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I would enjoy being privy to this discourse if possible.

Hi guys,

Anyone has experience on playing MIDI from your DAW with your eurorack multiple voices? What type of device you use to send MIDI to different voices? How do you route different MIDI clips to different voices?

I have a Mother 32 with DIN MIDI in, so that is one channel…

I also have a Korg SQ-1 which serves as a MIDI to cv converter as well as a sequencer, so that’s two more…

And I have a MOTU Ultralite which gives me an additional 10 dc-coupled cv outputs…

My Arturia Microbrute can also output cv from MIDI input, but the calibration is way off so I don’t use it for that…

I’m thinking about picking up an additional SQ-1 because I also have an original Korg MS-20, which doesn’t use volt/octave, but the SQ-1 will convert to the correct format for it…

Also considering a cv-ocd…

I mostly just use the SQ-1 and my old and new Rene’s… :sunglasses:

I’ve often thought the same but with a similar number of Distings… has anyone ever done that?

Thanks all for answers. Tides v2 is interesting, and I should also find more about Batumi. With it I’d have 4hp free which could fit an actual oscillator or something.

I’m late to the game here but Tides v2 is available in VCV Rack for free now if you want to give it a spin virtually.


I think right now Just friends is the only module i think is indespensable for me. It’s totally worth its price.
And Batumi needs attenuation and sometimes rectification, so advised to plan around that.


What do you like for attenuating Batumi?

I use Klavis Mixwitch, ALM O/A/x2 and MN Maths, mostly. XAOC offers Samari II. TipTop has an elegant new MISO module. Frap Tools 321 is elegant. Joranalogue Select 2 is brilliant. Quite a few options out there that do the same thing, but with subtle differences in operation and features. You can’t exactly go wrong with any of them—attenuation & offset is fundamental and hard to live without.

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I use 1u intellijel Quadratt for most of my attenuation right now. Also helps it has 4 channels as Batumi.

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I tested out Tides on VCV rack, actually downloaded it for the first time for this. I’m torn between it and Just Friends. The built-in attenuation is very compelling, but on the other hand Just Friends has more outs plus mix out. I have Cold Mac and used to have Mangrove, I really dig the Mannequins style, panels and knob feel, but have no bad things to say about Mutable stuff either. Oh why, why did I start to have second thoughts about my plan.

I’m using an Expert Sleepers FH-2. Compact, very customizable and highly expandable. On top of connecting a DAW to it I often send Digitakt/Digitone MIDI channels to it or hook up all kinds of USB devices like mice, controllers, game pads etc.

I was eyeing Tides for a while, mostly for modulation purposes, but this video from @fourhexagons made me finally pull the trigger. I bought it for the modulation, but have yet to use it for that purpose, I’ve only been playing with it as a voice so far.


Come for the modulation, stay for the sound.


Mutable Blinds works well with Batumi, too.

I didn’t click with tides v1. Tides v2 seems nice a sound source, but it lacks individual trigger inputs as a modulation source compared to Just Friends. So maybe change whatever VCO you had in mind to Tides and get both? :smile:

I would like to send MIDI clips from Ableton to my voices in order to be able to trigger tracks and create songs more easily within a structure. It seems that Expert Sleepers FH-2 could do the trick. I’ll research that and see if it is what could help

I’m no Ableton user, but if it allows choosing midi track per clip then FH-2 will for sure work. The initial setup is a bit pain in the ass but after that it works great.

I’ve been seeing some good comments on it… Please let us know what you learn!

If you have an interface with DC coupled outputs, you can also use Ableton’s new CV Tools pack!

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