Eurorack cases/racks. Ask questions, share experiences


Yeah it’s often possible to squeeze in an HP or two in cases with sliding nuts, especially ones that are not designed to for rackmounting.


A few years back, when I first caught the eurorack virus, I got a wonderful (and I mean wonderful) case from a company called Dark Modular Cases: a 3U 126HP “long boy” in black tolex with side-mounted power, matte black metal edge guards, and a flexible handle. He no longer makes cases commercially but his design aesthetic was so powerful that I think it’s worthy of study. Imagine cases with the durability of old Fender amp cases: yeah.


Monorocket is ceasing operations. I’m a big fan and would encourage anyone to check out their cases while you can put in a final order in the next few days.


I have an Elite 6U (208hp) case and I love it. Not too heavy & super easy to fly with etc. I’ll probably be getting the expansion lid for an add’l 6U. It can be easy to max out the make noise power but if you’re careful with module placement it’s more than fine…


Looking at this case to build out a new, small setup. Have not seen one, so I’m interested in feedback from anyone who may have one.


Edit: someone moved my topic regarding Intellijel’s 4U case into this thread. Adding this for context.


Hi @carvingcode! All of my Eurorack is now in a 4u 104hp case. I love it. Being able to add the utilities in the 1u row saved a lot of room in the main rack, and I’ve had no problems with power. Highly recommended!


Thanks. Do you use Intellijel 1U modules? Do you know if any other brands work with the case?


Here’s my case/ modules. As far as I understand, you can only use Intellijel 1u modules and no others because of the specific size. I have 2 quadratts, a noise tools, and a line in and out. I also bought a usb connector which I use for powering a small usb light for dark shows. All of the 1u is super handy!


Nice setup. What do you use as a sequencer? I’ve used Verbos’ equivalent to MI Stages - was really useful.


I’ve been using Ansible and/or Teletype and they both get me anywhere I want to go. Stages is great so far and really works well with the Quadratt attenuation.


Oh, there’s the Ansible. Missed it at first look.


I am repeatedly tempted by the Intellijel 104 4u as a “sort of isms”…


Yes. I feel like it’s the closest I can get without having the real thing haha.


Love my 4U cases, they are incredibly strong and the 1U modules are excellent.


Here’s mine in the likewise excellent and very reasonably priced Intellijel 4U gig bag last night on the way back from playing a set in Mexico:


I hope you went back for your gear, John. :slight_smile:


Cool. Just ordered my 4U Intellijel case today. Detroit Modular 10% off for holiday.


My gear was actually closer to the USA than I was, so I caught up with it. :smiley:

I have 3X Quadratt, headphone amp, and line tiles in installed in my single row current rig. All are great. I also own the noise tools tile (pretty good for my uses, but I wish the clock had more range), reverb tank tile (good and fun Beltronics tank design), stereo I/O (excellent!), and USB power (very handy for dark gigs, as noted above) tiles. For my uses the Quadratt is the star of the show.


Ordered 2 Quadratts and the stereo I/O for this one.


I was able to daisy chain the line inputs to get enough gain to serve as a remarkably clean preamp for a SM57 dynamic mic. Good modules!