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Rene V1 is easy to figure out, and can be a straightforward step sequencer or something a bit more creative. Also pretty inexpensive!


Small, but fun and versatile:

  • Malekko Varigate 4+
  • Qubit Bloom

Bigger, but no menu diving:

  • Industrial Music Electronics Stillson Hammer Mark 2.
  • Malekko Varigate 8+
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agreed! rene mk1 is a steal for what they go for. super hands on with a ton of cool tricks (the mpc mode from the james cigler video gets a lot of use over here)

i just got a metropolis too and it’s very hands on as well


i fell in love with analog sequencers playing with the DFAM, so i picked up a 0-ctrl not too long ago and really love it. it’s obviously outside the rack and its unquantized, either or both of which might be dealbreakers for you, but i also mainly use teletype and crow and 0-ctrl has been a wonderful addition — it can do melodic sequencing, of course, but i often use it for sequencing and modulating other things, as well as using the trigger outputs to interact with teletype. plus you can sequence the clock rate which is very fun :sunglasses: especially when ur used to playing with computers :nerd_face:


I just got a Dnipro Metamorph which works as a sequencer and is super fun and easy. For more complex, I use the Five12 Vector, which does have some menus but is way easier than the Voltage Block IMO.

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I put together a palette based around Rings. Pretty happy with it all but looking for recommendations on voices, around 14 hp, to swap with Rings. I’m not looking for a specific sound, just something that has a lot of modulation points and offers a wide variety of timbres. Ideally, trigger input so I don’t need a separate EG/VCA.

Some ideas so far:
SSF – Ultra Perc (I used to have the Entity Percussion and miss it.)
ALM – Tyso Daiko
ALM – Akemie’s Taiko (if I can find 4 hp)
Noise Engineering – Basilimus Iteritas Alter
Squarp – Rample (I have a Squid Salmple in another case. Wondering if Rample is as easy to use. Is it a pain to mix sample levels inside the module?)

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Just Friends is 14hp and would give you a lot to explore. Here’s a beautiful example of it in Plume mode in a small case: Modular study no.13 - intreccio 絡み合う (uTemps & Just Friends) - YouTube


Are you looking specifically for percussive-leaning modules? Any of the NE Iteritas would fit the bill and give you 4hp to spare even.

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Maybe Plaits? Has a bunch of modulation options, and you can use the internal LPG or just modulate the level if you want something less percussive.

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I was in your same boat, I had some very capable sequencers, but I wanted that hands on feel, especially for that integral part of a system. I’ve used several sequencers including Bloom, Rene V2, Black Seq, Oxi one, teletype, Nerdseq and several more but I’ve settled on a combination of Metropolix and Marbles. Metropolix is insanely flexible though it may not look that way, it has lots of creative and intuitive features that make you think outside the box. Marbles complements metropolix’s rigidity by being this playful and organic sounding Turing machine of sorts. I’ve had alot of fun with this combo and would suggest looking into either of these :slight_smile:


Not specifically percussion, but I realize percussion/drum voices fit the criteria I listed more often than other types of voices. I’ve been having a lot of fun with the case I built around Rings. It’s capable of such a wide variety of sounds, so really just looking for something with a similar range. I’ll check out the NE Iteritas line.

Anyone here have a Pittsburgh structure case and know how to switch the voltage between 120 & 240V? The instructions on their site are either unclear or for a newer version (mine is rev.1).

I’ve emailed support but I’m impatient. All my things just arrived after two months in shipping.

Sorry for the extremely noob question but when my requirements are this:

And the case I’m looking at says it supplies 1000mA +12V, 1000mA -12V and 1000mA 5V…

Does that mean I’m more than covered or does it mean that 1000mA is shared between all 3 voltages?

The case is the Moog 104HP Powered model btw.


It’s a good question like any other don’t be sorry. 1A per rail, not shared. You are covered, it’s usually recommended to stay between 70% and 80% of max capacity, as in most cases the real performance is below the specs and module’s consumption not always properly rated, plus voltage peaks and overhead in power up.


I’d like to use Plaits and Chord V2 together with Plaits replacing Chord’s seventh/lead output. The idea being that that lead output stays in tune/key/harmony with whatever chord is playing while being a different timbre than the rest of the chord.

Right now, I’m trying to use Chord’s lead/seventh output to go into Disting EX’s pitch tracker and then send that v/oct to Plaits but it doesn’t seem to be working. All 24 of Plaits models are a very similar-sounding distortion. I’m not sure what’s going on. Plaits sounds fine when I unpatch it from the Disting. I’m wondering if Plaits frequency range is too wide, but not sure why that would cause distortion. Is there something I can do? Or is there another method to get a similar desired outcome?

A little more info: I’m going to use Bloom as the sequencer. 1 Channel for Chord’s Root note and the 2nd Channel for the Lead/Plaits

What are you using to sequence? What does it sound like when that sends v/oct directly to plaits? Sounds like maybe whatever is coming out of the Disting is what is causing the distortion.

Also, it sounds like the Disting pitch tracker has issues deriving accurate pitch info from harmonically rich audio.

You could the send lead output from Chord into a filter or wavefolder/etc to change it’s timbre from the other outputs.

I don’t have sequencer patched right now. Just have Chord droning so I could tune Plaits’ Frequency knob to the right octave/pitch.

… you maybe right =\

even if you’re leaving the pitch static, could you use a single external voltage source into both Plaits and Chord’s v/oct input rather than trying to track pitch from one to the other?

A little more info: I’m going to use Bloom as the sequencer. 1 Channel for Chord’s Root note and the 2nd Channel for the Lead/Plaits

I can try when I get home. But my understanding is that the Lead out is quantized to Chord and not a scale, so pitch cv before going into Chord would not always produce the same notes in Plaits that Chord’s Lead out would.

I ran into this issue late last night and went to bed so I haven’t had a chance to sus everything out yet, but it’s driving me nuts at work not knowing so I wanted to throw it out here for a troubleshoot list.

As an alternative method, I’d like to try the quantizer in O_c (Hemispheres) and mult both channels of Bloom into Chord and O_c and see what that can do

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You will get it sorted out. I used Bloom and Chord almost exclusively on this release, and it’s a powerful combo. I also used the 2nd channel from Bloom and usually filtered the lead to make it standout from the rest of the voices.