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Gator has a lot of options. Might be worth checking out:

thanks for that! doesn’t look like there’s anything other than road cases for those dimensions.

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EDIT: okay… please disregard, turns out i had a faulty cable running from the psu to the bus board :roll_eyes:

solved issue

alright, so finally got around to rack the case i built, but now i’m having power issues…

i use a BoardPWR from konstant lab that has two 16 pin headers, to which i’ve connected two passive bus boards from rakit. i can power a module directly from one of the headers on the boardpwr, but i get nothing from the bus board. i’ve simply connected the busboard to the boardpwr with a ribbon cable, which the manual from konstant lab says i should be able to do:

any clues to why this is not working? are the busboards faulty somehow or i’m i using them the wrong way? i’ve never built a case myself before, and only relied on readymade cases with built in power, so never had to think about this before.

Outside of building my own (which I should just do) anyone have a 9u 84hp case they love? I’m not opposed to the doepfer cases, but think I would be pushing the power limits on those.

I don’t have experience with it but the nono lander could be an option. They’re based in Italy and I had some good communication with them when I was weighing options.


ALM have just released a 9U 84hp which looks neat:


Oh nice! Could be a good option.

What are the options for small (powered) 6U cases in Europe? ALM and…? I’m thinking of downsizing once again.

(Oops, sorry. I didn’t know there was a thread just for this.)

I love all three ALM cases I have (2x 6U 52HP and 1x 3U 52HP) except for one thing: The base plate is super thin. In a small case, it will not cause problems but in larger cases, it would be super easy to bend it out of shape.

I´m interested in other small cases as well. 6U 64HP or so would be great.

I recently found a used Clank case, 6u 70hp. A little bit flashy with a teal suitcase, but I’m pretty happy with that one.

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