Eurorack Touch Controllers

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How about a repository for Eurorack touch control modules so folk can share experiences and recommendations? Personally I am interested in some opinions on:

  • Razmasynth Unknown Pleasures
  • MengQi Lines
  • IFM Mr. Grassi

…for signal routing and noise generation/modulation.


I have a Intellijel Tetrapad that I just put up for sale.

While it’s possibly not as cool looking as the ones on your list, it’s a pretty versatile module. The feel and response of the touch pads are really nice, it’s super fun to slide your fingers and get such a detailed non-stepped response on it. The finger tapping and keyboard modes are super useful.

I actually found myself using the stored CV value mode a lot as a sort of patch recall thing. You would select one “preset” location, dial in settings with the encoders within your patch, then then hit another location and dial in completely different settings. Then if you set a really slow “fade/slew/transition/whatever” time it would slowly morph between them as you hit each pad. Fun way to perform evolving drone stuff. Really smart.

I’m selling it because my case is super small (just like I like it) and ever since I got my CV.OCD’s I have a bunch of external MIDI controllers that serve a similar function as the Tetrapad, so it makes more sense to reclaim the hp in my case.

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I’d be interested in reading thoughts about the Landcscape Stereo Field too if anybody has one (I think this qualifies as ‘eurorackish’?)

@iiii - the Tetrapad looked interesting to me, but too dense in functionality and menus - was it easy to learn/use?

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I have two unknown pleasures that I’ve been using with my NLC gear for more modulation.

I’m not particularly thrilled. Their range is rather limited and it’s hard to keep things musical. For drone/chaotic stuff, they work great! I just wouldn’t recommend for someone who wants precise control.

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The soundsmachines arches looks interesting, though not quite the 223e in Eurorack that I really want as far as I can see.

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Super easy, not menu-divey at all. Switching modes is as easy as one button press and rotating an encoder. Probably the least complicated multi-function unit I’ve used.

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Other touch controllers I’ve had: Tetrapad (agree with @iiii’s post above), TSNM, and Sputnik TKB. I think my Sputnik unit had issues, but I loved it otherwise. Great tactile control and the hold function was amazing. I’ve just started using a TSNM right now and it’s great. Would highly recommend.

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That’s a bummer. Glad I read this before I ordered a couple of kits, though!

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If you can get one on the low or if you have the parts lying around, I’d recommend giving it a shot! It’s a cool little module, however I wouldn’t necessarily call it a “controller” as the amount of control you actual wield is limited. Good luck finding something!

It’s never really been on my radar, but from having a quick look, it seems that Fader mode would do most of what I want.

I backed it on kickstarter and hopefully will soon receive one (last update was saying end of august, but who knows).

I’ve been interested in the 223e for many years, but I’ve never had one. From reading about it, it seems like there isn’t much it can do that arches can’t. What do you think is missing?

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I take that back. It does seem to have everything that I think the 223e can do (I’ve not owned one either; I can but dream!). I’d be interested in hearing how you get on with the Arches.

I went through a “more touch controllers” thing a few months ago. It’s surprising how few there are (in my opinion). I ended up sticking with a MN Pressure Points / Rene combo. As far as capacitive touch is concerned, I think it’s a great - expressive - combo, clearly taking cues from stuff that came before.

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Also the Synthwerks stuff. I’ve used an FSR-4 and FSR-1. You get gate and pressure output of each pad. They both work well.

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I had a Tetrapad for a little while, but didn’t have the patience to truly integrate it into my workflow. In the end, that level of density - however useful and amazing - wasn’t really what I was looking for. Ended up with a slim Addac manual gates which is perfect for my needs at the moment.

How sensitive is the Pressure Points to touch? Is there a lot of resolution in the CV you can produce with pressure?

Yes, very interested in these! Not so easy to get in the UK. I’ve been thinking about DIY’ing a 1u panel with a couple of passive FSRs.

Pressure Points is very dependent on a good power supply/ground, the humidity, and your skin. I had some difficulty with mine in winter at times. Low humidity and dry skin meant I had to lick my fingers to get it to register a touch at all, and then it was generally full-on with little controllability. Other times, it was fine and had enough subtlety to use to directly control an LPG/VCA for note shaping.

Though not a module to control other modules, the Touché into Three Sisters and Mangrove has been amazing for me. Love that I can dial in the sensitivity too.

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Doboz TSNM3u is pretty sweet.


Meng Qi voltage memory is great! Although I use the pressure output mode least as the cv output is stepped which is kind of ugly to my ears when controlling oscillator pitch. However - the sequencer, arp and preset change modes are totally indispensable.

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