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Hey why did this get moved? Also yes you can see the rack labeled have, that is everything that I have. Actually love the SWN. Just started to click with it lately. My main concern is the size, am considering selling it if only for more room eventually.

I see, didn’t notice… Add a filter and a sequencer then, seems like a good start.


the morphagene + qpas + mimeophon combo in the upcoming microsound machine seems like a great combo. But with SWN maybe you need more sequencing/control/modulation? this is my bias talking but just friends and teletype are great in a small system for this. definitely a learning curve/investment is necessary but if it sparks any interest for you theres nothing more compact than that ! If you’re sequencing outside of the rack more modulation and yea 3 sisters is great :slight_smile: advice from my limited experience: feel out what you need from what you want to do but cant - then find the most inspiring version of that for your taste. Alternatively if something is really inspiring - go with your gut (harder to stay on budget or within hp this way - but if theres hard limits you’ll hit em when you hit em lol it sure happened to me)


It probably got moved, because your question belonged in this thread. This is where people ask the kinds of questions you are asking on here.

To be real, you haven’t really given us any context for what you’re trying to do beyond, “I have this. This is what looks shiny.” That’s fine, but it would be helpful if you told us what you are trying to do and how you are controlling it, beause I think it is safe to assume the Trigger isn’t your only control. The same thing kinda goes for you @cachalot. You’ve told us what you’ve got but not what your goals are.

What are you trying to do? Write songs? Jam live? Sound design? What is it about modular that is appealing to you and why does modular speak to what you want to do? You can waste a lot of money not knowing what you’re expecting to get out of modular.


I’m not a beginner, I was just trying to add to the 104HP inspiration conversation. I don’t have technical questions was just wanting to talk about 104hp rigs. What would be a more appropriate way to add to the 104 inspiration thread than to talk about the inspiration behind the 104HP skiff I’m building.

I didn’t move it, and I didn’t imply you were a beginner. It looks more like a “What should I do with my case?” question than musings on the 104HP skiff and it’s possibilities, and this is generally where people ask those things.

My questions still stand, and I’d love to speak to it if you can give us more details about what you’re trying to do.


yea i don’t think this thread is for beginners - just a space for general eurorack discussions and to gather other people’s perspectives which seems like what you wanted~

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This is a great question. Would love to talk about the context of my 104HP rig. Pretty much want to make a simple playable fun looping groove box thing. Having lots of fun with what I have so far.

My bad, just wanted to talk 104HP, but maybe my comment was too broad?

It took most of my second year with modular to work that out. At this point Marbles is honestly my main sequencer, backed up by Teletype (usually for more complex clocking) and a Korg SQ-1. And lots of drones, or running fixed voltages through manual switches to change notes.

I still do occasionally use MIDI, and leaned on it heavily early on. For that I have CV.OCD – fairly cheap, 0HP, 4CV and 12 gate/trigger/clock outs, and much more configurable than many interfaces.


I really need some voltage sequencing next in my rig I think, the LFOs in the SWN are surprisingly useful though and cross patching with the CV and Gate out on The Morphagene can yield some interesting results. I guess this is the most appealing thing about modular to me is the Rube Goldberg machine aspect

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what manual switches are you using? I’ve been having a lot of fun flipping the switches on my mannequins modules as part of the ‘performance’ element of a patch and some kind of… switch bank [?] seems like it would compliment my 16n nicely.

That is tricky in 104hp. Here’s a brain dump:

