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… and then into Malgorithm! :japanese_ogre:

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Yep, that’s on my future list. That or the Waldorf module: I feel like if you want wavetable, Waldorf, but the E352 is definitely cooler.

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I am with you all. I’d rather avoid hipster judgy elitism than avoid common gear. And it’s true, VCV has got me hard on Rings and Clouds. I’ve even doubled down on my anti-elitist stance by making cheesy '90s Eurodance in VCV with Rings and Clouds. :rofl:

@forrest oooh, Kotelnikov looks cool… I’ll have to see if I can 1:1 it with the E352 at some point. Thanks!

I think you should get a 104hp skiff and fill it with nothing but Cold Mac.

I don’t really think you should do this, but I wish someone would.


Would it actually make any sound?

The Cold Mac Ideas thread has a number of self-patched sound-producing patches for Cold Mac. With 13 of them, I’ll bet you could come up with more.

Here is one:

Somebody who is not me, please do this.

Yep! You can make sound with just one Cold Mac. This patch was inspired by @Galapagoose’s post above.

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Is there any interesting somewhat-alternative to Just Friends? I’m reworking my setup to 4U 104hp and Just Friends has been a staple in my plans, but it being kinda big and expensive I’m considering my options. I want plenty of modulation which would work together, not necessarily clocked modulation per se but phasing and working together. And it would also need to work as an oscillator, not necessarily track 1v/oct but that is a plus. It was actually some audio demo that got me interested in Just Friends, and I think it would sound fantastic through my newly acquired R*S resonant EQ. XAOC Batumi is one module I’ve been eyeing, but I believe it doesn’t go very high into audio range? I’m getting an uo_c too, and it seems like it could take a lot of the interconnected modulation madness role too. So, not necessarily asking for direct replacement for Just Friends, but interesting ideas and options of how to fill aformentioned duties in the rack with something else.

Tides V2, Spherical Wavetable Navigator both have a lot of overlap.

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Tides V2 is great, but I like it so much as an oscillator I basically never use it for modulation. It’s my primary source for bass lines.


Please say more about Batumi pairing with Cold Mac… I have both and would be grateful for any tips!!!

i wanna hear all this too!

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okay why not make a new thread pls


As @nutritionalzero mentioned, Batumi only goes up to 500Hz, but it can do some very nice things as an oscillator within that range. Using it in divide mode essentially gives you an oscillator with 3 voltage controllable sub-harmonic generators which is a lot of fun, and I really love pairing it with Happy Nerding’s FM Aid.

i have 2 so im on my way, group buy or lend me the other 11 to fasttrack the process i will record an album. it is my bday today if thats any encouragement :stuck_out_tongue:


Happy birthday!

Makes me wonder how many other Virgos are here…

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i swear a new virgo or violinist pops up every time i log on :stuck_out_tongue:


I would enjoy being privy to this discourse if possible.

Hi guys,

Anyone has experience on playing MIDI from your DAW with your eurorack multiple voices? What type of device you use to send MIDI to different voices? How do you route different MIDI clips to different voices?

I have a Mother 32 with DIN MIDI in, so that is one channel…

I also have a Korg SQ-1 which serves as a MIDI to cv converter as well as a sequencer, so that’s two more…

And I have a MOTU Ultralite which gives me an additional 10 dc-coupled cv outputs…

My Arturia Microbrute can also output cv from MIDI input, but the calibration is way off so I don’t use it for that…

I’m thinking about picking up an additional SQ-1 because I also have an original Korg MS-20, which doesn’t use volt/octave, but the SQ-1 will convert to the correct format for it…

Also considering a cv-ocd…

I mostly just use the SQ-1 and my old and new Rene’s… :sunglasses: