Eurorack Wikipedia Page

Greetings lines!

Today I noticed that the Eurorack english wikipedia page was just a redirect to the Doepfer A-100 page. I though this odd, seeing as (AFAIK) Doepfer doesn’t actually use the Eurorack term, and Eurorack has been a distinct concept since at least as far back as 2005, so I decided to stub a broader Eurorack page.

I’ve spent some time learning about the history of modular synthesis but I’m actually a eurorack newbie. I’d really appreciate any corrections or new content you’d be willing to contribute! Maybe if we fill the page out, and continue thoroughly referencing everything with a variety of citations, we can avoid the page getting deleted by any of the more zealous WP admins.

My personal wish list for the page:

  • Better photos! I’d love to replace the current header photo with a really nice photo of a medium-size rack with a variety of different modules and a few patch cables
  • More artists. I tried to include a few I know off the top of my head, who fortunately all happened to have WP pages already, plus hopefully increasing the ‘notability factor’ by mentioning Coldplay :confused:
  • A list of manufacturers?
  • More citations and references from non-web sources. Some books would be nice. I might re-watch IDOW for this purpose
  • More detailed history, especially of the early days, and some history which isn’t just a list of product releases
  • Some external links to good resources, books, documentaries etc.

Wow, someone deleted the Make Noise page last fall!

Wow, that’s a lot of manufacturers! Not sure I want to type all 379 into the article myself, and I don’t think a google map is an authoritative enough source for WP, but I already cited modulargrid so I suppose it’s not much different.

Mentioning DIY would be nice, I didn’t figure out a good way to talk about it in the article yet though.

Great start, surprising that there wasn’t a page already.

I hadn’t seen the Coldplay article before, I don’t really like their music, but surprising/kinda cool to see some Monome + Mannequins stuff in their rack!