Pico Drums would be your friend. You’re clearly considering Varigate, which might work for you. It’s worth a try, as it’s a lot of functionality in a small space, but it’s also dense, so you have to really grok it’s workflow to make it dynamic. There are a lot of options for sequencing obviously. You should get a uO_C, simply because Hemisphere Suite can do so much. If you like the “Rube Goldberg” quality of modular, it will give you a bunch of new toys in an easy to use, compact package. SWN is a huge module for that size of a case, but if you love it than stick with it. It’s better to nail things down than to keep swapping things out until you’re sure. Morphagene and Radio Music is some of the most fun I’ve had with modular, and I think Morphagene makes for a pretty fun module to “play” around with loops with when clocked. As mentioned, a filter would be good. I’d recommend Sisters myself. QPAS is fine, but it’s huge and power hungry. Sisters can mix your voices for you too, if you want it to. Basimilus Iteritas Alter is also massively fun to play with in a groove box style case. Plaits is a ton of bang for the buck, so it seems right that you’re keeping it on board. Seems like Pam’s would also be happy in your case, even if it’s not the most exciting recommendation. Clocks, LFO’s, random. All easily controlled and scaled - though it’s mostly a set it and forget it module, as it doesn’t offer much in the way of control. Tuesday and Marbles are both a lot of fun (with different angles) if you want random sequencing. I’d recommend Tuesday for a groovebox.


I’ve got a Ladik P-075 Dual Switch – I liked the price and the combination toggle/momentary buttons which invert the toggles.

I kind of want a Divkid Mutes, but suspect for switching pitch CV directly, vactrols might not be the best idea.

I think if the ADDAC manual gates / manual latches module was combined so it was half and half, that would be my preferred switch.

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I have the SM010 and use it for audio. Works great. Also works for CV, but it’s not buffered so put your quantizer after it.

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Wow, thanks for all the responses; thanks for moving the question from another thread too !

Reading these has been enlightening.
I hope I’ll be able to format correctly because im on my smartphone.

@tejomay, you highlighted my main problem, it is indeed choice; I feel quite overwhelmed by it. Its as if because everything is possible its hard to stay focused on a single path, while what I got from your answers is that I should, at least to some extent. For me modular isnt the components its all the roles a component can take depending on the context, but it is so easy to get lost.

On that point, thanks @grey for putting the emphasis on that. The truth is that Im not so sure what I want my rack to do anymore. My first intention was to create textural backgrounds mainly sample based, or live processing of acoustical/synth sources. my morphagene is perfect for that, but then I got a Plaits, and I guess it opened possibilities to different ways of manipulating synthesizer sounds and thats whats losing me right now. Should I just focus ? Its hard to be conjointly focused yet open minded on possibilites. And I dont really want to get caught in a consumerist train and buy many many modules just to explore while spending so much time and money just thinking about it, these last few days I took refuge on my piano because I couldnt not think about it once on an electronic instrument… And you know sometimes this just feels like a luxury!

So I guess Im going to get back at it like this:
I want to build a 104hp focused on sample and live sound processing to provide mainly textural backdrops for my compositions. Id also like to have some kind of way to interface with it, thats easily manipulable and more than a knob; maybe a grid, or pressure points ? If in need, I can use an Analog four to sequence it.
And finally if theres a way in there to fit some synthesis, maybe as part of a module that fulfills an other role, like the three sisters i have, id be glad to. Im going to investigate this direction but any further help I will much appreciate.

Again thanks for all your responses !

would love to hear about how you use it with audio. I tried giving it a go last night but couldnt get it to work well. Part of that is likely my issue due to constantly confusing myself with the signal routing. I was trying to use the SM010 to allow me to use my 2 aux sends from the WMD performance mixer but route the sends to many (4-5) different effects. I ended up getting confused by it all and shelved it for the time being. I did get alot of distortion when i got to route more than 3 audio signals back and forth though, fwiw.

What is it that you want but can not do with your current system? In terms of both result and process? Answering that will help us and more importantly help yourself to get a sense of direction :slight_smile: I have a little 104hp rack that on it’s own for me is a mix of sample mangling plus some synthesis. Happy to discuss this if it helps.


For interfacing I am having a lot of fun with Pressure Points through a slew module (Maths in my case, but something simpler will do the job). Three rows of cv that changes with each active pad, and touch pads that are sensitive to touch area - allows room for expression.

Incidentally two modules I’ve never thought about selling…

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I will second this, but it is worth noting that Switchblade isn’t bi-directional, so it only works for 2 inputs to 1 output scenarios.