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The delays in Disting are DC coupled and work for CV, so if there’s a clocked stereo delay algorithm it could do that. Except I don’t know for sure that it perfectly preserves the CV without scaling it in some way.

You can shift gates with a shift register since gates are just high and low CV values. What will happen though is that you lose gate length since it’s going through a sample and hold (so the gate will be held until the next clock pulse). So if you need it to absolutely output short triggers, that will be a problem. You may also experience some retriggering issues if you have two gates in sequence also.

People have mentioned a few delay modules, which I think would work. Issues with delays might have to do with getting a good delay time that actually syncs with your original clock.
I’m also not entirely sure that the delay needs to be DC coupled either. If you send a short click of some sort, many modules (although I’m sure not all) will accept that as a trigger. I often use this when I want to convert gates to triggers by simply patching the gate to a super short decay envelope and using that as my trigger.

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@GoneCaving @oot yeah, like I said in my post:

Shift registers are where my mind is at, but modules I’ve seen do one or the other, but not both in one module (ie 2 inputs).

Checking on the ASR for o_C (hemisphere) there’s not enough memory to handle two ring buffers, so still stuck with only one CV input. A Synthesis Technology E102 is pretty close to what I want out of it, except that I’d need two, would have 3 pairs of unused shift outputs, and at that point costs more than a single Teletype. :grimacing:

Hi everyone,
I have a new iPad coming next week and started wondering what would be the best way to connect it to the Modular as a sequencer.
I haven’t really followed the development in regards to midi2cv modules, and maybe there are other ways I don’t know of?

So, what is the best way to connect the iPad to a Eurorack Modular in 2020?

…especially with the iPad having USB C.

Thanks everyone and stay safe!

Apple Camera Connection Kit (best if you get the one that also allows you tot charge at the same time) to MIDI interface module (ES-8 etc) on the euro. Have fun!

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This is true for lightning iPads, but for the iPad Pro with USB-C, any USB hub will work fine for plugging into a USB-MIDI-to-CV module.

I’ve personally had some success plugging the iPad directly into the Expert Sleepers FH-2 (USB-C to USB-C). The FH-2 leaves a bit to be desired in the configuration interface (and Safari on iPad doesn’t currently support WebMIDI, so the browser-based editor doesn’t work there), but once it’s configured, it works really well.

Simpler USB-to-CV modules may be easier to configure, and should all function well. For sequencing app suggestions, check the Your iOS arsenal thread.

The iPad should also work fine with class-compliant audio interfaces like ES-8, if you want direct signal control, rather than midi.


I recommend Endorphines shuttle control.

I’ll do midi to cv, power your ipad and it just got a great update!

Thats just a few of the features!

It can also power your other euro modules, it’s a no brainer!


i owned a erbeverb. Its a really nice reverb but its much better as a voice on its own (sound fx and weird stuff). If you are just looking for reverb, you´re much better with something smaller or a pedal.

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E102 Quad temporal shifter is another option, which you can modulate the amount of delay and have 4 outputs. Here´s a demo i made long ago

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Yeah. I looked at that one. It’s pretty close to what I want out of it, except that I’d need two, and would have 3 pairs of unused shift outputs, and at that point costs more than a single Teletype. :grimacing: The Teletype is looking awfully tempting.

@yobink @rknLA @thopa thanks for your answers!
Plugging the iPad directly into the FH-2 with a USB-C cable sounds great.

Regarding an audio interface like the ES-8, working with audio instead of MIDI – which iPad apps would be able to generate the correct audio signals/CV needed for? The only iPad app I see online used with the ES-8 is Audulus …

@uleria i had good results with an ipad and an fh1.

Took me a while to configure it as i wanted, but im a big fan of everything from expert sleepers.

As it has been mentioned not many ipad apps can output cv… Audulus, zmors and maybe mirack in the future (i have not tried yet but it might)

If you end up going with fh2 let me know as i have a few tools made in lemur that could be handy :slight_smile:

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wasn’t sure if this fit in with general eurorack or cases, but since it’s primarily a question about a power module, i’ll ask here.

i have a frap tools plus case and a 4ms row power 40. i’ve seen people mount power supplies on the side of the plus case - a prominent example being the approaching: crow video. a user here on lines has a power supply mounted this way too - but i haven’t gotten a response from them.

it’s clear that some hardware would be required to mount the power sideways - i was wondering if anyone had any advice on what to use. for those unfamiliar, the frap case is modular, and designed to be joined with other frap cases - this means there’s sideways-facing spaces to potentially mount hardware and modules.

any and all advice is appreciated!

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I use my iPad/iPhone with the Endorphin shuttle control and it works great, although a bit pricey maybe. Sorry about my ES-8 recommendation earlier. I assumed mistakenly that it spoke MIDI.

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I’ve used zmors some. It can translate midi to cv. I’ve had Rbns go into zmors into the es-8.

But I’m looking for other things! I’d love a cv sequencer or touch controller on the ipad if anyone has recs.

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TC-Data is an awesome touch controller!


I have the Frap Tools case and a Row Power 40 too - I’ve never thought into mounting power on the side but I can take a look tomorrow. Mind linking the video?

My only hesitation is that the 4ms power supply has a really loose connector to the Row Power 40… I don’t think the specced the right outer diameter for the pin, or the QC is really bad.

I usually use two nowadays. I use the other 2 for modulating other parameters in my patch

4ms row power has been my only power supply and I haven’t had any problem with accidental disconnection in the past so I wouldn’t consider that a problem.
I would, however, switch to a linear psu in the future mostly because I want to free that space and because switching supplies have more noise

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Shuttle Control works great for me too. One nice thing that is maybe not too well known is that Endorphins has developed a Lemur template. This lets you change the config directly from the iPad without a PC/Mac.

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