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hmmm, not sure what would be considered “normal” with eurorack! but I can say that Plonk’s decay can be extended to infinite, I think Rings taps out at 10 seconds or so. . . Akemie’s Taiko can go several minutes, kermit could be patched to give you 30 seconds I bet (or don’t patch an envelope into amplitude and it can be infinite!). Best thing to do is to check out some videos and manuals to be sure. Another set of “self-contained” voices are the 2hp Pluck and Bell. And finally, another approach would be to ping a resonating filter.

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I’ve had the ADDAC Quintet mixer for the longest time, but finally decided to try something new. I knew what I wanted that the ADDAC didn’t provide, which was proper mute/solo (the solo in the Quintet just routes that channel to a different out; it isn’t a proper solo, at least not as I understand solo from, say, DJ mixers).

So, with the ADDAC’s 12HP as my constraint, I looked around for possible replacements. There were some options, and in the end I decided to try to combine two modules to accomplish my goal. That led me to a combination of the Doepfer A-135-2 and the DivKid Mutes (which add up to 12HP). I finally got the time tonight to hook it all up, and they work well together. The A-135-2 has the benefit of per-channel attenuators, which I’m already in love with. One thing this combo doesn’t have that the ADDAC had (well, besides the obvious fact that this has four channels and the quintet had – surprise – five) is an option between linear and logarithmic.

The cool thing about the DivKid Mutes is that the vactrols smooth out the muting. The main thing I need to sort, and this will take some getting used to, is whether that smooth decay is quick enough to feel like the sort of muting I’m aiming for. So, while this doesn’t have solo, per say, it’s pretty easy to just flip three of the four off – not necessarily as easy as with, say, the Happy Nerding Mutes might be (I’ve never tried it), but close.

A cool thing about the vactrol-based nature of the DivKid Mutes is you can quickly switch from “on” (right) to “temporary on” (left) and then just let go, and it reverts to “mute” (center). Even though the switch passes over mute on the way between “on” and “temporary on,” the signal keeps playing (so long as you do it quickly). Awesome. (Major thanks to @DivKid for having discussed the Mutes module with me when I was pondering directions.)


noob question, do you guys unpatch everything before turning your rack off? I’ve seen some gnarly patch jobs where that wouldn’t make sense to do but something feels off when I switch my rack off while everything is patched up, i’m afraid of damaging something. I plugged all my modulars in incorrectly the very first time I turned it on and I’m super lucky I didn’t ruin anything lol ever since then I’ve been trying to be cautious.

Does this batch come with the new firmware update?

No, everything’s designed to be left patched, and being able to pick up exactly where you left off is frequently a design goal for modules. Lots of people play or iterate on the same patch over weeks or even years, and having enough room in a portable case to “close it while patched” is a desirable feature so you don’t have to rebuild complex patches after traveling to a gig. Others unpatch everything to always start from a clean slate. Lots more discussion here.


I have no idea. I just updated mine yesterday though, and it only took like 2 minutes for the entire process.

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This will differ from person to person and will depend on the makeup of their synth.

I tend to leave mine patched whilst I’m working on a particular idea or song. I make a point of unpatching nearly everything when I’m done with an idea. Done could mean that I’ve recorded the idea, made a song, made some samples, or possibly just that I’ve finished exploring an idea and have finished having fun with it - no commitment to do anything with an idea necessarily.

I find that having an unpatched synth lets me start with a blank slate which tends to lead to fresh ideas… usually I only leave some very basic clock stuff patched in. Leaving your synth patched certainly won’t do it any harm though!


Is anyone using the 6hp Intellijel Outs module? I’m currently using a WMD Pro Output, which is fantastic, but I need something with an output volume control. I know the previous generation Intellijel uJack had mixed reviews, so I’m curious if there have been improvements made with the newer iteration.

I was initially thinking of picking up a Knob Farm Ooots but I think it’s going to be hard to get a hold of in the U.S.

Can’t say anything about the Intellijel Outs but Ooots is quite nice with its subtle saturation and tilt EQ. I run it together with their Ferry.


I have outs on my rack! Right now I am using a pair of beyerdynamic DT 880 Premiums in the headphone jack but later plan to use my old jbl lsr305 active speakers with them. the volume with my headphones get pretty loud though sometimes I just use it as a speaker and dont even wear them lol i’ve had no problems with outs so far.

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so i am looking for another oscillator. Right now I have sto, plaits and chords. I am looking to replace STO since i find it a bit harsh. I want mangrove really bad but waiting on the restock. I was looking at 4ms ensemble oscillator and the demos sounds kind of like chords a bit and i’m not sure if having both would be redundant. ensemble is a fairly new module, came out this april so not much about it has been posted. im looking for oscillator recs i guess, something with an interesting sound and not too harsh. not interested in a module of a different function that has a side feature of self oscillation, would like another dedicated osc.

Since Intellijel is Canadian, wouldn’t the Outs already been an Oots?

I’ll see myself oot.


Verbos harmonic oscillator can be soft or harsh if you want. And sounds warm and fat. But is big and expensive :slight_smile:

Just friends is really nice also. And Stages in easter egg move


what filter are you using? depending on your workflow, this could be your solution to softening the harshness. given how personal oscillators are, it would be misguided to recommend anything specific.

one thing to consider is that your current oscillators are rather niche (perhaps less strictly ‘modular;’ not that that necessarily matters). for my own flow, i find that using too many niche or shiny things can result in limiting timbral possibilities since they’re an easy fallback.


I only have ripples v1 for a vcf right now

speaking of big and expensive my local shop has a Rossum Electro-Music trident in stock, seems pretty similar to the verbos, lots of modulation options etc but the verbos has so many outputs…wish they had one i could demo

Any oscillator that can do FM has the potential to sound harsh. You could try filtering it or running it through a reverb. Also play around with putting the filter and reverb at different parts of the signal chain. A reverb before a VCA could turn a harsh sound into smoothness without sounding like an ambient wash.


Interesting - I’d also like a Mangrove, but for me it’s partly because I find the STO a bit mellow and predictable.


Also, remember that you can use Chords as 4 separate oscillators (though all the same bank/wave). I often run in tuned poly mode and use one out to fm and then send them to various places as voices or modulation. Lots of options in that module.