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hi all,

i’m building out my first rack. so far, i have almost all of what’s in here, which was intended to be the starting point:

Of note: I haven’t yet bought the Disting, I haven’t yet built the Erica modules, and I haven’t yet received the STS.

So far with just the Morphagene, the VCA, and the Timbre as sound sources, I’m feeling like I have more control than sound generation… I’m considering a few additions to fill out the rack, but also debating which modules to keep from what I currently have. wIthout removing any, so far it looks like this:

The general plan here is to use the rack with external sequencing and midi controllers (iPad, Digitakt, computer, Sensel Morph), but I do think I would like to add at least one more sound generator.

What do you think? What’s missing? what could be tweaked?

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Hi all. I’ve built two modules in the past week with VCOs much quieter than they should be (Befaco Sampling Modulator and Bubblesound VCOb). Is there something in general that would make a VCO have super low levels? All other functions seems fine.

Modular sound sources take up so much sonic space that you don’t really need many. Personally I would usually rather have more utilities than another vco.


For me there isn’t nearly enough modulation in that rack but it’s really all about how you patch. One thing you could consider would be a function generator like MN Function or Joranalogue Contour which can be used as a modulation source, a voltage (or audio) processor, or an audio source depending on how you patch it. I would also want some attenuators/offsets and at least one DC coupled mixer.


Could any SMR owners tell me if this is normal behaviour please - I think I should be getting a single rotation on every click round of the rotate knob, but instead it will sometimes move, but other times stick. Here’s a video:

That looks unusual. Mine always moved one notch in the direction of rotation with every click.

What I feared… had it about a month purchased on ebay. Dodgy encoder I guess?

What happens when you turn “morph” all the way down and then rotate the knob?

It’s the same, and more noticeable on the leds. Some clicks it goes back, some forward.

But if I trigger it with the Rotate Trig inputs it moves cleanly round as I would expect…

Beyond updating the firmware sounds like it’s worth reaching out to 4ms directly

Thanks @mutedial and @Starthief - will contact 4ms for a final opinion.

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Yeah, I currently only have one oscillator in my rack - DPO - And rarely use both sides for audio. By mixing sine, square, and final outputs I’m able to get some very full spectrum patches. If you’re looking for more sophisticated harmony and counterpoint not your ideal, but I’m able to generate rhythmic and sonic complexity that doesn’t sound thin.


This is helpful, I think… DC coupled mixer would basically be for mixing CVs before they hit the modulation destination? What would you recommend in the DC mixer / attenuverter / offset category?

Is this basically a mini-maths? Or like, only one channel/piece of it?

This seems really similar to what the Stages can do, no? Or is the rise/fall/inverse stuff more helpful on the Contour? I guess 1v/oct tracking makes it pretty flexible as an oscillator too though…

A very slight possibility (but, just a thought, as you bought from eBay…) - is it a genuine smr ? If it’s a clone, the most easily obtainable encoders need two clicks to turn get one notch registered… (easily fixed in fw) - post a piccy of the back… However, from the video it looks more like the encoder is dodgy… so my thoughts are probably unlikely…

Function is sort of half a Maths – one function generator (slew/envelope/LFO), no mixing section (and thus no output attenuverter), but it has a Hold input, both EOR and EOC (Maths gives one of those per channel) and an inverted output.

Contour 1 is similar to Function, but tracks 1V/octave, has separate curvature for rise and fall (with CV for both) and a manual trigger button. I would choose it over Function personally.

Stages has a lot of flexibility (and will also track 1V/octave nicely). One thing it can’t do that the others can is have is separate rise/fall rates for slew. That can be important if you want ASR envelopes whose sustain levels match the input voltage, which is nice if you have a controller with velocity.

(I have both Maths and Stages, and they both get a lot of use.)


I think it is factory, has a box etc. Here’s the back anyway:

Thanks for the thought.

Yes! Looks genuine !

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A DC coupled mixer can mix either audio or cv (or both at the same time if you need to). For a small system I would recommend the Happy Nerding 3x MIA. It gives you three channels of mixing or offset/attenuverting that you can chain together for 4 or even 6 channels of mixing. Super flexible and only 6hp, and because of the way the pots are designed it doesn’t feel cramped. It’s a really smart design.


Doepfer 171-2 is essentially a MN Function, for less money.

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It depends where you live! In the U.S. MN Function is generally cheaper, depending on the exchange rate. Detroit Modular has the MN Function listed at $165 and the a-171-2 for $180 at the moment.