Eurorack power for Grid

looking for the best power solution for powering my eurorack modular with Grid/Ansible but without Monome Switch
i was looking for 4ms Row 40 and Synthrotek Super power Red
any experience? Advices?



I have an Intellijel case with their TPS80W power supply and it’s been very good for me. People who have used it and other ones tend to mention that it’s super quiet and it has a beefy 5V supply. Worth considering, though a bit more expensive than the Syntthrotek I think.

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it doesn’t fit my 60hp case :disappointed_relieved:
looking for something with flying bus

I have been very happy with the 4ms Row Power 40 - it has been plenty happy driving 5 monome modules, a grid, arc2 and arc4 w/o problem.

Ansible has a built in 12 to 5v converter so as long as you have enough current on the 12v rail you’ll be good

a quick question…(sorry for the revamp):

i’ve a case with two ansible + grid + arc
modulagrid estimate something like this
1500 mA +12V | 470 mA -12V | 0 mA 5V

how much else power and in which row (+12 or +5) do i need to run grid/arc?
i’ve found different infos
arc takes 200ma on +12
grid takes up to 600ma on +5

ps: i already have offworld2 but i hate all those usb cables…

Planning a DIY power injector for Grid + Teletype with switch for keyboard. Right now I’m thinking that I’ll leave Grid powered full-time by wall adapter and keyboard powered full-time by Teletype and just place a DPDT switch on the data lines. My question is: does Grid expect a power cycle in order to restart comms or is it sufficient to switch just the data lines?

I had a 4ms Row Power 40 running just a WW and Grid. Was super noisy, and not because of running at the limit for power consumption. I had to get a switch to solve the problem. But then the row power 40 started malfunctioning altogether about a year later, and I just recently upgraded to an Intellijel TPS80W supply which has been great so far. So I guess YMMV

Since this thread was bumped, don’t forget the newer Offworld power option.

I’d had the isms case, and now I have the new Intellijel 7U cases, and neither have given me issues with the grid. Obviously the isms case shouldn’t have had any issues, but noting that the Intellijel 7U does have enough juice to handle it.

This looks relevant to our interests:

“Module A-183-9 is a simple power supply for up to four devices which can be powered via USB (e.g. keyboards, smartphones). An LED shows is the +5V are present.
The module has no USB function but provides only the +5V supply for USB devices.
A control LED shows if the +5V are present.”

Haven’t investigated the detailed specs, but may work for powering grids and arcs and whatnots.


Indeed! That could be a perfect solution in my PSU3 case which has precisely 2HP free! No release date info yet though.

there is also synthwerks lamp-3: