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i wish i could remember who it was, but i saw someone post in the pictures thread a long time ago a photo of a CV bus in their intellijel 4U case. pretty sure they said they had to take out the bottom rail of the 1U row.

so my guess would be that the pulplogic size is closer to what you’d want

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Thought this was the best spot for this query as this thread has led me to this question…
I was looking at the Intellijel 4u cases in the absence of isms but can get the Erica Synths 2*104hp case for cheaper (once I’ve considered duplicating utilities i already have in 1u) and its quite shallow and is only just bigger than I want. Does anyone have experience with this case? It has heaps of power and seems to tick most boxes for me. Kind of surprised there’s not much mention of it.

A good friend of mine is getting his delivered in a week, if no one here has any experience with it I’ll report back with his impressions. The backpack certainly looks handy though

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Do you mean the Erica “Travel Case”? The PSU on the Intellijel is likely a lot better in terms of delivering clean power I’d say. Keep in mind that most Erica cases (not sure all of them though) use what appears to be a re-branded switching Meanwell regulator to regulate the voltage from the external brick down to +/-12V (and 5V in some cases). So you basically get a switching PSU which feeds into another switcher. It does work, likely ok for most use cases, but still something to keep in mind. The Intellijel at least has a linear regulation stage after the brick.
The main question though is: do you need 104HP or 208HP?

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Thats the big question! Actually it is more about power and form factor. I have a 208hp Pittsburgh case that doesn’t have much power. I’m thinking of focussing on a Mannequins/Monome system which doesn’t need to be big (but could be I guess) but needs good power so the intellijel 4u 104hp looks good for this but the Erica Travel Case has a lower profile, more room and more power and because I don’t need to get the 1u modules would mean less out of pocket (lots to sell though). Really, I’d love an isms case…
What could be a negative result of what you describe above re the PSU? This is from their site for the travel case in question.
“universal 30W external Meanwell PSU and built in voltage converters” “that provides 2,5A@+12V, 1,5A@-12V, as well as 0,5A@+5V, and eurorack distribution boards with 60 module connectors.”
The main reason for a change is power so this is a critical point obviously.

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I have the 84 hp case and it is a dream. Super nice (great depth) and 1U is awesome. It seems like the second best case on the market next to the isms.

I’m considering 2 x 4U Intellijel 104hp cases rather than a single 7U.

There is very little difference in price. In the studio, I could have them attached and benefit from an extra 1U row in the ‘middle’.

Are there any disadvantages to this approach over 7U?

I was looking at doing something like this but went with the 7u. I don’t think the 4u has a way to be connected together as of yet?

I’m in the UK. A few places have 4U joiners in stock.

Oh neat! thanks I’ve learnt something today.

If you think you can fill 2x 1U row with enough useful stuff then I think having 2 4U cases is probably more interesting as it gives you the flexibility to have two independent systems (if that’s something that is an advantage for you). Keep in mind that there aren’t a lot of 1U tiles that are actually compatible with the Intellijel standard, at least afaik.

I grabbed a black 4U, I think it’s ok. Power connection is a bit loose I think and the case isn’t as quiet as I hopped (but that is kind of normal for a switching power supply)

What do you mean by “not quiet”? I’m pretty interested to know since sooner or later I’d like to get one as well.

It add noise to the system, it is cool because it is portable but honestly i know that someday or later I will sell it and buy a linear power supply case (as my other one).

If you want I can record the noise (with only 1 module in the case) and send it to you.

It’s weird, I would have expected it to be quite quiet. I mean it should be better than the TipTop Studiobus I have right now (which is also a hybrid one) due to the thicker ground bus layer and star distribution etc.
I just did a test with my case (see here in the PSU thread) and I get a noise floor of about -80Db with a target peak level for sound of -12Db, which does seem pretty ok to me. But I would expect the Intellijel PSU to perform better than that. Maybe you have some sloppily designed modules in your system, did you check them one-by-one? I know it’s an annoying thing to do, but afaik it’s the only way. More often than not noise in the system is due to badly designed modules (and there’s a lot out there, believe me, even from brands you would not suspect).

The only one in the case is an Eloquencer, I also tried with my Teletype and it was a little bit quieter. But don’t worry, it is just that I have been using linear supply cases for years. Though I can’t imagine myself doing multitrack recording with that case :confused:

It would be difficult to fill 2 x 1U rows from the current Intellijel modules, but they have said that there are more to come.

The power supply adding noise is a deal-breaker though. I’ll reconsider the options.

I think the only thing you’d lose out on is the line audio and midi jacks that the 7U has on the back. You can still get them in 1U tiles or other modules though.

I have the 7U and haven’t noticed any bad noise in multi tracking. The only time I’ve noticed any noise is when I power my Grid through Ansible… but when using external Grid power it seems pretty quiet to me. I’m not doing scientific tests, this is just from experience playing it and recording it.

It’s my favourite case that I’ve had.