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Hello all, I am looking for an analogue oscillator to accompany my mangrove.

Although I love my Just Friends and Mangrove, it has a bit of a digital vibe for me. What do you think would pair well with it?

currently sitting with 3 Mangroves… in a smallish system. Wouldn’t swap any of em!

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I got a Make Noise STO specifically to pair with Mangrove and have been happy with that decision. Great as an FM buddy and also they can blend well together.


There’s no shortage of nice analog VCOs in Euro: z3000, the various Instruo and Make Noise and Doepfers, Pittsburgh, Analogue Solutions, etc. Depends mainly on your budget and personal taste.

My first three oscs were Mangrove, Dixie II+ and STO. And I still think they provide a wonderfully rich palette between them. Better yet if you add some utilities (Cold Mac, Wavefolder etc). A downside to this approach however is if you want a uniform polyphonic patch. I guess the tradeoff is versatility vs uniformity.

Thanks! Here is what I am thinking. Any suggestions for the full kit? I think I have my bases covered, spent a ton of time thinking about functions but would love some better eyes with folks who know monome and mannequins gear.

I have a trigger driven system, in which I occasionally produce gates when I feel like playing manually. Is there a module that can do a quad AHD envelope that I haven’t seen? I’m considering getting a Quadra for just a quad AD and doing without the hold, as I’m not sure if what I’m looking for is out there.

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I think the quadrax might do this? It’s not out yet though.

[edit] According to a user’s post on the Intellijel forums it shouldn’t be long before it’s available

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There’s the Sputnik Quad Function & Trigger Source but I don’t think they’re in production anymore

Heyy, I’ve been looking at buying/building ornaments + crime, and I see there’s a new version with 10vpp, 0-10v instead of… what is it? -3v to 6v? So my question is this;

  1. Is it possible to build an O_c with 10vpp? By which I mean, has anyone done it and written instructions?

  2. How much of a big deal is it?

Thanks! :blush:

Caveat: my only exposure to explicit Hold envelopes is on my MS-20.

Have you considered Xaoc Zadar? It’s quad envelopes with arbitrary, completely user-definable slope parameters, with the ability to flexibly chain each of the four EG outputs - you could use this to your advantage, but i’ve never tried it.

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I’ve used Zadar, and I love Zadar, but tuning the envelopes isn’t ideal for live performance if you want to make big changes quickly. It is possible, but it’s hard.


aside from being ASR instead of AHD, is there anything else you feel the Quadra is missing? if you can live with ASR, it checks all the boxes nicely, it seems.

i don’t have one, but theoretically something like stages seems cool for lots of options (from AD up to six stage envelope) and those faders look very playable.

@eyeiaye I got a dixie ii+ as my 2nd oscillator after my mangrove and realized i don’t like having different waveform outs and much prefer the control over it that mangrove gives you (probably just cuz I’m used to it but that’s good enough reason for me). Still use it as an LFO and clock, and got a 2nd mangrove to cover FM and 2nd voice duties :slight_smile: The STO seems good as something more simple and better designed than dixie ii+ but the ease of having an LFO option with it definitely give dixie more flexibility which can be nice—doesn’t look like you have any shortage of LFOS really so looks like you’re pretty well set up there. Overall this looks like a very fun system, dunno if I’d choose the contour and dynamix myself but they seem like toally valid choices. With microcell just wanna call out monsoon which seems a lot more playable, but I know there’s some difference between the way they work so maybe you’ve already done this comparison for yourself in which case please ignore !

i have a mangrove that i’m considering letting go and wondering if i can be swayed to keep it…how are you all using yours? any techniques you’re using or particular friends that pair well with it?

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I’m loving my two mangroves harmonizing together!

Also they do some crazy stuff that I fantasize as being “Serge-esque” although I’ve never been anywhere near a real Serge…


i like sending random or chaotic or audio-rate voltages to barrel, formant and air. I like constant formant mode cuz it’s weirder and feels organic & free-range :stuck_out_tongue: Sending a pitch sequence to v/8 and an unrelated LFO (or I like sending a sloth output) to formant while in CF mode with barrel counter-clockwise, you get your sequence with some parts transposed. It’s also fun to use as a modulator in an FM relationship. I got a lot out of revisiting the tutorial as well as this video which helped me apply it as a modulator :slight_smile: a big part of it is that I just love the sound to start with, so of course YMMV


thanks i completely forgot about these…puts things a bit more into perspective

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Try out the Instruo TsL (the Tanh waveshaper is a great friend)… I prefer it to my STO in travel cases. And you might prefer the Optomix to the Dynamix… you will use the low pass and the gates more than you can imagine!