Eurorack cases/racks/stands. Ask questions, share experiences

If you really want to use PulpLogic tiles, there are a few of the PulpLogic tiles that fit this way . Some others have PCBs that are too tall but have no circuitry on the edges, so those can be cut down too. But I think after this next round of modules we’ll have most of the stuff someone would want in a utility covered.

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The PulplLogic tiles’ plates are made out of plastic. So it would be quite simple to cut them.
In the PulpLogic case, the Intellijel tiles would fit. I screw the top row, and then use the head of screws only on the bottom row to grip the tile. it’s a bit ugly, but solid at least.
PL tiles tend to be much more smaller in hps than Intellijels.


Well there you go. Ignore what I said about metal work.

Personally, I’m happy with the Intellijel system, especially in light of forthcoming new modules.

Related to nothing: I got my Quadra+Expander to do some bonkers stuff last night. I was LOVING it. That pair is essential IMO. Also, Dixie and uFold in to a MN LxD was GORGEOUS.

I think I’m joining the vactrol cult.

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The problem with PL format tiles is the potential size of the PCB.

I’ve been building/desigining some tiles that use a PCB that’s parallel to the frontpanel, not perpendicular, and a single layer; it is too physically big to fit between two rails at Intellijel spacing, and no, you can’t grind anything out or the rails stop functioning as rails.

I thought about trying to make the PCBs fit between Intellijel 1U rails, but I physically couldn’t fit everything onto the board then, and my boards are already pretty tiny.

Both my DIY cases sport a 1U row - I find it useful to house my basic utilities and especially power. I don’t think there are enough 1U power options available and 1U DIY options in general but I suppose its not terribly difficult to implement from a DIY approach. My next case will most likely be an Intellijel 4U 104hp skiff. I greatly prefer to DIY things so that more of my capital is invested in the instruments but the price seems right on these. I can’t afford an ISMS at the moment so this will have to do.

If you can get your hands on Oliver ever, the Elite Modular 7U 104HP Make Noise CV-Bus case is very, very much worth the money. Can carry it onto a plane patched, sits nicely on a guitar stand…and I find that taking more than 7U to the gig is almost too much.

Who’s Oliver?

I thought the MN CV-Bus cases were not available outside of one of their Shared Systems. That’s what they told me in an email as well; I enquired.

That case (it just makes so much sense) was one of the real selling points for me on buying a complete Shared System. As it happens, due to circumstances and some advantageous deals, I’ve pieced together something roughly equivalent to a System Cartesian and Shared System hybrid (with a couple more MN modules to come), but I’d still love to put it all in one of those cases.

I have heard of one or two people who owned a whole bunch of MN modules convincing them to sell the case alone. I might try that one day.


Any word on these?


We have a few available that came by mail, the rest are still being shipped. If you’re interested in ordering one you can contact us via the website.

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Weird. Oliver is the name of the guy I interacted with over email from Elite.

Here’s my story:
Saw on muffs that people had had success emailing make noise asking for the “CV Bus” case - 7U elite with no modules in it other than the CV bus. Emailed make noise asking politely. They said yes, give us 10 weeks and we can do that for you. 10 becomes 12 but okay, it came, and I haven’t looked back.

Wanted to add a 7U lid with the same configuration so I could travel patched with 12/14U. Emailed elite modular’s email, which is when Oliver emailed me back saying it was doable. Waited and pestered for a while, and eventually Oliver just dropped off. It’s all good though - I’m much more content with less!

Thanks Myles.

Yeah, I figure if when the time comes, and I push/say pretty please enough, they’ll sell me one.

It never occurred to me that the CV Bus case doesn’t have a lid. Huh.

No problem for me though.

Ah - should clarify. It does have a lid, just not a lid that you can rack modules in! I was after Oliver making an additional 7U lid, for 14 total.

@kisielk if I may, I was re-reading the specs on your 4U cases after finally ordering the joiners yesterday, and want to revisit this:

Pairs of slots run along the three sides of the case. Each slot is sized to allow for M3 nuts or M3 Hex Head bolts to slide in the space. Perfect for attaching all sorts of interesting accessories and linking together multiple cases (both coming soon!)

Can you elaborate on how this would work? I’m trying to visualize how you would install a bolt and nut in the channels, and position and tighten them sufficiently.

While I’m going to use the joiners for now, I suspect that in the long term, I may want to assemble these as a vertical unit.

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If you remove the side cheek of the case, you can slide a nut or threaded strip into the channel just like you would into any other eurorack mounting rail.

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I’m looking to upgrade to one of these and fill it out with some mutable modules. seems solid, I love the idea of joining two together.


Yes, I get that, but how would you bolt two cases together, one on top of the other? I don’t see how it can be done securely, i.e., tightening the bolt/nut in two adjoining slots, one on the top of the bottom case, the other on the bottom of the top case.

We managed to do it with some Openbeam pieces on the back channels of the case:

We don’t have an official solution for stacking two cases vertically yet, there hasn’t really been a ton of demand for it. We were kind of hoping that with the channels there on the case people would start devising their own solutions but nobody has really done it yet :slight_smile:

I known @jnoble made some kind of custom end cheeks for his 4U cases, and someone here in Vancouver custom-machined a few simple end pieces that bolt onto the outside of the existing cheeks for vertical stacking.

Interesting stuff.

The end piece solution for vertical stacking sounds easier in a way, if you have machining available; I don’t. I can cut, weld, finish, and do other metalwork, but CAD/machining I can’t easily do.

My local metal supply houses are more on the industrial scale; thank you for the Openbeam suggestion. That’s already led me in fruitful directions. Maker stuff. Makes sense. Didn’t really think about it.

I tend to use a lot of salvaged/recycled wood and metal materials, so off the shelf extrusions aren’t something I typically look at; will do.

This is giving me other ideas.

The Intellijel cases are pretty adaptable. This is mine:


That is simply outstanding!

Great work.

Aren’t the Quadratts a thing of beauty? I too have an almost empty 1U row, save for a Quadratt. Essential.

I’m saving space for those forthcoming new 1U modules.

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