Eurorack : pot stiffness?

Some pots are harder to turn than others. I like slow/stiff pots for precision on oscillator pitches etc, and fast/loose pots when I need to zip around on maybe a modulation source etc.

If you have a slow/stiff pot, can it be loosened up, or does depend on the type of hardware that it’s made of?

(Tried to search it without much luck on muffs.)

I would say it’s largely dependent on the type of pot being used. There’s huge variation across modulars of all formats in the stiffness of pots. Can a pot be loosened up? They maybe loosen a little bit over time but I think you’d be more likely to break something if you tried to accelerate this somehow.


Thanks sandy, I was afraid of that.
I’ll have to cry myself to sleep tonight. :cry:

I’d agree here. Generally pot stiffness is determined by the amount / type of lubricant the pot manufacturer uses. Larger knobs make pots feel faster, so you can sometimes cheat the speedy feeling by changing knobs.

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Then do you think it’s a matter of adding some different lubricant?
I’ve seen Cailube/Faderlube recommended, but I feel a little nervous to mess around. :sweat_smile:

The trouble is most (decent) pots are sealed to avoid dust getting in and creating a gritty feeling over time -the lubricant is terribly attracted to dust! I’d be surprised if you could get a consistent / useful amount into the pots that Brian and I use, so I’m afraid you might be stuck with what ships with the device.

Ok, better leave it, than be sorry I think.
Just for the record, it’s not a mannequins or monome module I wanted to change. I like the feel you guys have on your modules.

I got the 4ms DLD as an upgrade to my phonogene (for my use case anyway) and I find the feedback and delayFeed knobs are ones I want to move really fast sometimes, but they are sloooow.