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Yes! Thank you for the proper wording, haha. I’ll have to look at the places I usually shop at to see if they have something like this, but I’m assuming that I could probably buy something like this at a hardware store? Though I guess I’d want to get something that doesn’t scratch the panels. Hm…I’ll definitely have to look around. Thanks so much for the info!

Edit: I’m in the US, if anybody knows of a store in the US/CA that has something like this, please let me know! :slight_smile:

Edit 2: Perfect Circuit has this exact nut set! Good to know!


Aha! I was thinking about getting a dedicated 8mm driver so I can keep it with my other modular-specific tools.

There’s also this one:


Thanks for the heads-up! :slight_smile:

Here’s the “propre” tool if needed:
Sadly, knurled nuts are fairly variable in quality, so even with the above tool, you’ll probably want to file the tabs to be slightly thinner.
Still, it’s great to have a dedicated tool. I’ve just assembled 15 modules each with 20 nuts, so it got a workout.


Great, both Maths and Pip Slope work. Tried this before using the Pip Slope trig in, but needed to use gate in, which makes sense now.

Thanks so much! Now I can trigger sequences with my foot while drumming :slight_smile:

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Aaand wow, I’ve just discovered/remembered via That one, little module - #21 by caelmore that monome even made a module exactly for this - walk | monome/docs

funny how things circle around sometimes

Add Hexinverter to the list of pandemic/component-shortage-induced closures. They’ve announced they intend to halt operations within the next year.


I don’t want to click the like button. This sucks.


It’s been mentioned a couple of times in this thread, but I’m here to shout about the Klavis Caltrans.

I received mine today, and I already don’t know how I put up with melodic eurorack sequencing without it. In the past, I’ve spent hours and hours trimming and calibrating analog oscillators to be able to play polyphonically or multiple melody parts and it’s always been a disappointment. Within half an hour of installing the Caltrans I’m listening to oscillators, which I’d never been able to use in unison sing together over multiple octaves. Highly highly recommended.

Bonus features of semitone and octave transposition ‘beasts chalkboard’ style are really handy too.


So there is a small first-world problem I would quite like to solve:

Have some of you found a method to record your patches that involves as few steps as possible to minimize distraction? I’m looking for a no-computer solution where everything is always pre-connected, with which you’d just push a button and whatever you’re doing instantly records. Is there such a thing, without necessarily involving an expensive mixer with SD card recording?

I use a Tascam DR-40, onto an SD card, which I minimally edit on the computer afterwards (cropping, EQ, limiting). Lot’s of other similar handheld recorders available too.

I just run a stereo out from a Hexmix, straight into the Tascam. Works great for me, but is obviously only stereo. But is really low hassle, which I love.


Field recorders are great for this (added bonus of having, then, a field recorder). Some interfaces have direct to disk recording. A small interface for your phone/tablet could also work.


I actually have a Zoom H4n that has served me very well for maybe 10 years, but its caveat is that it takes a long time to boot (as in a good 3/4 minutes). The boot time can be reduced by using a smaller capacity SD card, but it’s not quite the quick solution I’m hoping for. Are modern ones a bit better on that front?

I am very happy with this


I upgraded my trusty and slow H4N to an F3, which is small, super quick, and offers hassle-free and gain-checking-free 32 bit float recording. It’s plugged into my output module at all times when it’s not with me in the field.


I have a few logic modules in my rack, and while I manage to employ them from time to time, I have under-utilized them. Making this video was a first step toward getting logic more embedded in my process.


My Tascam DR-40x takes ~6 seconds, including 2 seconds long press on the power button. This is with a 16GB SD, don’t know if this matters.


I too highly recommend the WAV Recorder

It is only 6hp and records high quality audio to micro sd at the push of a single button.


If you have a RPi free, there’s this which fits the bill rather perfectly


AudioInjector make decent inexpensive RPi ADC / DACs which would pair well with this if a USB interface doesn’t appeal to you.