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Hey! Thanks heaps to everyone for their advice - especially the tip on the SQ-1 for melodic sequencing. I’ve just received the SQ-1 in the mail today and I can’t wait to start trying it out! :slight_smile:


Hey, so I have been building a 104hp 4U intellijel case for a bit, and, in celebration of the TXi and TXo boards being available again, am switching things up. My rack has been built around teletype and crow functionality, just because I have found these to be some of the most fluid and flexible sequencing methods. I also use an OP-1 and Z, along with 2 norns and a 16n. Basically, my rack has been a sound design and sequencing tool that has been a lot of fun.

This is what I have been working with for a bit:

Now that I will be building a TXo+ over this next week, mainly for LFO’s and modulation, but also because of some voices I am going to need to make some cuts. As well, on my top row, I am adding an E[x]ist DIY 1U RIP for sending audio out, so I believe I’m going to get rid of the Intellijel Noise for a bit.

What I have settled on is cutting the uO_c for the time being, since I haven’t gotten good enough with my rack to REALLY get the most out of all the tools there or begin to explore them. I thought I would get rid of rings, but now with more modulation and because of my getting an OP-1 as a rich sound generator to resonate through the rings, I’ve decided to keep that in.

This is now what it will look like towards the end of next week:

My main question is, what would be a good option for the 4hp that is now open on the rack? I think I’m going to go to a 7U in the near future, so I’m not really selling or getting rid of anything, I’ve got a uBraids and more to add, but for now, I’m wondering if someone would add something very specific to these areas?

Would it be worth keeping the 1U Noise instead of the mult?

Just curious some thoughts…

It’s also worth noting the rack to be used in multiple ways, one is for live, single take ambient pieces. But It is also helpful and will be used as a sound design device or a synth voice when recording more quantized work within ableton.

Looks like you might have space for a 1u conversion of TXi. I love having those knobs up above the action instead of lost under cables. I got my panel made for about $40. Anyway that would free you up for an 8 HP module instead!

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Holy cannoli! That would be freaking choice! That would fit in the Intellijel 1U slot???

Yeah you can convert any 4 HP module if you’re willing to have a new panel cut. Front Panel Express is good for one-offs. Let me find that TXi design I posted last year…

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Thanks! Now, this would mean getting rid of my Noise module and probably my HeadPhones jack. This shouldn’t be too much of an issue, since I would want to keep the Mult. I would maybe have to get rid of the DVCA as well, but considering all modules on my rack currently have attenuators, that isn’t the worst thing that could happen… but I haven’t used the TXo before yet… is it worth keeping the DVCA around?

As well, this basically boils down to how long I’m going to wait to go to the intellijel 7U case. I know I can get a good deal, and this way I don’t have to get rid of too much. 104hp as my ONLY system begins to feel a bit limited, or generally tough to juggle.

I’d consider a disting mk4 in there. Especially with the newer SD card algorithms, it really is a beautiful module. I used to have three in my 6u case, but had to downsize to 2 recently. I find myself using it for playback of field recordings, very long delays, precision offsets, envelopes, tempo synced LFOs, quantising, Stereo recording etc etc.

Alternatively maybe an Ochd for a whole pile of free running LFOs?


It’s really a bummer that the Ochd is basically permanently sold out. I have begun experimenting with the JF Geode mode, which is wonderfully rhythmic and fun, this would pair well with Disting. That actually feels much more up my alley than the O_c. For now, I didn’t vibe with the O_c’s standard or alternate hemisphere firmware. It was useful, but I find what the Disting offers more straight forward and valuable for this rack. Having more audio playback and/or CV utility sounds very useful indeed.

I might try and find time this weekend to go play with one at my local shop. The Ochd is interesting, but I’ve felt between the TXo and JF’s ability for CV generation, I should be set on LFO’s until I go bigger. I guess I’m not at a huge disadvantage for voices feeing comfortable bringing in the OP-1 and Z, so sacrificing either the JF or a few TXo voices isn’t the worst option.

Now I see why everyone talks about getting a bigger case…

Personally, I wouldn’t get rid of the 1u Noise Tools in your case because I don’t see another noise source in your system. Noise is so useful; for random signals and audio but also to dirty things up a bit (try attenuated noise into the cv input of a filter or pulsewidth of a vco).


Once I get the TXo, I could use one of those as a noise source though, as well as if I get a Disting. But I guess the Intellijel noise is more valuable at the moment than the Mult? I get a bit limited by my amount of modulation and feel as if the Mult might help to increase that. If it’s just the white noise signal more so than the sample and hold function of that, it might be worth it. Then again, in my beginner state, I might be overvaluing the Mult and can just extend my modulation with stackables?

You can always grab a couple of these:

They’re great for modulation, gates etc.

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I just realized I have a grip of befaco Mult stars. Like, duh… 🤦🏻

I’ve also realized one reason I love Eurorack is because getting everything I need in there feels like the inventory screen of Resident Evil 4. I can’t fit it all, but I can damn well try!


The only thing you can’t use stackcables for that you would use a (buffered) mult for is copying a v/o signal several times over.

Personally I find that even multing v/o via stackcable doesn’t cause that noticable of an intonation problem if you stack it only once or twice. My intuition tells me this may depend on the octave range you’re working in though.

I’ve never had a mult in my rack and I don’t miss it.

One thing to keep in mind about stackcables is that if you intend to use a lot of them, they add up to a lot of money.


anyone have some pointers, or maybe some Valhalla-esque reverbs to check out? seems like the ZVERB won’t be the right solution for that…and it might not exist at all except in the Z-DSP.

whaddaya buyin’???


Not sure if it’s at all what you’re after but I’ve got some great use out of the simple and inexpensive Erica Pico DSP. Of course there are no real modulation possibilities but it’s very handy in a compact setup. The Happy Nerding FX Aid could be worth checking out too. In my other case I’ve got a Knob.Farm Ferry for using a Mercury7 reverb pedal, but that’s external FX gear then.

While I would like more grenades, from what has been suggested here, it appears I’ll be buying a ES Disting! :wink:


Somewhat similar to @docile_fossil above I’ve been looking for something like Valhalla in a small module as well. Wondering what your take is on the Pico DSP’s verb or Dervish if you’ve ever tried them?

Both of them as well as the Z-DSP are Spin FV-1 based and there are already some different reverbs (and other effects) available, for example on

I have no experience developing reverbs, but maybe someone with more knowledge in that field could come up with something like the Valhalla reverbs?

(sidetrack: This looks pretty nifty as well for someone with no experience with the FV-1

I have a Pico DSP and the reverb is pretty decent. I’d take a look at the Happy Nerding FXaid over the Pico now though.


Got the idea to bring my 2 Mother 32s into true modular territory. I’m ordering a 60hp euro case to fit on the 3 tier-rack I got. But I am struggling with what direction to take. Ive got two DFAMs in a two tier rack as well.

I’ve had a lot of fun with the Mothers. Their sequencer is pretty limiting in a way. I’d like to bring in more chance elements.

Not a whole lot of space to contend with. I’ll need a small power module in there (suggestion?). And I’d like to steer clear of any Make Noise stuff for this round (as thats all I have up til now).

I’d also like there to be at least a reverb or a delay. Though at the moment I’m leaning towards a Bastl Hendrikson so I can bring some of my tweakier guitar pedals into play. Other than that…I’m all ears.