 2 x 6u and 1 x 12u cases - with both makenoise and internal monorocket power. Well built cases, but waay too heavy, especially the 12u with internal power. I also moddied the lids of the 6u with new rails and tip top power as i realised i wouldn’t be hand carrying them again. Monorocket power is also questionable.

I have an isms system also, which is surprisingly heavy for the 3u size. With the Pelicon case (7 kg) you are pushing 12kg, but at least you can check it in with confidence. The case is built like a tank and has rollers on the bottom.

My next case will be an Elite 416 portable 12u - primarily because of the weight and extra hp to replace the monorocket 12u.


Sometimes it’s the small things:

Got two.

Day made!

Freedom for my 4U cases!


@kisielk, any idea when the 7U 104hp cases are going to be available?


Probably a few months still. We are designing and building a new larger power supply for them.