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Can anybody send me a picture or specs for a black hole modular 60hp power brick? I packed all my cables away and can’t find the right brick…

The product page says it uses the Konstant Lab Board PWR, which says it wants a 16-20V input. This is the brick that Konstant Lab recommends

I’ve ran into the same issue of looking for the right power brick many times, and so started using masking tape and sharpie to label them all. It’s made managing them way easier

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Ever since I picked up my 4ms Pod 64X I thought the header space at the top would be perfect for squeezing in a 2hp module, especially for one that I always have in the case like the ALM HPO.

After disassembling the case and some time in Solidworks I managed to find a spot to squeeze it in right next to the power supply board.

It makes for convenient patching from FX Aid (mounted upside down) with some really short patch cables.


That’s quite tidy. What case is this?

It is! The case is a Peli 1535 Air.

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seeking recommendations for a stand to support a 12u vertical case that im having built for 3 serge panels. i feel like there should be an amp stand out there that would work but i haven’t found one that seems to offer the right height to comfortably support 12u.

anyone out there have a 12u vertical set up that they like?

I have a K&M Heli 2 stand (which is mentioned a few times above) supporting my MDLR 12U without issue.

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I have seen upside-down replacement panels for the FX Aid.

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interesting. i use this for my 9u euro and it feels just tall enough for that to me. think i need something taller for peace of mind for 12u. thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile:

Hey y’all

Can anyone recommend a good pod style case, around 3U 62/64hp, with or without power (ideally without) ?

I was looking at the 4ms pod64x but it seems like the unpowered case is not available anywhere in Europe.

I want to make a more focused system with just crow/teletype/justfriends/disting ex so would like to take these out of my main case

Any recommendations would be great!

It’s powered but have you considered the Intellijel Designs Palette 62 4U?

(Just for curiosity and excuse my ignorance but what are the benefits of having Crow and Just Friends in the same case?)

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Yeah definitely considering the Intellijel pallet, it’s just slightly expensive for me right now, but definitely something to consider.

Crow +JF so I can run my Norns with Just Friends Voices and use the Crow M4L devices with JF also : )

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I have a Palette (although I think I’m nearly ready to graduate to something a bit bigger!) - It’s been great and I like it a lot, but check the depth of your modules before you commit to one - It’s not deep and if, like me, you put a flying bus cable in (so you can run more than 8 modules) it gets filled up pretty quickly.

If you’re only planning on 4 modules you should be fine but remember to include for getting sound out - the 1U rack is really useful for headphones out, line out, etc. Will you be using any FX? VCAs, VCOs, etc?

Edit: Sorry, I completely misread your post, I understand you’ll also be using a Norns with this setup, so the Palette will only have Crow and JustFriends (and, I imagine) some way of getting audio out). Still, check the depth!

Thanks Helen, yeah audio will be going straight out from modules in to my ADAT interface so don’t really need to worry about mixers or headphones out. I know the disting ex is quite a deep module so I should check out that the intellijel pallet can take one of those!

Just wanted to confirm for you and anyone else wondering - the Disting Ex is too deep for an Intellijel Palette case.


Given the small number of modules, would it be possible to 3D print a tiny pod?

There are so many options for small unpowered cases on Etsy. Most under $200usd and many shipping from europe. I cannot speak to the quality, but there is a wide range from Iko Case to Case from Lake (both from Italy) to Urakka (laser cut from NL)…

Edit to add: the first 2 will do custom sizes


There also is the foldcase which is relatively easy on the budget, although it’s 84hp. IIRC it ships from Switzerland.

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Many thanks both, will check them out

It’s not helped by the fact that Stolperbeats does not have a mounting hole on the side you photographed. Mine also sticks out from my case by a few mm. Awful design choice on Making Sound Machine part.

Glad you got your case problem sorted.