Eurorack USB midi interface

I’m in the market for a eurorack USB midi interface, something I could connect my OP-1, Digitone and computer to. To do that I understand I’ll need an interface capable of acting as both a ‘host’ and a ‘device’, which narrows the number of options considerably.

As far as I can see there are 3 options out there (but it’s quite possible I’m missing something):

  1. Squarp Hermod ($500 USD),
  2. Expert Sleepers FH-2 ($300 USD),
  3. Snyderphonics MantaMate ($425 USD),

The Hermod seems like the deepest module (with built in sequencer, modulation sources, recording, etc). The FH-2 is the smallest and cheapest of the bunch. Only the Hermod has MIDI DIN connections, but the FH-2 can be expanded to include these as well.

Does anyone own one of these modules (or something else that would serve the same purpose), who could offer some perspective?

Also there’s the endorphins Shuttle Control, which I think has the functions that you said you require.

Alas I have none of these modules so I don’t have personal experience to share.

A mutable instruments cv pal will do the job (about 50 eur)
… If you do not want to connect all 3 items at once

I don’t think a cv pal would work actually as it can’t act as a USB host

I had a Shuttle Control for a few years and breifly had it connected to a Digitakt so assume the Digitone experience will be the same.

How big is your system? The cool thing about the SC is the16 outputs and extra functions. Envelopes LFOs different random types, noise etc. Disadvantage vs the Hermod is that you need to hook up to a PC to change this functionality. However all parameters can be mapped to midi CCs which you can output from the Digitone, and with 16 outputs and 16(?) presets I didnt have to change functions often. The Shuttle Control does work with a cheap USB to MIDI DIN adapter if you need DIN. And its a power supply.

I actually sold it to get the Hermod, but then realised editing sequences on the tiny screen was not for me. Ended up with a Grid + Ansible for sequencing duties :grinning:

I use an FH-1 with a Digitakt and my Keystep, and it’s really awesome. Super flexible (but requires some tweaking if you want to deviate from the standard mappings). The overloading of jacks based on midi channels is a bit mind bending, and, some of the mappings are, to my mind at least, a bit backward, but it really is, in my mind, the cream of the crop. FH-2 looks so much better though, with the mapping much simplified because you can do it directly on the module via the menu system.

To be honest, my favorite part is that any jack can do CV or Gate. There are (almost) no limits as to what it can do in this domain.

I agonized over choosing between Hermod and the FH-1+Digitakt for a while, but in the end decided that it was too big for a Midi->CV interface, and a bit limiting as a sequencer.

CV.OCD gets a lot of kudos as well, as it’s out of the rack and offers lots of capability.


Another vote for Shuttle Control here. Embarassingly feature packed and very simple to configure, which I do here via Web Midi on an iPad.

My only reservation about it is the total reliance on a web based editor. I’d be much happier if there was an actual stand-alone app available. I understand that, from the developers POV, that isn’t so flexible for them as a web app is but I’d prefer the reassurance of an app that doesn’t rely on access to one specific web page. Shit happens.

Yep - Shuttle Control all the way for me. It’s very easy to configure and they are such great people. I use the Shuttle Mate too, to connect my Octatrack and then sometimes MIDI merge a USB device.

+1 for the expert sleepers. I have a FH-1 which I use a lot and as noted he’s sorted a lot of the “fiddliness” out in the Fh-2.

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Another vote for Faderhost, FH-1 works amazingly and FH-2 solves everything I thought the faderhost was missing. I use mine with my Digitakt and Its a wonderful way to program in the studio.

If you think you would ever use a grid don’t forget about Ansible’s Midi to CV mode.

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HI friends,

I recently picked up an Expert Sleepers FH-2 and while I kind of know my way around MIDI, setup is a somewhat opaque process. I’m looking for some helpful guides for getting started. Specifically setups with Ableton or iPad software such as MIDI mod. I’m currently using it to send triggers from Sensory Percussion to my modular setup and having some good results (early demo attached). I’d like to grow beyond just sending gates. Would love to know how you are using your FH-2! Many thanks in advance!

I have the 2hp midi and used to have the cvpal. Both work well but transmitted a line noise from the usb connection to my computer. Is this common with other modules?

Sounds like it might be USB ground loop noise. The way I’ve seen to fix that is to split the USB signal and have a separate USB power line go to ground. The Beat Step Pro includes a USB splitter for doing that and it looks like Expressive E also makes one A slightly more expensive option would be to use a dedicated USB Isolator


Is this a common issue with USB interfaces when they are plugged into computers? I thought that maybe it only happens in cheaper modules. looking to upgrade anyway.

Yeah this is a common issue and most likely has nothing to do with cheap modules. You can read more about the cause in the wikipedia article on ground loops
One other thing that might work for you is to connect the USB cable through a powered USB hub since a powered hub should have a grounded connection.