Eurorack cases/racks. Ask questions, share experiences


Hi, @caelmore! Sorry for the delayed response. I was out in the woods for the holidays. Here is a shot of my DIY case as well as a quick video of it. I’m happy to share more info if anyone is interested.

Link to a walk-around video:

Making stand alone modular instruments

I’m not sure what specific power supply issues you’re referring to, but if it’s to do with touch-based modules like Rene and Pressure Points, that was resolved nearly 2 years ago after switching the type of power brick used with the power supplies.


Yes I know the PP and and Rene are indeed known to have these issues with the Meanwell bricks and internal PSUs. It was some other modules, but as I said, these issues where basically non-issues after all, since the OPs admitted them to not be related to the PSU anyway or they were solved.
I think it was these:

I guess I’m saying: “don’t think about pink elephants now” am I?
I guess I should probably have mentioned that in the other thread instead of here also


Any chance that there will be versions of the 4U cases with only 3U/without the 1U row?
I really like the Intellijel cases but want something really small so would like one without the 1U row.


Probably not. We already have 5 different types of cases (7 if you count the black 7Us, though they’re not in stock right now) and it’s a lot of inventory to manage as it is.


OK, pity, but understandable.
Thanks for the info!


Are black/stealth 4u cases something that’s planned for the future? Have a 7u, which I really like, and was planning on putting together a 4u for as a sometimes additional skiff.


We actually did a limited run of them before, and might do some more when we restock on the silver ones, but the interest is definitely a lot higher in the 7U cases so it might be a while.


I have a Pressure Points and a Rene in my Intellijel 7U case and both seem to work well enough. (Maybe I have a more recent power brick?)


We’ve been using the “recent” power bricks for nearly 2 years now, so most people shouldn’t see any problems.


Has anyone tried out the new make noise steel 7U case? Seems ideal but I’m hesitant about the steel vs wood.


haven’t tried it, but i like their point about the metal getting a patina of dings and scratches as it travels. i guess there’s definitely the possibility of a big dent making it age much less gracefully though. also, i looove that the big buffered mult can eliminate patch clutter. the branding is a little heavy-handed for my tastes, but that’s just me.


I was briefly considering an intellijel 104 7u case for a new system I’m planning but when researching I found there were only 20 spots to plug modules in. Is that correct? If you are using the 1u row for 4-6 modules, that leaves 14-16 spots for other modules, which makes it more limiting than the Make Noise case which has 18 (I think) spots for modules after taking the CV bus plugs into consideration. If this is true its a pity, because I like the look so much. Before I knew what I was doing I owned a 4u 104 intellijel case and liked it very much (except the lack of a cover.)


I’m also curious about the new Make Noise case - if there would be any power or shorting issues possibly given the proximity of steel to the modules.


Erica has an aluminium travel case as well, more than enough connections :slight_smile:
No 1U though


Metal is better for electromagnetic interference I guess, which is usually not a big deal, but if you get some nasty interference during a live gig due to where the venue is located that might be nasty and impossible to solve on the spot.


The 84HP cases have 20 slots but the 104HP have a longer power supply/busboard with I think 28 connectors.

I have a 7U 84HP and added a passive 4ms busboard because I needed more connectors…


The Erica case actually seems really perfect, but… it costs more or less the same as the Intellijel, which has a much more clever design and I trust their PSU much more than Erica’s.


I don’t get the Make Noise case. The CV Bus seems marginally useful, but not nearly as useful as an actual 1u row.


I personally see more appeal in the modular 1U row idea like Intellijel, but I think there is something to be said for visual feedback and centralization on the MN CV bus. I think I would be apt to patch things a bit differently (more shared modulations, for example) with the Make Noise system then I would with most other setups simply because of that central bus, and I do definitely prefer that it is located between the 3U rows rather than above them.