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I’m giving another workshop / lecture in Portland, OR on generative composition! I will be bringing out my 7U Eurorack case and my Circuit Tracks for external sequencing.

More details and sign-up info here :slight_smile:


I was curious so I decided to try this in Bitwig.

First problem: the instructions are pretty vague. “A series of comb filters with different delay times”. Should those be in series or parallel? The wording implies the former but my feeling was that it should be the latter. And then what should those delay times be?

I decided to look up the algorithm to see if I could find some answers to those questions. And it seems like the 224’s algorithms don’t use comb filters, but rather just a set of allpass filters in a loop (see here). There are other algorithms I’ve seen that do use comb filters, but none that work exactly as described, with two sets of all-pass filters. It seems to me that chatGPT is just mashing up a few different algorithms together…


Yup, that tracks in my experience—chatgpt is not particularly good at assessing whether the information it’s providing is accurate, and often couches wildly inaccurate or absurd information in convincing, authoritative tones.
I saw someone asking it to come up with a new/contemporary music program and it selected a nigh-impossible combination of pieces to pull off in terms of length and performance forces, and misidentified/made up at least two of the selections. If it had been a student assignment I would have given it a D at best—but because these AIs sound cocksure we often automatically assume they’re right even when they’re not.


speaking of lexicon & filters:

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Exactly right. ChatGPT seems like an interesting tool for throwing ideas at the figurative wall, but it’s important to realize that it literally has no idea what it’s actually talking about.

Fundamentally, ChatGPT is just a fancy predictive text system. It’ll elaborate at length on just about any topic, in the style of your choosing, but unless you’re already deeply familiar with the subject matter, ChatGPT can easily run straight off the rails in a completely authoritative and convincing tone, leaving you none the wiser.


Looking for advice/suggestions/opinions on my current rack. Please note that the bottom row is my current build backlog, so they don’t exist yet :grin:

What would you add or subtract? How would you arrange the rack? What is the secret to life?

What kind of sounds/music do you make? What do you think is working right now vs what’s not? Anything you feel is missing?

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I’m all over the board with sounds and music. The rack is working for some standard synth voices but I am looking to branch out towards other things like karplus strong, or just some more variety beyond the CEM3340 beef. Would also like to get more percussion synthesis and sampling into the rack.

Edit: also worth noting that I have a strong preference for DIY modules :grin: