Eurorack Cases - Synthrotek vs. Doepfer

Hi all - wondering if anyone had a preference between the Synthrotek vs Doepfer cases / power supplies. I am trying to choose between the two - both 9U cases.

No experience with cases but the Pittsburgh Structure 360 (9U) has very good power and is an extremely sturdy case. FWIW

Thanks - I have a couple of Cell 90s right now. They are good. It’s just that the Doepfer’s are very affordable . A 9U (252hp) runs about $430 all in. They Synthroteks are a good $200 more. I was trying to get a sense of what the differences were.

Related: does any manufacturer make a case that has foam or padding between the rack and the exterior shell? I haven’t been able to find one, and as a frequent flier it’d be very, very nice if a rack could withstand more than a bump on the ground. I’m okay going with a custom unit, but if someone is already making one, I’d go there instead.