Eurorack teacher in LA? 🌠

Hey you all! What’s up?
I’m looking for an amazing eurorack person in LA to take private lessons with. Love Ann Annie and sort of stuff, but looking to create “normal” concert with pop songs, just dark and droney… Talk to me if relevant. Thanks
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Maybe @LearningModular?


Do you want to learn how to compose using modular or do you want to learn about synthesis and patching?

Theres an upcoming workshop at Studio106:

I would attend that and see where it takes you, I’m sure 2vvo (artist teaching this) would be more than happy to do an offshoot private lesson.

Hey Matthew, I’d like to learn everything, I have a system and need to shorten the time I’m working on it in order to start preforming. R U from LA?

I’m located in OC but I do commute to LA occasionally.
My first advice would be to check out some educational videos such as these:

Also, if you are looking for a tutorial for a specific module there is an amazing spread sheet by the forum member @scanner_darkly with all the promos and tutorials sorted by the company’s name and modules (even though it hasn’t been updated for a number of years):
There are a few threads on this forum about starting out in eurorack with plenty of useful information in them. You just need to search for them.
If you think in person ‘lessons’ will work better for you hit me up, maybe we can arrange something. But I strongly suggest checking out some videos beforehand.

yeah, unfortunately with the eurorack scene explosion at some point it became unfeasible to maintain the list (and it would be difficult to automate it since some curation was required - not all demos are manuals, company / module name had to be entered manually etc…)