Eurorack: trigger/pulse expectations (also MP/clock related)

Hi there,

Just curious what other people have noticed about different manufactures and what standards or differences there are in a “pulse/trigger” as far as output and whats expected for input.

Here is my experience:

I clock my eurorack from my op1via midi. I’ve always done this and it works great. Recently I changed my midi module to Endorphin Shuttle control and I have noticed a few funny things:

First: I patch the clock from Shuttle Control (SC) to the clock in on MP. MP will sometimes hang on a beat having trouble to catch the clock pulses.

So I run the SC clock through a MN.Function and use the functions controls to make the pulse slightly different (longer) and patch that to MP and it will track perfectly.

After that, I try running the SC clock pulses through a pulpLogic 1u OR logic tile (which should not be changing the pulses at all as far as I know) and then run that into the MP clock input and MP is also able to track perfectly.

On a side note, if I take a MP trigger output into certain other modules I find it has trouble tracking those pulses unless I process them in a similar way (through mn.Function or otherwise).

Has anyone had similar experiences and/or found different solutions?

As you probably know, there are no standards in Eurorack, which can lead to frustration.

I was recently debating the trigger length I should use for a project and Tony from Make Noise told me that certain digital modules like Rene or 4ms PEG might ‘miss’ triggers if they were too short.

I recently got rid of a certain sequencer because it wouldn’t recognise my standard clocks unless first passed through a buffered mult…

It’s a jungle out there.

yeah, different modules have different expectations when it comes to triggers, especially digital ones (i imagine most analog based modules use simple comparators for trigger inputs). most likely trigger length is the issue. i have no problem clocking either teletype or white whale from machinedrum which would have lower level.

i have shuttle control on the way, will give it a try. i’ll also check how does its trigger compares to others with an oscilloscope.

regardless of the underlying issue this is exactly why it’s handy to have trigger modifiers or comparators. function is great for this.

I’ve been lucky up to this point and I haven’t run into this issue before.

Now, I have 2 modules that are different than the rest. It’s a hard pill to swallow, that now I’ll have to dedicate modules in a small setup to convert pulses :sweat:

So far I like shuttle control. Its nice to be able to plug the op1 directly into the modular, without iConnect. However, I do get the high pitch whine from my monome, with my monome modules in the shuttle control skiff. For this reason i’ll probably move them back into the other rack. Just FYI… let me know your experiences!

are you powering monome modules from your shuttle? or from a different power supply?

I am powering them from the shuttle at this time yes (with whine).
I used to power from rowPower40 with no whine, so I’ll move them back to that case when I can.

I would like produce digitally trigger cv from my computer using my motu card and I would like to have some proper trigger (and silence) length. After 4 years of this thread is there some conclusion on this issue?

Eg. I think Ansible is considered as a standard triggering module. What is the trigger length (in samples / SR 44.1KHz) in Ansible?

Also, what is the minimum silence length required to retrigger a module propertly?