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I think the only thing you’d lose out on is the line audio and midi jacks that the 7U has on the back. You can still get them in 1U tiles or other modules though.


I have the 7U and haven’t noticed any bad noise in multi tracking. The only time I’ve noticed any noise is when I power my Grid through Ansible… but when using external Grid power it seems pretty quiet to me. I’m not doing scientific tests, this is just from experience playing it and recording it.

It’s my favourite case that I’ve had.


How do you get sound out of the case if you only have sequencers plugged in? :slight_smile: Or were you saying that the only dodgy module in the case is the Eloquencer?
Though of course, nothing will be quite like a linear PSU (when it’s a well designed one).


I think the Intellijel 7U cases are fantastic and if anyone in southern California is interested, I am looking to sell one of my two 7U 84hp (TPS80) cases. PM me!


I just have to plug any output to the mixer and then to speakers (don’t mind if it’s a sequencer, VCA or whatever because the power of the case is bringing noise to the audio chain).


I like two 4U over the 7U case because one row of tiles just isn’t enough.

Not officially, maybe …




I thought about getting a second 4U and connecting the two, but I went for the 7U for a few reasons:

  1. The 4U cases aren’t very portable. You can get gig bags, but I would’t want to travel with it patched in a soft case like that. The 7U gives you that nice suitcase action and you can leave everything patched (except the external audio/MIDI of course).
  2. I didn’t like the idea of having to deal with more than one power supply (extra plugs and wires are a real pain in my tiny space), plus I was not even close to reaching the power limit on one of the cases.

Also, it just feels nice to have all of my modules unified into one case.


How do you find having the 1U row at the top - or is it possible to orient the case with the 1U at the bottom?

Have you experienced any noise from the power supply? (I’m currently using two Doepfer cases with PSU3s and recordings are crystal clear.)

I’m leaning towards the 7u. Thanks for your thoughts.


I just got mine about 3 weeks ago, so I haven’t had a chance to record with it. However, just monitoring it through speakers or headphones I do not hear any noise at all. This could depend on what types of modules you have installed though. I have mostly simple analog modules in my case.

One issue I can think of with flipping the case upside down to orient the 1U row at the bottom is the case’s handle. It would definitely be in the way unless you always have the case flat on a tabletop or maybe on a guitar stand. Luckily, it should be super-easy to remove the handle or replace it with a folding one. Also, you might not be able to use the angled feet that come attached with the case. This is all assuming that you just want to try mounting your modules upside-down. If you are thinking of modding the actual rails in the case, I have no idea. The people at Intellijel are super-responsive though, so I’d ask them.


Love my 7U case (84HP two rows) The one caveat is that I wish I sprung the extra 50 some dollars for the 104. Honestly the portability factor at that size can’t be that much different between the two.

If you are thinking about the larger cases I definitely recommend it!


I picked up the 84hp last weekend and I’m really happy.

The 104hp cases are so much more popular that they can be really hard to find. For anyone who can’t find them, try the 84hp and you’ll be surprised.

The constraint has been inspiring, since it’s forced me to think more about what I want the system to do, and what I’m okay with it not doing. It’s just enough space.

I also put blanks over the 1u row as if to say to myself “nope, closed for business. come back next year.”


Little question to everybody who is following this topic and to @Larrea who stared it: would it make sense to rename it to be a more general eurorack case topic?


I can’t speak for everyone but I am really interested in the 1u universe (as it relates to intellijel or others). I think that fits in here? Even more so about 1u modifications. I think I saw something on the other forum about convertible 4hp to 1u panels.


I’m in favor of this.

I need a new case. 3x104HP would be just large enough. I’m considering the Pittsburgh Modular Structure 420 to give myself a little room to grow. Then again, the vertical version of the Audiophile Circuits League case looks incredibly beautiful. Those bus boards!

I considered two Intellijel 7U cases with joiners but I really want a shallow footprint on the desk and I appreciate a fairly upright posture.

Any other case ideas in a similar size range? Especially if they include a superior approach to power?


I think discussion about 1U rows might fit in here as well. If it gets too much we might want to consider creating a separate topic for it, but my feeling is that it’s too intertwined with the general case question, that it does not make sense to split things.
Well, let’s see if more people chime in, and especially what the OP says.


I recently got the Structure 360 (my first case/eurorack adventure) and have to say I love it. its really well constructed, and oodles of power (6A!).

I considered the 420, but decided, I didn’t want to have too much ‘spare capacity’ (= more temptation) and the 360s portability is great, even if its just to take outside for a summer evening.


I’ve seen mentioned in various places that it’s possible to squeeze an extra 1hp into the make noise skiff. Has anyone here actually done it? If so did you have to loosen the side panels at all?

I don’t have any odd numbered modules so can’t properly test.


I had a Make Noise skiff filled with 104hp of modules and there was a small gap (probably around 1hp, but I didn’t measure it). I believe the idea is that the hp of modules isn’t always exact, so that little space gives you a bit of leeway.


When I had a MN skiff, I think I got 2 extra hp out of it! The side panels were definitely loosened, but not in an egregious way.